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Make your own Umami

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    Make your own Umami

    So, for those who don't know me (LOL) I'm Karon, also known as Rani. and I LOVE sauces made of fond. what is you need to make more sauce than you have fond? what is you have cooked something that doesn't need a sauce? what if?

    I hate losing flavor. I LOVE finding ways to add it. So begins an interesting experiment.

    I have an elderly Boxer. I lost her best buddy last September and it broke my heart. a few months ago, she became quite ill. and we are doing everything to help her, to enjoy what is left of her life. So long as that little nub is clocking back and forth, I'm gonna cook for her, I'm gonna make cushion mattresses for her at the storm door, I'm going to jump up and take her out every time she whimpers, I'm going to force her to swallow her meds and reward her with cheese and spoonfuls of Corn Syrup (You would not believe the power a spoon has, now!)

    A dog who has eaten raw meat and pretty much only raw meat and bones for ten years has now been changed over to Chicken and rice. when talking to the Vet about this change, he's talking about Chicken. "Yeah, she eats a lot of chicken. I eat a lot of chicken. what kind of chicken should she eat?"


    "Ummm, OK< I have 2 pounds of feet and 2 pounds of wings, which would be better for her?"

    'um, Chicken?'

    "Yeah, there's lots of parts of the chicken. We don't eat a lot of it, ourselves but we cook with it. hence the feet & wings."

    'Well, that's not what I mean,. She needs Chicken Breast only.'

    "OK, We'll need to pick some up, we rarely eat that. What about bones, skin? how much of the breast?"

    'JUST the breast. no bones, no skin, no fat.'

    "Ah, Ok. Lean Flesh. Got it. Raw?"

    'no. just boil it and mix it with rice. just the cooked meat for protein and the rice as a binder'.

    Ah. Finally got it. So, I buy chicken feet for my own cooking and Breasts for my dog. said breasts are boneless and skinless by the time they are given to her. HWMO has found that the price, these days, is the same so, for convenience, he has been buying boneless, skinless. that is going to change.

    Originally, we boiled the chicken (Can you IMAGINE?) and he would mix the juice with the rice. but Tovi isn't as interested in that as he used to be. so, unbeknownst to me, he's been tossing that water down the drain.


    So, for the last couple of days, I have been stealing her chicken water (not actually stealing since she didn't want it) and I started cooking it all the way down. boiling off all the water until all that was left was the small amount of chicken essence that had leached out into the water. and that gets cooked down to GBD. then, with a quarter teaspoon of vinegar, deglazed and stored in a small crock in the fridge. it tastes, concentrated, like the BEST Fried Chicken! THis is about to become a daily exercise.

    Prepping my steak for dinner, I drained off the liquid from the container, where the meat had been waiting and aging in the fridge. Rinsing the meat surface with water and vinegar and scrubbed lightly with salt, I took that water and boiled it down to the glaze. put it in a jar for the sauce tonight.

    SO many times we sear, or brown and we 'drain' the liquid. from now on, that liquid will be drained, but drained into a saucier to boil down and cook to that GBD and kept in the jar. when the time comes for a stew or to make a sauce or anything else, just a small bit of that saved cooked meat will add a burst of flavor. I plan to do a similar process with veggie bits as well.

    All of this creates the umami base we so love. keeping separate jars for meat types is one way or you can put it all together, creating an ever changing sauce that evolves with the flavors you love. I am planning to collect everything I don't immediately use and keep it separate. Beef, pork, chicken and veg. lots of fun and great experiments!!

    If anyone else tries it, let me know how it goes. I did this with my last cook, with my drippings. instead of making one BIG batch of sauce for the Q, I just used a small amount of the drippings to make my KC sauce, and froze the rest. Thus, I can make a nice, porky, smoky sauce anytime I want. I plan to do this same this weekend when I do bacon. ahhhh, sauce. Can you imagine the marvelous things we can do?


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