This is my first attempt at roasting a whole pig and was following Meatheads article"going whole hog" (excerpt below).

When I was describing to my butcher about wanting to remove the spinal cord and Tongue etc, he asked me why I would want to do that if i was going to pull the meat off the bones anyway. And if I planed on roasting with the head on, why i wanted the tongue removed.

Being new to this, I really didn't have a good answer. I thought maybe it was for sanitary reasons.
Any input/opinions?
Thank You

My standard order: "I want a whole dressed hog about 75 pounds delivered, fresh killed within a week of delivery, never frozen, skin on, hair scalded off, head, ears, trotters, tail on. Please cut through the backbone and breastbone and crack the hip joints so it will lie flat. Please remove the spinal cord. Save me the liver, kidneys, tongue, and heart, on the side please. I reserve the right to reject it if it looks or smells bad."