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Here's how Tuesday begins...

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    Here's how Tuesday begins...

    So, making Trotter's jelly and, tomorrow, Chicken jelly. so, 4 BIG patitas de puebo, 1/2 pound patitas de pollo, 1 pound of wings, a whole broken down chicken (yep, Smoked Chicken Breast for dinner) and 2 pounds of ribs & skin left from the breasts we are feeding the dog. SHE gets the flavorless chicken breast (BECAUSE it is bland, which is why I'm no fan). so, all the leftovers on the smoker this morning (with two separate drip pans) and ready to cook some jelly!!! Click image for larger version

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    I've never seen either of these made. I look forward to your posts regarding your methods and ingredients.


      Oh, that is NO secret. I am smoking because I want smoke flavor in my jelly but, making jelly is super simple. bones, skins, cartilage. roast them or smoke them, then tump it all into a stock pot, cover with water, throw in some pepper (NO salt here), some onion, celery & carrot and cook all day. I put my stock pot ON a round cast iron griddle to eliminate hot spots. about to buy some copper sheets. you know your stock has cooked all you can take out when you can take out a bone and hit it with a fork and the fork leaves deep dents in the bones. there isn't much left there.

      strain out the solids with a double layer of cheese cloth, reduce as much as you can. chill overnight. you should have a really heavy gelatin. almost as stiff as gummy bears is usually my goal. simply because that takes up les space in the fridge. chill& freeze in small molds or ice cube trays, vacuum seal and keep them for sauce making, soup bases, or stock for other recipes. use this in place of things like bullion I love it when I am down with the flu, or the day before a med procedure when the doc says 'clear liquids. this counts. I'll post more pics as the process goes, today. I'm making the pork, today but I already have the brown beef stock in the freezer and I'll do the chicken tomorrow.


        WOW! I'm beat! SO much chicken!!!! such BIG pig feet! and ham bones & blades from several BBQ cooks. all simmering happily away for the night. If you put all the chick pieces together, the only thing I don't have much of are backs. only one from the whole bird, and heads. don't have any of those. So, with all the aromatics in the pots and plenty of time to simmer, it will be waiting tomorrow morning. I'll have to leave them on simmer since my new tenants move in tomorrow. Sleep tight guys!

        Click image for larger version

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          And Tuesday ends on Thursday morning! a beautiful, luscious, crystal clear gelatin/stock. Roasted/smoked pork stock and roasted/smoked Chicken stock. I cannot WAIT to have some soup from that. almost, ALMOST has me looking forward to the next colonoscopy! Click image for larger version

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            OK, I just realized, I haven't told you how to finish up. So, roasted he meats one day. tossed them all with onion, carrot celery, thyme, cracked pepper (NO salt, put that in when you actually USE it, not while it is in concentrated stock form). simmer those giant pots of everything all day. seriously, this took up my WHOLE stove. the pork was cooking in a 5 gallon stock pot. thank heavens for hubbys who make beer! I have a 10 & 15 if I ever need them!

            meanwhile, when all is cooked, smelling lovely, pull out a few bones and bounce a fork or knif and you'll notice that bones that were hard as, well, bones, are now soft and the fork very easily leaves a mark.

            Line a colander with double cheese cloth or damp (to expand the fibers) cotton dish cloths. drain the stock. refrigerate overnight.

            next morning (today) carefully remove the fat layer. preferably without taking much of the gelatin with it. save the fat for other uses. the Chicken fat is Schmaltz, the pork, lard, the beef tallow. and ALL have lots of uses.

            having removed the fat, put the remaining gelatin in a pot and melt JUST to melted but not yet warm, at all. for my chicken, which was in a regular sauce pan, I used the whites of two eggs with about 1 1/2 times as much water. the same way I do an egg wash, I put them in a canning jar and shake the fool out of them. in a steady stream, using a whisk, stir the egg mixture into your stock. being to a boil, stirring constantly, scraping the bottom so the egg won't fall and cook on the bottom & burn. once you reach a boil, turn it immediately down to a simmer and let simmer for 15 minutes. it looks disgusting. but your egg whites are an EXCELLENT flocculent.

            after 15 minutes, last clean bowl, cooling rack over it, clean colander with a clean, wet cotton cloth, put the whole thing through. do not press through the cloth, you'll just squish the egg back into the gel.

            when the draining is done, you have finished. remove the colanders and let the meat flavored egg cool. the dogs/cats, even birds, will LOVE you!

            let it cool ro room tem, then pop into the fridge to set up. you can mould it while hot. ice cube trays or whatever. I'll leave both of these in the bowls to set up. I'll get you some pics when they come out set.

            then, I'll cut it into about even pieces, vacuum seal them in their own little pockets and use as needed.

            If you are doing BBQ for presentation and it might be a few minutes before eating and you want it to look REALLY nice, take some of the pork gelatin, melt it and brush it over your meat. it will keep the cut/pulled meat from drying and make it just glisten!


              and the final shots. I have one little bit that I didn't clarify to show the difference. I'll do the same comparison on the chicken. these are the pork examples. From here, the larger block of the will be cubed and then frozen, and vacuum sealed into individual packets for later use.

              Click image for larger version

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                The clarification really makes a difference. Thanks for sharing!

                Do you generally purchase the meat ingredients when you get ready to make this or do you store parts in the freezer till you get a big enough collection?


                  Both. I store what I have. like the chicken robs from Tovi's dinner. But, I also buy wings & feet to make my stock and I get the butcher to give me some of his backs & ribs. my pork is made from blades & bones from various pork things I cook, then I buy some feet to go with. We don't eat that much by percentage, that leaves me a lot of bone and cartilage. So, I buy pig feet for my pork to get the connective tissue and chicken feet & wings for the same purpose.

                  as for the clarification, it was the fastest step of them all and completely optional. the only real reasons to clarify, beyond cosmetic, are if you DO have a med procedure coming up that requires clears or if you want to make an aspic and need clear. other than that, unclarified is fine.

                  Meanwhile, I would definitely use it on any BBQ I was presenting. it is part of the meat, made from the meat and certainly adds to the beauty. have some beef stock for your sliced brisket and burnt ends, a little pork gelatin on your money meat slices, some chicken brushed on your breasts or whatever, and some clear, clarified, sprayed thinly on your greens.



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