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MCS easily satisfied....

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    MCS easily satisfied....

    ......even if it is only second string.

    This was a lot of fun producing because anything that's a passion is fun.

    I am aware that a lot of the names used are trademark protected and my use of them is for illustration purposes only.

    Amazing Ribs More Cooker Syndrome Race

    The game of More Cooker Syndrome (MCS)

    Best played during a Low & Slow cook


    Amazing Ribs (AR) the More Cooker Syndrome (MCS) Race is a role playing game about acquiring BBQ cookers, fuels and accessories.
    Each player has a chance to buy and sell goods to satisfy their MCS. Players face the menace of the multiplier while to fulfilling their MCS during play.
    All players are in a race to amass as many cookers, fuels and accessories as possible to gain victory points. The player with the most victory points wins the game.
    The Pitmaster (PM) controls the multiplier and enjoys other benefits. The PM can change during the game.
    Players can trade with each other. Make offers to buy or sell and for the brave even attempt a takeover.
    MCS is a game for 2-6 players and is best played with 4-6 players.

    The Board

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SAM_2566.jpg
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    Before Play
    1. Each player selects a playing piece and places on the Start square and receives a Victory Points Card.
    2. A banker is chosen by the players and distributes PC1000 Pit Coin (PC) per player. The banker is responsible for all money and cards during the game.
    3. An election is held to determine who will be the Pitmaster (PM). Each player throws 2 dice starting with the banker and going clockwise. The player with the highest total is the PM. If 2 or more players throw the same total those players throw again.
    4. The PM places the multiplier marker pointing in either a clockwise or anti clockwise direction on the circle marked 1 on the multiplier circuit in the centre of the board.


    Oldest player starts first.
    At each turn the player makes a dice move. The player throws 2 dice and moves clockwise the number of squares indicated along the circuit they are on (inner or outer circuit). Action is then taken dependant on the square the player lands on (Cookers, fuels, equipment, income, haggle or start).
    Throwing a double six does not entitle a player to another throw. Players throwing a double six suffer a disaster and must forfeit 3 off their cards held. Which 3 cards the player must give up is decided by the PM. If the player does not have 3 cards the player surrenders the cards they have and pays the bank PC500 (Pit Coins) x by the multiplier number for each card they are short.
    The cards and or the money are returned to the bank. If the player does not have enough cards and money the player surrenders what they have and the player has no further liability.

    In order to move between the inner and outer circuits the player must throw the correct dice total so that the last square the player lands on is one of the linking squares that link the inner and outer circuits.

    The Pitmaster

    The Pitmaster has advantages over the other players. The player who is the PM controls the direction of the multiplier marker arrow. The PM can change the direction only on the PM’s turn to throw but must be changed before their dice throw. The marker is only moved around the multiplier circuit when any player lands on a square with a gold border (see The Multiplier).
    The PM is paid double the calculated income (see Income square).
    The PM selects the cards to be surrendered by a player throwing a double six. The PM is immune from a double six disaster.
    A new PM can be elected whenever any player lands on the start square (see Start square) and a new election happens as discussed in “Before Play”.

    The Multiplier

    The multiplier affects the pricing of cookers, fuels and equipment (CFE) and player’s income. During play the multiplier is only moved around the multiplier circle whenever any player lands on a square with a gold border. When this happens the player must throw one dice and move the marker the number of spaces around the multiplier circle in the direction of the multiplier marker arrow. The player only then continues with any action to be taken by the player.
    At the beginning of the PM turn the PM may reverse the direction of the multiplier marker arrow, directing the arrow to a higher or lower group of numbers. The PM must first change the maker direction then only throw his dice turn.
    The number on the multiplier affects the purchase prices and a player’s income.

    Start Square

    A player landing on the Start square can choose to do one of four options.
    1. Call an election for a new Pitmaster
    2. Choose to buy an Insurance Card (see Insurance Card). This card to be kept until needed when throwing a double six.
    3. Take an Income
    4. Move to another circuit.

    Income Square

    A player landing on any Income square is paid by the bank their basic salary PC1000 x by the number the multiplier marker is on. The Pitmaster receives double whatever the multiplied total is.

    Insurance Card

    There are 2 insurance cards and only one card is allowed to be owned by a player and is kept until needed. Any player throwing a double six and holds an Insurance card is free from the disaster. The card is returned back to the bank after use for resale.

    Haggle Square

    A player landing on the Haggle Square can chose any one of these options.
    1. Buy a card from another player
    2. Swop a card with another player
    3. Sell a card to another player
    (The players negotiate the terms for the above.)
    1. If there is no willingness to negotiate with the landing player the player MAY attempt a Takeover of any card that is owned by another player. The player nominates the player and card wanted and pays the bank PC1000 non-refundable. The player then throws 2 dice and the defending player also throws 2 dice. If the defending players throw is equal to or higher than that of the player making the takeover bid then the takeover fails. If the takeover succeeds then the defending player must hand over the card.

