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Fathers Day Ribeye Adventure.

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    Fathers Day Ribeye Adventure.

    I wanted to do something special and really WOW my dad this year, so I set about making him one of the best steaks of his life.

    I bought a full slab of ribeye (first time) and cut some nice fat steaks from it after trimming the chain, etc.

    I used excess fat to create some beef love, by rendering it all day long in a double boiler with fresh sage, thyme, garlic, and shallots. It made quite a nice drizzle for the steaks.

    The steaks were dry brined for a couple of hours and then peppered and vacuum sealed. I plopped them into my new Anova sous-vide setup at 127 for 3 hours, I love this thing.

    The plan was to go warp-10 on cast iron over charcoal, unfortunately I pulled the steaks a bit too early and not all of my coals were ashed over. When I realized my mistake I cranked the Weber Genesis I found on craigslist to max heat and gave it about 10 minutes to get my grillgrates nice and toasty.

    While the gasser was heating I put the steaks into my cast iron and gave them a warp-3 treatment with clarified butter and gave them a nice coating (in the future it's warp-10 or nothing).

    I seared them on the weber and brought them in to the family. Everyone was very quiet and looked quite happy during the meal.

    Pa said it was in his top 5 steaks ever, Ma said best ever, and my brother said that if he had had it in a restaurant he would have told people about it. Not too shabby!

    Things I would do differently:
    Make sure searing surface is at max before pulling steaks from the sous-vide.
    I forgot to pat dry right before searing.
    It was a rainy day, but I want to hang them in the PBC before vacuum sealing to get some nice smoke flavor into the meat and fat.

    Next time I'll make the best steak ever.
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    Great looking steaks, i'd be happy to get that at a restaurant.


      All of this looks "to die for". I can't wait to get some big 'ol steaks that I cut/trim myself and do it AfterBurner! Cool with the clarified butter.



        I have 5 more in vacuum bags frozen for future experiments that meat log was fun!


          The sear looks really good! How was the interior? Wall to wall red?


            I should have snapped a photo but we were all just super excited to eat so I don't have proof of the interior.
            The lighting at the table was actually really bad and I didn't get a great look, I just kept eating piece after delicious piece of super tender steak.
            So while I do not know on this one, I will make sure to snap evidence of my next sous-vide cook! I've done steak twice now and am loving my results! (The first time was indeed wall to wall)



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