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Decisions, decisions…Your Opinions, please?

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    Decisions, decisions…Your Opinions, please?

    So, I have a Weber Genesis 3-burner gas grill and love it. I do a pretty good amount of grilling on it - steak, chicken, fish, veggies. I'm looking to add another grill/smoker to my repertoire, charcoal or pellet, (1) to start trying some low-n-slow cooking and smoking and (2) to also give me extra grilling space for when I'm cooking for more than just my family. I've read the Ratings & Reviews, and a few caught my attention: the Camp Chef Pellet DLX, the Akorn Kamado Kooker, and the Weber Master Touch 22" with Slow-N-Sear tool. I would appreciate your opinion on these or any other suggestions you might have for me.
    Thank you!


    It really depends what you want to do with your new cooker. For what you list of what you normally cook and want to smoke... Your options are broad.

    I'm a Big Green Egg guy. I now own 2 Large BGE's. Kamado's are much more versatile than other cookers. Everything you can cook in your kitchen you can cook on a ceramic... Everything. You can bake pizza and bread much better in a ceramic oven than in your kitchen oven. You can wok Chinese food much better in a ceramic than you can in your kitchen. Ceramic's are great smokers. Ceramic's are great grills... If you know how to set them up. 2-zone cooking on a ceramic is not left and right... It's up and down and heat control.

    A ceramic is expensive, up front. However... Most people NEVER get rid of their Kamado Kooker. Many BGE owner's have had their's for 20 years. If you amortized it over 20 years they are the least expensive kooker available.

    If you have no desire to cook bread, pizza, Chinese food... You don't need a ceramic cooker though.

    For what you say you want to do... If it were me I would look at the Hasty Bake and the PK.
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      Keep in mind I'm pretty big on Weber. That said based on the option you listed You cant go wrong with the kettle and Slow n Sear combo for a low and slow/grill combo. This is a very versatile and affordable option that will give you years of service.


        Have you looked at the Pit Barrel Cooker, Wildman? It's amazing.

        That said, I agree with Jon Solberg--a 22 inch Weber Kettle with a Slow n Sear add-on trumps the PBC for versatility. I'm looking seriously at that combo myself.



          I think you can purchase a PBC, a 22" weber w/SnS and a low end pellet grill (traeger) for the cost of an Egg, but YMMV.


            I am a PBC guy and I agree with Jon Solberg - You will never be disappointed with a Weber Kettle in your arsenal (I have 2 )

            At this point I am thinking the main 'plus' that PBC brings to the table is the amount of food you can cook (8 ribs, 4 briskets unless you are Jerod Broussard, 2 turkeys, etc ) sorry, I am digressing... A Weber Kettle coupled with the SnS can do everything the PBS does and easier too... Plus you get Awesome Grilling. You will not cook 8 ribs at once, but who needs that many ribs at once anyway? Weber Kettle grills rawk and coupled with the SnS, versatility is off the charts.

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              I am a Weber fan through and through. 3 22" kettles, an 18" kettke, and 2 and a half WSM's. When I get the SnS, I will feel complete.


                That depends on whether you're looking for 'set it and forget it' ( pellet smoker) or a little babysitting ( charcoal) which is also fun. I have both and use them depending on convenience but i must say my charcoal kettle gives me better flavor and once i get my SnS it will also be complete.. The pellet grill will give you milder smoke flavour. IMHO..


                  Kettle w/ slow and sear would be best to start with.

                  Pit Barrel can always come later if the need for more room arises. Just don't cook for too many other people with the PBC......


                    For smoking,don't use anything that doesn't allow you access to the firebox without removing something



                      My progression was Weber Genesis 3-burner, Primo Jr kamado, PBC, GrillGrates for Weber and Primo, PK grill (craigslist), GrillGrates for PK (not counting the portable grill I've had for ages or the various thermometers, etc.). When I got the PK I was actually looking for a used Weber Kettle. My go-to grill tends to be the Primo. Now if there was just an SnS for the PK...


                        With GrillGrates on my four burner gasser, I am very happy with everything I grill. But I want to get into some other things that require longer cook times and less babysitting. After two days of web surfing, I am thinking seriously of ordering a Pit Barrel Cooker. I was going to try some ribs this weekend on the gasser, but temps approaching or exceeding 100 have made me seriously consider putting it off a bit. I don't need the versatility of a Weber as I would not be using the PBC as a grill, and the price is more attractive than most of the fancier rigs. I have to mull this over a bit, but I might just put in an order this weekend.


                          Hi Wildman ,

                          I have the Weber Genesis going on 14 yrs. Plan on getting GrillGrates for it.

                          Bought a simple Weber 22.5 Kettle last Sept. ($99.00). Invested $$$ in accessories such as Vortex, Smokenator, Hinged Grate, Mavericks. Haven't really started using the Smokenator, but love the Vortex. I think the Slow&Sear rocks based on what I've seen here.

                          Love my kettle as it does things a gasser can't touch. (Also love my gasser for quick & easy cooks - won't give that up!)

                          All depends on what you want to accomplish. You can't go wrong with the advice offered here!

                          Good Luck!



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                            @Medusas don't forget a PartyQ for temp control! Have had great success with the SN but I think the SnS is a big upgrade

                          This is such great information - THANK YOU! Wartface - I love the idea of cooking bread and pizza on it, but I'm not sure I'll really be doing that. Of course, I'm thinking of short-term; but, with a good kamado, it sounds like it'd be around for the long-term. The Hasty Bake looks Niiiiice, for sure, but, to me, that's more of an investment/commitment. CurlingDog - good point, LOL, and what is YMMV? fzxdoc smarkley Jerod Broussard Yno - I did read all of the terrific things about the PBC. To me, it seems more like a smoker and less like a smoker/grill; especially with the grates about 4"(?) below the barrel rim. Also, 2-zone set up for grilling looked more challenging. carolts - the PK Grill was another one I read a lot about, and it seems like it would be easy to set up 2-zone cooking and a smoking option. It seems a bit small, and expensive for what it is, especially compared with a kettle. Red Farr - great advice. fzxdoc Jerod Broussard smarkley Jon Solberg Steve Vojtek Medusa, FLBuckeye - That Weber Kettle with S&S and maybe grill grates sounds like a great next addition for me - very versatile and affordable.
                          THANK YOU AGAIN!


                            Originally posted by Wildman View Post
                            and what is YMMV?
                            Wildman Your Mileage May Vary....meaning essentially 'your results may differ'.


                            • Breadhead
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                              I too... Had no clue what YMMV meant.

                              Thanks for breaking the mystery.

                              Us old guys don't get the computer lingo to quickly.

                              My four year old grandson knows my iPad better than I do.

                              I tried to post a picture on my avatar thing... It said resize it, move the corner - yeah right! I gave up.


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