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Actual Bees

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    Actual Bees

    This was one of my most favorite and challenging endeavors.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice can you ship that?? Venmo? Zelle?


      That's the beez kneez!


        Good friend of mine is head of the East Texas beekeepers association. Keeps me in stock. Learned a lot about them from him.


          HouseHomey Sorry I sold the country house in 2018 along with the bees....


          • HouseHomey
            HouseHomey commented
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            How about that last picture of you in the bee suit. Is that for sale?

          • troymeister
            troymeister commented
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            Lol....The bee suit stayed with the house for the new owners....Sadly they told me last fall all of the bees died.

          I was lucky enough to spend a couple of years working all over Kazakhstan. We would crew change in and out, and take R&R in Almaty. I have been all over these Alma-Ata mountains and the apples are just unbelievably delicious. Apples that we never see or even imagine here in the US.
          Bees in these mountains are respected beyond belief. Little kids even work the hives with no protection. Families go generation to generation to generation working the hives. fear of bees is non existant.
          They produce honeys that range in color from almost pure white to literally black, and the flavor differences are amazing. Hell I even got to drinking hot teas over there just to be able to add a different honey to see how it would taste.


          • Cheef
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            I was a commuter with Halliburton oilfield Services for 35 years.
            1 month on and one month off to wherever they wanted to send me, and they sent me to some REALLY strange places.
            My nickname in the oilfields was Retro because I kind of specialized in taking old worn out crap and making it work. I kind of took a liking to far off places, and unusual jobs and managed to make a 35 year career in the oilfield without ever a layoff.

          • Cheef
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            Kazakstan was the one place in 35 years I ever got so far out in the boonies I literally didn't think I was going to find my way home. It is a BIG place so big it is unimaginable. I was so far out that I just kept going and eventually Halliburton caught back up with me. That is a really strange feeling to literally have no one to speak your language with, signs etc are in cyrillic, and a driver who may or may not be taking you where you want to go.

          • Mr. Bones
            Mr. Bones commented
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            Very cool, Cheef. After cessation of hostilities in th KTO, KSA/Kuwait/Iraq, SWA they held a 'Job Fair' kinda thingy, offerin even th stoopidest Hillbillys amongst us (me) to start at $50,000 USD tax free a year, to stay an work fer ARAMCO. Dayum, dayum good money at th time.
            I told em I jus wanna go home, an hopefully heal up, some.
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          Not braggin, jus tellin ya my bee experiences. Mark, nor me never worn no ppe, jus opened th hive very slowly, incrementally, never used any smoke on em. Ya jus gotta remain extremely calm, immobile, an in a peaceful headspace. Critters can dang well tell when yer not, an respond accordin to their nature.
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