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Chef's Table - BBQ coming soon to Netflix

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    Chef's Table - BBQ coming soon to Netflix


    The next season of Chef's Table will focus on BBQ. Sept 2, on Netflix

    Chef’s Table is a great series
    BBQ looks real interesting
    thank you for the heads up


      Man, i hope this will be available on Netflix in my region..


        Awesome. Can't wait to see the full lineup of chefs. Tootsie and Rodney Scott on there will be fun to watch.


          This looks great! I will definitely be watching.


            I look forward to it, I liked the last season. I think it's a well done series.


              All right!!! Finally.

              People react to me like I have the plague.

              BBQ as we know it in the pit, with science and testing, is “generally” not welcome in a professional kitchen.


              I have been forever one of the only people with an instant read.

              People are still searing to seal in the juices.

              I recently saw some one (very experienced) cook an 8oz filet (previously marked) at 370° full convection, with a probe (in a combi) to an IT of 134° to be served at Midrare... what do you think happened?

              i can go on...

              But everyone I know has seen every episode of chefs table except me. Perhaps this will give BBQ cooks another leg up in the pecking order.

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              • surfdog
                surfdog commented
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                When I read, “ BBQ as we know it in the pit, with science and testing, is “generally” not welcome in a professional kitchen.” and I thought, that’s not entirely true...especially the whole “science and testing” assertion...then I read your examples. LOL

                Yeah, sadly, too much too true!

              • rickgregory
                rickgregory commented
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                And yet... some of the 'science and testing' attitude is, if not inimical to the practice, overly emphasized. Look at the people who ooh and ahh over a flat temp curve on their fireboard or who worry about a minor temp difference from what they want.

                But yeah, bringing rigor to the topic when talking about, say, ''sealing in juices" etc is very valuable. And I can't believe you've never watched Chef's Table. GET TO IT.

              Thanks for sharing this! This looks like a great series. Reminds me a bit of the Cooking Channel show “Man, Fire, Food” which I really liked because it was authentic, not made for TV. Will be looking forward to watching this.


                I have not watched this. Thank you for sharing.


                  Looking forward to this.


                    Looks really cool. Available only if you subscribe to Netflix? I may have to wait.


                      FireMan - Chef's table is original content for Netflix, so only available there. The prior 6 seasons are all wonderful if you're into watching great chefs and learning about how they think and how they got to where they are.

                      I'm really looking forward to this - on the surface, BBQ is easy. But as with anything, masters show the subtlety in how something is done.


                        rickgregory Dude WTH??? I had to open another window and look up “inimical.” Killing me man. Never even heard of it. But yup! tucking that word in my pocket for later.

                        Clarification.... I have not completed the series but have watched. I’m a meat man for sure but Christina Tossi and Milk bar is a legit bad ass!!

                        i will explain a lil. I am a cook like everyone else who learned in the backyard not to make friends with the goat.

                        growing up was cooking never measured. A cuchara of this, a Taza of that. Not just any spoon but the one with the brown handle for this and the plastic one for that.

                        fast forward to Culinary school and AR. Contradictions.

                        So.... kitchens are full of lifers who just check boxes to get stuff done. Then there are good cooks, then the professionals start. It’s a total mess of hodgepodge.

                        Take some one who cooks meat and loves outdoor cooking, add rhythm, consistency and science and there is little place for that in an ordinary kitchen when it contradicts general wisdom. That tends to threaten more than it attracts.

                        Dry brining.... no way. It needs oil based marinade. Does it?

                        Whole Rib roasts need a 500° oven for the first part of the cook Or the color is Meh... really??

                        SV the marinade for an hour so it really “gets in there.” Wow, ok.

                        Press the hamburgers so they cook faster.. Alrighty then.

                        add oil to that chicken so the skin can get crispy. Oui chef!

                        Wet brine those Chicken 1/4s for Crispy skin. If you say so.

                        That steak has to rest 10 minutes at least. Really?

                        there is an endless list of stuff that puts BBQ/Professional cooks at a disadvantage at face value.

                        Now... as a Banquet Chef I have leeway and more luxuries that many other cooks do not have.

                        That sweet spot is where I make my living.

                        Consistancy, hard work and an open mind with a “never late, never fail” attitude.

                        sorry for the rant here.

                        Edit: I should add that I am a quantity foods guy and in a second career. Cooked my whole life, grew up in kitchens and went to Culinary school after learning from those lifers I listed above. Some real great cooks there, no malice intended but rather some insight. Most of what we do is clean, prep panic and adjust. Then service like silk on soft skin.
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                          Just watched ep1 about Tootsie, the pitmaster at Snows. What a woman.

                          FYI, for those who've not watched Chef's Table... it's not a cooking show. It's really much more about the chef, where they came from and how they got to where they are. Don't expect recipes, etc.


                          • RolanK
                            RolanK commented
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                            Agree. This show is about people, stories, struggle etc. I have been through all 4 episodes (belive that is all for now) and enjoyed it, but yeah, not much to "learn" in terms of BBQ techniques and new ideas...

                          • rickgregory
                            rickgregory commented
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                            I think a comment during Tootsie's episode said it all - something to the effect of 'pit masters will tell you everything they do... then they'll sit back and watch'.

                            BBQ just isn't a high technique cooking style. But the difference between good and great BBQ seems to be details that are hard to communicate in a recipe or a video... they seem to be learned over years and decades.


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