Dutch Oven Mountain Dew Braised Chicken

Note... if you do this recipe - I recommend using chicken thighs... I made a beginners mistake here and used breasts they turned out tough. I wasn't thinking

Here is the Recipe

Dutch Oven Mountain Dew Braised Chicken
1. 4 big chicken breasts sliced in half
2. Mirepoix -- 2.5 carrots - 1 cup celery - 1/2 large onion
3. garlic
4. salt and pepper to taste
5. cajun seasoning
6. 1/2 lb of bacon cut in 1" chunks
7. 6 medium potatoes chunked
8. 1 can of Mtn Dew
9. big dash of white wine
10. tomato paste
11. optional, add some green veggys near the end

cook the bacon then pull it out
brown the chicken then pull it out
add mirepoix veggys (salt a little) and cook them in the oil for awhile
add tomato paste and cook it a bit
add can of Mtn Dew
add a dash of wine
add garlic and cajun seasoning
heat up and simmer for awhile
add chicken
add bacon
cook in oven or BBQ or with Coals for 1 hour at 325-350
add potatoes (and optional veggys) and cook till potatoes are done... about another hour... also here if you are using charcoal, you may need to re-coal the dutch.

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