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Conflicting Info on Search Tips?

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    Conflicting Info on Search Tips?

    Let me start out by saying this may be completely on me. I was trying to search for information on resting brisket. I typed "brisket rest" in the search bar and what I seemed to get were results on brisket OR rest. So then I tried typing "brisket AND rest" and it seemed I got the same results as my first attempt. Then I set off in search of (yes, bad pun) search tips. I found a thread that indicated that typing 2 words ("brisket rest" in this case) would return results with both words, basically the equivalent of "brisket AND rest. I then checked out the advance search and found the search tips link. When I clicked on the search tips link, it states that searches for multiple words is basically the equivalent of using an OR operator, so a search for "brisket rest" would return results that contained the words brisket or rest. Ultimately, my question is which is correct? Does typing 2 (or more) words in the search box deliver results using the OR operator or the AND operator?

    A space is the equivalent of using an "and" as I understand it:

    You can perform a basic search of either The Pitmaster Club or AmazingRibs.com (the free site) by clicking the down arrow in the search box at the top right corner of the page. Entering keywords into the Search box will return any results matching your keywords up to the maximum value allowed. Click image for larger version


      Thank you sir, that is the post I was referring to, but the search tips link provides this advise which seems to conflict with the post you referenced.
      Click image for larger version

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        I may just be the way I am reading it. Because the example clearly states OR, but when I use AND it still acts like OR


          Have you tried using quotes? "Brisket rest", "resting brisket". Also, most times many will refer to the phase of holding a brisket after cooking it as "hold" and not "rest"("rest" if often used in reference to resting a steak right after searing it). So you could try searching that too, "brisket hold", or "holding a brisket" or even "faux cambro" since that's very often used when referring to this. Or just asking your question, we're ok with questions!


            just about every recipe I have read or watched on youtube has suggested rest/hold times 2-10/12 hrs. the following quote is found at the end of the article on brisket: "Holding? When it comes off the cooker and it gets wrapped in foil and sits in a faux cambro, an insulated box like a beer cooler, for 1 to 4 hours."
            Authentic Texas Style Smoked Brisket Recipe And Techniques (amazingribs.com)

            Holding in beer time is dependent on how fast you drink.

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              Greetings efincoop

              Not sure what you are seeing in your search results.

              I just tested a search for "rest brisket" and "rest OR brisket" and got different results. Are you not seeing different results when you use the "OR" feature?

              Screen shots:

              "rest brisket" -- so both keywords must match to get a result.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	search-using-and.png
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              "rest OR brisket" so either keyword can match to get a result

              Click image for larger version

Name:	search-using-or.png
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Size:	148.7 KB
ID:	1076061


                Thank you all for responding. I eventually found the information I was looking for. raywjohnson when I first posted my question I was not seeing the first few results in your screen shot, as they did not exist. So I reversed the words and eventually did find a thread that had the information I was looking for. Probably more to what Huskee and bbqLuv posted, I was not using the correct terminology, so that was limiting my results.

                Thank you all for chiming it. I have learned a bunch from the information shared here.


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