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Sneak Peek: NEW Recipe - Deep Fried Turkey

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    Sneak Peek: NEW Recipe - Deep Fried Turkey

    You first! Here we'll post news, gear reviews, videos, and recipes that are freshly published on the public site before getting advertised there! To see all our NEW Recipes & Gear Reviews, visit the Sneak Preview channel here: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...ew-for-members

    Deep Fried Turkey Makes A Fast Thanksgiving Feast, by Meathead
    LINK: https://amazingribs.com/deep-fried-turkey/

    Click image for larger version

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    Hey, thanks for this. My dad use to deep fry turkeys pretty regularly when I was a teenager, but he quit doing it because the clean up was a pain and the oil got expensive. After much prodding by me, he finally agreed to give me his gear (it helped that he was cleaning out his shed). I was just scouring the internet (including this site) for a good recipe last week. Couple of quick follow-up questions.

    1) When you ‘salt the bird,’ are you rubbing the salt under the skin, like you would a rub, or just rubbing the salt on the outside surface of the skin? I imagine you want to rub the salt under the skin, between the skin and meat. However, I would imagine this would also loosen the skin, allowing more oil to easily get under the skin. Don’t know if that is desirable or not.

    2) I didn’t see a step of trussing the turkey. Is this something you would want to do to help ensure the wings and legs don’t overcook?

    3) Assuming you filter the used oil through cheesecloth, how many times can you reasonably reuse the cooking oil? And is it necessary to actually refrigerate the used oil? Or can you get away with storing it in a heated, but still relatively cold (~40-45 degrees), garage or crawl space?


      Meathead Huskee I hate to be the grammar police, but in Method, step 2 "oil" should not have a "p". Unless you just want me to take a p, but that sounds more like a PJ kind of thing.

      "Now lower it into the pot and fill it with room temperature oil until the bird is submerged at least 1" below the surface of the oil and the opil is at least 4" below the lip of the pot."


      • Huskee
        Huskee commented
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        Finding typos in professional editorial is not grammar police, it's called a good eye and it's welcome! Thanks.

      • Meathead
        Meathead commented
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        Got it! Thanks!


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