    Cookers, Equipment and Fuel Square (CEF)

    There are 59 CEF squares representing well-known brands. When landing on one of these squares play is as follows:-
    The player can choose to buy the advertised goods if there are still cards available for purchase. The purchase price as marked on the square is multiplied by the current multiplier number. If a player chooses not to play for whatever reason play continues.
    A player can only buy EQUIPMENT or FUEL once they OWN a COOKER and only buy equipment or fuel pertaining to any cooker they own (i.e. a player cannot buy logs if they only own a pellet grill. See Victory Points Card for pairings). A player can buy only one card per turn but can buy as many CFE’s of the same type during the game.

    MCS Victory Cards

    To gain MCS Victory points a player must collect cookers, fuels and equipment. Each completed set is worth more Victory Points. (See card for details.)

    The game ends when the bank has no more money or by agreement between players.
    The player with the most MCS Victory Points wins the game.

    You may have to read the rules again to understand, but it is pretty straight forward once you get the gist.

    Good golly. Someone had some free time!


      A whole bunch of free time!


        If only you put a little more time into this....


          Very creative, great looking game.

          Aside form the Multiplier, where is the Wild Card: the significant other who threatens divorce if you buy one more thing?


          • holehogg
            holehogg commented
            Editing a comment
            Good point we'll have to put our heads together in that.
            Have a square "swmbo finds out".
            Penalty - hand over a shopping gift voucher card (With an insignificant amount on to spend.....obviously it's the thought that counts Huskee 😊

          • Huskee
            Huskee commented
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            "SWMBO finds out" LOVE IT! holehogg

          • Huskee
            Huskee commented
            Editing a comment
            holehogg Although it should probably just say "Significant Other Finds Out" so it's not geared toward dudes only.



            Glossed through, ain't read th rules til later, when time permits, but I jus gotta tell ya, this is Flippin Brilliant, Brother!

            Nicely Done is a gross understatement, kudos to yer imagination, creativeness, an humour!
            Be safe an well!!!!
            Last edited by Mr. Bones; April 2, 2020, 03:49 PM.


              I'm not a game person, but I am impressed.


                Blown away. I am printing it out and intend to play it.


                • holehogg
                  holehogg commented
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                  Thats so cool.
                  Will let you have the number of cards used for each type of the CFE's and the victory points card layout with the points allocation.
                  The insurance cards are intended to have your book as picture in them😊

                I like this!!


                  Meathead I feel truly honered that you are keen to play the game.
                  I have play tested the game a few times and the mechanics seem okay. You may spot some tweaks?

                  Game components :-
                  43 Cooker cards
                  160 Fuel / Equipment cards
                  2 Insurance cards
                  6 MCS Victory Points cards
                  6 Playing pieces / tokens
                  1 Multiplier market
                  2 Dice
                  1 Playing Board
                  1 Game Rules
                  Pit Coins

                  Cooker cards:-
                  Kettle 4
                  Gasser 8
                  Stick 9
                  Barrel 10
                  Pellet 12

                  Fuel / Equipment cards
                  S&Sear 5
                  Grill Grate 12
                  Pellets 14
                  Logs 16
                  Coal 20
                  W/ Chunks 28
                  Chips 30
                  Thermo 35

                  Victory Points Card

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20200403_212318-1.jpg
Views:	257
Size:	105.1 KB
ID:	825105

                  Haven't finalised money breakdown yet.
                  Please let me know if anything is unclear.


                  • Meathead
                    Meathead commented
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                    I came back to this page to ask about the cards and player pieces. Is this all the cards? I don't think so.

                  All I can say is "Wow!"


                    This. Is. AWESOME!!!! I would ABSOLUTELY BUY THIS AND PLAY THE CRAP OUT OF IT!!!! Brilliantly done, sir!


                    • holehogg
                      holehogg commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Thank you Sir.
                      It does play well and has a lot of strategy play rather than based mainly on luck.

                    I have a friend who is a famous board game expert and collector. He has more than 5000 games from around the world and back in time. He goes to game conventions. The big one is in Germany every year https://youtu.be/w6zb0oimdlw. Before he was divorced my wife, my friend and his wife, and another couple got together once a month for several years to play 2 or 3 of his games and try a different local pizza joint. The best games involved both strategy and luck, heavy on the strategy. Of course there is no socializing nowadays, but I'd like to get his expert opinion. And BTW, he knows companies that construct games should you feel f-risky.

                    So where are the rest of the game parts? I printed the board and it is functional. The cards above are kinda dark and fuzzy but they are not all there. I have dice and I can use monopoly pieces for playing pieces/tokens. WHat else do I need?


                      That's really beyond wow holehogg . Like MH mentions, you need to pursue this as possibly being marketable.


                      • holehogg
                        holehogg commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Thank you Sir.

                      • Meathead
                        Meathead commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I would be cautious about marketablity. I have learned from my friend it is very expensive and the audience is small.


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