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Bless Our Food Workers

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    Bless Our Food Workers

    Poultry Worker’s Death Highlights Spread of Coronavirus in Meat Plants

    Let’s hear it for the folks who provide us our food—and let’s realize the conditions they’re working under. The link below may give you access to the entire article or not. If not, I’ve excerpted some of the “key” points. I ain’t worried about copyright infraction.


    “Some employees are coming in sick, and one woman died after being ordered back to work. “Our work conditions are out of control,” a longtime Tyson employee said.
    Annie Grant, 55, had been feverish for two nights. Worried about the coronavirus outbreak, her adult children had begged her to stay home rather than return to the frigid poultry plant in Georgia where she had been on the packing line for nearly 15 years.
    But on the third day she was ill, they got a text from their mother. “They told me I had to come back to work,” it said.
    Ms. Grant ended up returning home , and died in a hospital on Thursday morning after fighting for her life on a ventilator for more than a week. Two other workers at the Tyson Foods poultry plant where she worked in Camilla, Ga., have also died in recent days.

    The Trump administration has urged food-supply workers to step up to meet growing demand. “You are vital,” Vice President Mike Pence said on Tuesday. “You are giving a great service to the people of the United States of America and we need you to continue, as a part of what we call critical infrastructure, to show up and do your job.” Mr. Pence said the administration would work “tirelessly” to ensure the workers’ safety.

    Several major meat-processing outfits are offering workers cash incentives to continue showing up for work.
    At the Tyson plant in Camilla, the company offered its 2,100 workers a $500 bonus if they worked in April, May and June without missing a day.”

    [My (Wiily’s) editorial comment: Oh wow, $500 for working straight through three months without missing a day in this age of coronavirus ! I assume regular days off may (or may not) be allowed] C'mon, "patriots", step up!
    Jerod Broussard
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    No job is too tough for the man who doesn't have to do it himself.


      Man, these guys deserve as much praise as the medical people that are on the front lines. It amazes me that we take them so much for granted - at least, I know I did before all of this happened. My thinking about a lot of stuff is changing on an hourly basis; the list of people I consider as hero's is growing by the day.


      • Willy
        Willy commented
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        Amen re the medical folks! One of my fears is that so many will be lost that medical care after CV will be a real problem. I can't imagine the bravery it takes for these folks in places like NYC, NOLA, Detroit and others to go to work each day. Not sure I could do what they do. And, the emotional toll on them as well. No doubt, our future vocabulary will include a term similar to PTSD for these people now engaged in unfathomable horrors on a daily basis. Agree to: "My thinking...is changing".
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      • klflowers
        klflowers commented
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        Willy, yep. I am from Detroit; talked to some friends up there the other day. It is pretty bad up there.

      I read that article too. Those are some of the worst jobs and in this current environment, they have become far worse.
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        Great post. Thank you.



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