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New Weber question for steaks, and pork chops on the gasser

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    New Weber question for steaks, and pork chops on the gasser

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ID:	92031 While waiting for my new Weber 22" Copper OTP kettle to arrive, I had a couple of thick centercut pork loin chops to try on the gasser. These are the t-bone style, tenderloin on one side and loin on the other. I set the Brinkmann up for indirect, used the Mav 732 to calibrate it, and added a cast iron chip box right over the hot burner with some small hicklory chips. The chops were wet brined with Blonder Brine, then dried and coated with Carolina Gold mustard sauce (from Trader Joes). I cooked them on the indirect side until they were about 130F then added more sauce and finished them on the hot side at 145F. They came out great, cooked perfectly, with a hint of smoke. My wife loved them which is the important thing!

    Now, my NOOB question for the Weber people. I have a couple of steaks to inaugurate the Weber tonight, and want to try reverse sear. I haven't had a charcoal grille in years, and the last one was a hibachi. How much charcoal do I need to get a thick "baseball" sirloin and a 1" ribeye cooked and have enough left for a good hot sear? I use a big chimney to start the coals, so something like 1/2 a chimney? Briquet count?
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    Haven't tried this, but will do so, i.e., the AfterBurner Method. 1" or thicker steaks are cooked indirect until they reach a temp around 120. The cooker temps run between 200 - 275. You can build a 2 x 2 fuse about halfway around the kettle. This is about 50 coals. I light one end of the fuse with 8 lit coals. Might take 45 min ( more or less ) to hit 225, but you will have several hours worth of cooking time between 225-250. You will have leftover unused charcoal, so you could make the fuse maybe 1/3 around the kettle.

    There are 50 lit coals in the chimney, and the steaks don't go on until they reach 120 ish. If you have a Weber Rapid Fire Chimney, 50 coals is about level with the top set of holes ( see picture ). You should light the coals in the chimney about 25 minutes before you think your steaks will reach the desired IT.

    Steaks are on the Afterburner for about 1 minute per side.

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    Check out articles and posts related to the Reverse-Sear.

    Your pork chops look beautiful! Love my Genesis.

    Have Fun and Welcome Aboard!



      Wow, BruceB , those chops look great.

      I tried the Blonder Brine to wet brine some skinny pork chops on Sunday and was amazed at how juicy they turned out. It was my first time with the Blonder Brine but not my first time at wet-brining pork. It was just the first time I wet-brined and then thought the rest of the process through instead of just tossing them on the gasser. Plus I think there's a bit of magic going on in that Blonder Brine recipe.

      I'm sold on that wet-brining method for the flavor-vehicle that I call a boneless pork chop. That cut of pork is going to convey whatever flavors I put on it because the meat itself is pretty mild. That's why it's imperative that it at least be juicy!

      Anyway, your method sounds perfect--well thought-out approaches can lead to some amazing results, just as you got. Plus your wife was happy, and that's worth a lot! Congrats on a solid cook.

      And congrats on your new copper Weber kettle toy! I'm envious! Enjoy!




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