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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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Another legend passes

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  • ComfortablyNumb
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    • May 2017
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    • Northeast Washington
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    Another legend passes

    I heard today that Tommy Lasorda passed. As a lifelong Dodger fan I have enjoyed several constants. Walter Allston and Tommy were managers of the team for most of my life. Vin Scully was the voice of the Dodgers for nearly all of my life. Besides the passing of Tommy, Vin lost his wife of 47 years a couple of days ago. Sad times in Dodgertown....
  • FireMan
    Charter Member
    • Jul 2015
    • 8533
    • Bottom of Winnebago

    Being a life long Tiger fan, it brought a smile & great joy when it was listed of the top ten moments in Lasorda’s career. The first one listed on MLB was 88’ & Gibbie’s epic home run & Lasorda jumping & dancing afterwords, then his boys beating the mighty A’s in 5.


    • Oak Smoke
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      HouseHomey let me help you feel young! I was 36 in 88.

    • FireMan
      FireMan commented
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      When Gibbie hit that homer, I was 38, on the road workin & in a motel in Anderson IN. Will never forget step by step collage the following day with Kirk Gibson/Roy Hobbs narrated by Bob Costas.

    • HouseHomey
      HouseHomey commented
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  • barelfly
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    • Dec 2017
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    • New Mexico
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    Coach Lasorda has ties to Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Dukes. AAA Baseball up until new ownership moved them to Portland. but a few years after a new group came in.

    but, he would always come back and visit and talk to the crowd when he was here. but, I also remember him running across the field when Kirk hit the HR to win it. Also saw a video of him and the Phillie Phanatic going at each other!


    • ComfortablyNumb
      ComfortablyNumb commented
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      Our news comes from Spokane, I learned that Tommy was a manager for the Spokane Indians before taking over the Dodger helm. In 1970 he led Spokane to a Pacific Coast League championship. A team that included Steve Garvey, Bill Buckner, Davey Lopes and Charlie Hough. https://www.milb.com/spokane/history/1970pclchampions

    • barelfly
      barelfly commented
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      ComfortablyNumb that’s pretty cool! It was 1972 that he lead the Dukes to the PCL championship, and that was the team from Spokane. The Dodgers moved the team to Albuquerque that year, and with it, brought years of baseball history. I wasn’t aware that the team was moved from Spokane, although I know MLB teams move their affiliates around often. But neat to read the article you linked there. Here’s a bit about the Dukes.

  • Steve R.
    Club Member
    • Jul 2016
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    • Elizabethtown, KY
    • Current line-up of cookers: Weber 26" kettle w/ SnS and BBQ Guru adapter; Weber Smokey Mountain 22" w/ Guru adapter.

    As a lifelong Reds fan, he was the enemy, sort of. He teamed up with my my all-time favorite player Johnny Bench on The Baseball Bunch tv show, which made him okay in my book.


    • FireMan
      FireMan commented
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      So bein a Reds fan, ya sorta like the perfessor Sparky eh ?

    • TripleB
      TripleB commented
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      Ah, the Big Red Machine. Morgan, Bench, Rose, Foster, Geronimo, Griffy... Remember seating by the radio listening to those Dodger/Red games. Great memories and a great rivalry.
  • DavidNorcross
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    • Nov 2017
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    • Virginia
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      More Cast Iron than I care to admit

    I am a huge Yankee's fan. There was some good times back in the day with the Yanks against the Dodgers. That is when baseball was great for sure. He was a good one.


    • gcdmd
      Charter Member
      • Sep 2014
      • 1155
      • The Republic of Texas

      I was a Giants fan for many years, but I always respect and admire people like Mr. Lasorda, a class act guy by all accounts.


      • rodkeary
        Club Member
        • Jan 2017
        • 215
        • Pacific Northwest
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        I'm a huge Dodgers fan and about 4 years ago I was lucky enough to find myself in Phoenix during spring training. My host knew I was a Dodger fan and got us tickets to a game vs. Colorado at Salt River Fields. I was in my glory, Kershaw was pitching, beautiful weather and reasonably priced beer (local craft beer and not PBR).

        Even though it was an away game everyone around us seemed to be Dodger supporters. I think it was around the 5th inning when everyone in our section stood up and started clapping. It took me a while to figure out what was going on but Tommy himself was walking up the steps to our left. When he reached our aisle he stopped and looked right at me and said "boo"?

        That will be how I remember Mr. Lasorda.


      • Jared49
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        • Oct 2016
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        Tommy Lasorda is a member of a select group that his passing is not only mourned by Dodger fans but all true “baseball” fans.


        • smokin fool
          Club Member
          • Apr 2019
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          • Mississauga, Ont

          Sad news his passing.


          • Soonerpop
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            • Jan 2020
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            I’ve always been a Dodger fan thanks to growing up in a town with a Dodger class D farm team during the heyday of the minor leagues. Tommy was one of a kind for sure. He came to Arlington in ‘19 for the retirement ceremony for Adrian Beltrè. Although he had a hard time getting around, he was gracious, told stories and had the crowd rolling. Rest In Peace, Tommy.


            • TripleB
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              • May 2017
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              I'm a native Californian. Living in Los Angeles 59 of my 62 years. Lasorda was bigger than life. I saw him a couple of times at Dodger stadium. Never met him, but I saw that he was always cordial to the fans and would sign an autograph if asked. Today's LA Times has a huge article on him. I know that he was a motivational speaker, but he never charged schools, churches or the military. And he spoke at a lot of those.

              One of my favorite stories today was when former player and MLB manager Bobby Valentine played on one of Lasorda's minor league teams in the late 1960's, "he had us write letters to the big league player that was playing their position", Valentine told MLB Network, "to tell them to get ready to move over because we were on our way". Classic.

              RIP Tommy


              • kenrobin
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                • Jun 2015
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                I'm a lifelong Giants fan but I appreciated Lasorda as an ambassador for the game. Baseball was a lot of fun whenever he was involved.


                • surfdog
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                  • Mar 2016
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                    Other useful bits...
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                    Knives range from Mercer to F. Dick to "You spent how much for one knife? One knife?!" LOL

                  I met him once a long time ago at a restaurant. He was a character...and a true ambassador for the sport & the city.


                  • Troutman
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                    • Aug 2017
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                    One of the most memorable moments in sporting history.....


                    • ComfortablyNumb
                      ComfortablyNumb commented
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                      It is indeed, I enjoy it every time I see it. Thanks for posting.

                    • TripleB
                      TripleB commented
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                      My brother, sister and myself were huddled together 3 feet away from the parent's TV watching that last inning. Squeezing hands, ohhing and ahhing over every pitch. Unbelievable.

                    • Jared49
                      Jared49 commented
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                      Simply classic!
                  • jfmorris
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                    • Nov 2017
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                    When I was in college, I had the privilege to sing the national anthem with a group at Wrigley field for a Cubs-Dodgers game in the summer of 1984. I sat right behind the backstop, and got to hear Tommy Lasorda yell at players and umpires for the entire game. It was an experience I've never forgotten. He was quite a character, and it is sad to see him pass.




                    2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                    We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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                    Meat-Up in Memphis