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Don’t get a few things when posting

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    Don’t get a few things when posting


    why don’t some of the handles get "tagged"? You can tell they are correct. I know because I looked them up.

    why did the Amazon post remain painfully long? Other links "shorten" themselves.

    ??? Don't ask me. This is my non-answer.


      Some of the names that are tagged have spaces and caps. You have to make sure they are 100% correct. Even a small variation will not allow it to work. it does happen to me too. Sometimes I will copy/paste what I wrote then start over, then add the tag again.

      As for the Amazon links, many are long because if you add the AR link it is adding a lot to the link. Just a reminder, you can inbed a URL in words in your post.

      I type out the title of what I am trying to link to.. In the case above.....Vanilla Extract Prices.

      Copy the link in which you want to link. > Then highlight the word you typed out in your text, but do not copy. With the written text highlighted, Click the chain link symbol in the task bar
      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4796.jpeg
Views:	156
Size:	113.3 KB
ID:	1162920
      Paste the copied link into the URL space and click ok.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Image 1-21-22 at 2.10 PM.jpeg
Views:	166
Size:	68.5 KB
ID:	1162919

      If it is linked correctly, the text you typed out will be red and the link will be inbedded. Clicking on this red text will take you right to the page you want to link. This makes things look much cleaner and easier to read.

      Example....if you click the words below, it will take you right to the linked page.

      Vanilla Extract Prices


      • DaveD
        DaveD commented
        Editing a comment
        Always my SOP as well.

      Further on the mentions (tags) if you add punctuation tight to the mention then sometimes it won't take. For instance, Huskee! at the end of a sentence might not work. Put a space after the correct username, then add punctuation. Huskee !

      Of course in this example it did work, but I've had plenty of times where this type of thing caused it to not work. You get the idea.


        Huskee, well shoot, that’s even sumtin I’m familiar wiff. Yup, I can work them punktiatioms Huskee ! Yessir!!!
        Yup, it worked fer me when it used to not work. Oh well.
        Last edited by FireMan; January 21, 2022, 02:46 PM.


          I know all those little tidbits. I learned the hard way. But, I’m telling ya, sometimes they take and sometimes they don’t. Know that I am on my iPad when I come to the Pit.

          tamidw just to try again.


          • SheilaAnn
            SheilaAnn commented
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            See? Tamidw worked this time and Huskee with the exclamation point did not, yet it did above. Certainly not a deal breaker, just thought there was some insight.

          • Huskee
            Huskee commented
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            Gnomes at fault maybe? Lol.

          I have had the same problem, and it usually happens when tying to tag more than one person in the same post. For me, hitting "enter" after typing the @..... usually gets the system to tag people correctly.


            Try making sure there’s a space after every tag. Like this SheilaAnn Panhead John Huskee ComfortablyNumb …now I’ll hit post and see it doesn’t work


            • glitchy
              glitchy commented
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              oops, it worked


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