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Fox News' Take On "BBQ The Way It Was Meant To Be", Pulled Pork Recipe

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    Yeah, may be as close as some folks can get. Ok for that, but not my druthers FWIW.


      Well, I'm having such a perfect BBQ day ( Polarbear777 's BBQ Chuck recipe--second time around) and everything is going so good. Great weather, solid WSCGC temps, slowly rising meat temps without too scary a stall, beautiful bark at 180ish and then meat perfectly fitting into my Polarbear-inspired square Camp Chef Dutch Oven with a probe port (!) as it now coasts the the finish line--what could be better? Oh yeah--hubby watching the Ryder cup while I sip a nice libation outside, watching the WSCGC do all the work. "BBQ as it was meant to be", for lucky ol' me with such nice BBQ toys.

      Anyway, that Fox News/Quiche My Grits PP recipe was a buzzkill, but I survived the read. News networks love to spin, so their description "as BBQ was meant to be" may have made that poor Southern girl blogger cringe. It certainly made a few of us cringe, judging from some of the posts here.

      Now I made PP in the CrockPot just last weekend. The PB needed to be cooked or frozen, and I was busy cooking several things that day, so it was the Crock Pot to the rescue for that PB in the fridge that was getting on my last nerve with its "cook me now" whining.

      How did I make nice lightly smokey PP without using Liquid Smoke, and in the Crock Pot?

      1. Lightly dry brined overnight with a salt-containing rub (a riff on MMD).
      2. Lightly coated the PB with Meathead's new Pork Rub (contains salt) just before putting in the CP.
      3. Turned the Crock Pot on to pre-warm it and slathered the inside of the ceramic insert with avocado oil.
      4. Added a cup of warmed up homemade chicken broth.
      6. Put 3 smoked ham hocks in the bottom of the Crock Pot (Buh-bye, Liquid Smoke). Plus the ham hocks keep the PB out of the liquid.
      7. Added the rub-coated Pork Butt, which I had first semi-butterflied along some muscle groups so it would
      a. Fit and
      b. Cook more evenly.

      8. Popped on the lid and went on with my day.
      9. When it reached 195° about 7.5 hours later, I set the Crock Pot to Warm until I was ready to deal with the pork.
      10. Poured off the cooking liquid into a saucepan and reduced to about 1 cup (boiled for about 15 minutes while I was pulling the pork), tested it for salt content, and added it to the pulled pork, tasting all along. Chopped up some of the smoked ham hock meat as well.
      11. Served with beers, 'tater salad, slaw, and our fave Blues Hog sauces on the side. (Hubby: BH Original, Me: BH Smokey Mountain)

      So nope, it wasn't cooked outside over charcoal (the PBC and WSCGC are still peeved about that), but it made for a pretty tasty Saturday night dinner.

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        Yep wu7y I knew it'd bring up some fun back & forth. I get thoroughly weary in a quick hurry of sensationalist ("click bait") titles on articles, YouTube videos, forum posts, etc, so this description of this recipe is what had me chuckling. To restate, it's not the recipe itself I have an issue with, I have made crock pot/Dutch oven pork and it is very tasty, (although the lack of precision and repeatability among the readers by calling for several different imprecise prepared rubs & sauces is laughable from a recipe standpoint) and many folks don't have a smoker or grill and might want to make pulled pork...It's simply the choice of description that had me shaking my head. I tried to make that very clear from the title and my other comments here.


        • wu7y
          wu7y commented
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          Right on! It was fun (and interesting) and I knew your purpose was not simply to "stir the pot" so to speak but it brought back some fond memories for me. I hope I did not ruffle any feathers by my comment. That was not my intent.

        • Mr. Bones
          Mr. Bones commented
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          Don't rightly reckon neither of our comments hurt nobody, Brother! wu7y 73

        • Huskee
          Huskee commented
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          Not at all friend, not at all. I just wanted to clarify my own intent here. We's havin sum fun wit dis 'sall. wu7y


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