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CookShack BBQ Sauce.

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    CookShack BBQ Sauce.

    Kind of went wild when I bought the PG500 and ordered pretty much all the seasonings and BBQ Sauces from CookShack web site.

    So far they have all been EXCELLENT.

    We've tried the Rib Rub, the Brisket Rub, the All Purpose Rub.

    We did the Spicy Chicken Rub paired up the the Mild BBQ Sauce on chicken legs last night, and it was freaking awesome.
    The Mild Sauce is just a little touch of tingle to it. Sweet and smoky kind of like old time BBQ sauce. It is a watery sauce compared to most I've used but packs some BIG flavor. We have found our new go to in this house.
    Prices are pretty dang good on all the rubs and spices but as always shipping stings just a little.
    Tonight will be a bit of it mixed into softened cream cheese like they suggest on their site.

    Here is a link to the sauce, and I believe they are all excellent from what we've tried so far and worth a look at.

    The Fast Eddy’s Championship Seasoning is quite good.


      tx for info


        TIN ROOOF! (rusted)

        oops, wrong shack!

        Those are good looking prices - more reasonable than smaller bottles and shakers of rubs. I wish they had a build your own or smaller sampler or flight kit.

        What's the shelf-life of the mild sauce?


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          The Cook Shack is a little ole place where we can get together.

          Cook Shack baby!

        • Cheef
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          Not sure on shelf life. It just states refrigerate after opening. We bit the bullet and ordered a gallon of each. Only opened the mild so far but using it quick. I pretty much cleaned off the rub, spice shelf and replaced it with the CS rubs. The mild sauce is our favorite and I will likely clean out the sauces in the fridge. Kind of nice to find a product that satisfies. I'm notorious for trying out way too many rubs and sauces. I think I found what I'm looking for with these.
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        I just took another look at the Mild Cook Shack sauce and notice in the description the use it in BBQ butter. Ive never heard of BBQ butter and did a little research.
        Seems to be a mix of spices and or bbq sauce compounded into the butter. Highly recommended for corn on the cob. Im thinking the Cook Shack sauce in a butter compound would kick things up nicely.
        Next corn on the cob will definitely include the BBQ butter.



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