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PB oven/faux cambro hold times

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    PB oven/faux cambro hold times

    Need some serious help here and I have found nothing but conflicting information on the internet...

    Doing a work BBQ for my girlfriend (an emergency dept.) for about 50 people. Plan was to set up my gear (Weber Kettle with SnS and PBC) around 6 AM at the location and just smoke/bbq meats all day on a succession since I dont really know anyone there except her and I wouldnt need to be a social butterfly. Tragedy struck and I now have to goto a training session at 130PM the day of the QUE. the event starts around 1 PM but goes until midnight so serving time is not a huge priority.

    I am torn between humbly bailing out of the job (im not charging anything) or trying to do the majority of the PB the evening before and hold them in a 170* oven for several hours overnite, transfer them to the cambro and drive to location with all the gear, set up and continue holding or pulling or putting back on the cooker. they can stay warm in an arrangement of sterno and crock pots we will have available.

    i want to serve the best possible product so i am going to do a dry run with a 5 lber this week and hold it in an oven for like 10-12 hours, monitor temp and then pull it to see how the meat comes out. i imagine it will be very dry.

    the only time ive done large cooks in the past has been at my house so i had control, this will be a remote site. im stuck guys... any expert help/insight/anything would go a long way... thanks in advance!

    Hi pittkappasig

    What are you cookin? There's different things that can be done with different meats. Do you have a foodsaver (aka lifesaver)? For example, I cooked 2 large hams / 1 small turkey ham on a Sunday, foodsavered them, kept in reefer, reheated in sterno trays for lunch at work on Wednesday.

    You could also do pulled pork and beef, foodsaver them, and heat them up in a water bath. Make some chicken / beef enchilada filling and do the same thing. (Enchilada stuff is done on the stove, though). I think 1 - 1 1/2 lbs of chicken / beef makes 10 good enchiladas. You could do some pulled beef / pork and make tacos! There are some awesome photos on this site!

    There's plenty of experts on this site with way, way, way more experience than I. But, you can pull this off!

    I'd look at every avenue possible to reduce the stress factor as much as possible. I would hope that a few folks would be able to help set things up and get them rollin'.

    When you're done training, set up the kettle/ SnS and do some burgs/dogs/brats.

    Wow this shindig goes to midnight? What time is your training over? Maybe you could do a buncha wings after the training. Pork loin (not tenderloin) is relatively quick cause you can cook it at 325.

    I wouldn't do the oven thing, I think it would dry out the meat over time.

    Good luck!

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      Pulled pork would be an easy way to go. Cook the pulled pork in advance. Put in foodsaver bags with some of the drippings you collect while cooking the butts and vacuum seal and freeze. If you do this the day or two before you could even just use freezer bags and not worry about freezing them. To serve put in hot water to reheat. I do this at the farmers market all the time. I usually fill about half way with water as hot as I can get from the tap and then add a couple large pots of boiling water and end up around 160. You could experiment with your cooler and water temp from your tap. I pull it from the water and put in a roaster pan or chafer dish to serve. If the temp drops to 140 I add another pot of boiling water that I heat on a hot plate that I take to the market with me. If you have a good cooler it will stay hot for several hours without any additional heated water.
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      • Medusa
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      PB was the items I was struggling with cooking. I can do the ribs day of the event as they only take like 4-5 hrs in the PBC but the butts take longer.

      This sounds like a great idea...

      So cook the butts, pull and freeze or freeze whole and reheat with water and then pull? You bring all the butts frozen to the market and do everything there?


      • Dr ROK
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        Cook and pull and then freeze with some of the drippings. I let the butts thaw overnight in the fridge the night before the market. Then I heat up a roaster pan of water on the stove and let them reheat in water that is about 150 degrees for about an hour. I then throw them in the cooler that has hot water in it and take that to the market. The bags of pork (I also do smoked beans this way) stay in the cooler until needed. I'll pull a bag at a time and add it to the roaster pan or chafer to keep warm while serving.

      • pittkappasig
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        and you feel youre putting out the best possible product? this sounds genius because I can do everything at home which will give me so much more control over the entire process and then bring the prepared food to the party. do you always use a foodsaver? i dont have one but I have been toying with the idea of purchasing so this will give me a great excuse, lol.

      • FLBuckeye
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        I don't have a food saver and I have cooked PB's a day in advance. I pull the meat, add some sauce (or a bit of apple juice if plain), put in gallon freezer bags, and put in the fridge. I pull them the next day three hours prior to serving and put in my turkey cooker with water around 170 that drops to below 160 when I add the cold meat. I aim for 160-170 to reheat. I also use pots of water on the stove as well. Did two butts in 6 gallon sized freezer bags with no issues. Once you get the temps dialed in, no issues.

      Test run for the BBQ, foodsaver and all!! Thanks for the tips everyone.



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