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What's under The Hood?

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    What's under The Hood?

    Yesterday's cooking and today's revelation!! So, I LOVE my little meat pies. I have found that tuna cans are a blessing! I used to use them on the outside of the meat pies and let them sit overnight, then carefully pulling them off the cans, hoping they wont break. Well, the day came, as we knew it would, that I would want a pie, was out in the freezer and didn't want to weight 24 hours.

    Turns out, making a pie INSIDE the can and cooking IN the can is nearly as good! But, even that is tedious and take a lot of time. not to mention the wonderful things leaning over a rolling pin can do for you back!!!

    Thus came the revelation! Tortilla press!!!!! So, I take my hot water pastry, roll a ball of it together, open a quart freezer bag on all side, and press. one press, maybe two and there is a perfect disk. peel it off and ready to drop into the tuna can., leave the edges standing a little above the can edge. take a slightly smaller piece of dough, press again, and you have your lid. put your meat inside the crust inside the pan.put your lid on top, then tuck and roll. egg wash, bake off.

    As for what's under the hood? Well, second pic shows you the inside. I took the same hot pastry dough, enough to make a single pie. mixed some dirty sugar into the pastry, pressed out a casing. I drop a little dirty sugar n the can, then lay in the pastry. another teaspoon of dirty sugar, 1/2 tsp cornstarch (for juice), fill with fruit, more dirty sugar. poke down with a fork, piercing a few berries to relaese more juice. little more dirty sugar, top lid & seal. top with heavy egg wash and sprinkle with, you guessed it, dirty sugar.

    bake off with the meat pie and you have lunch. it was VERY nice. HWMO has requested that dessert pies be made in this manner. he really likes them. something else that will be part of my pies, frozen fruit and dried fruit. that way, when the large, 'fresh, fruit gives up it's juice, it isn't lost, not just soaked up by the crust, which is terrific enough, but, with the dried fruit, the dried will pull up some of the juices, making them plum and yummy, too. viola, no more cavernous emptiness in the pie! So, guys, On this Good Friday/Passover Friday, May you all be Blessed.

    May G-d hold you in the palm of his hand, and may He never close his fist too tight.

    I love you all. let's FIRE IT UP!
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    You sure are on a roll!!!!


      Partly that, partly boredom, partly still enjoying playing with the camera and learning to set up a picture, better. meanwhile, I have ALWAYS loved cooking and finding new ways to use equipment.

      They say that Necessity is the Mother of Invention. if that is so, then Laziness is the father. as for off label use of this or that utensil, whether it was intended for kitchen use or not, That is the sister of an empty wallet.

      I have seen SO many examples over the course of history. many things that were women's work rarely changed. rarely advanced. most women were just too busy doing ALL the things on their list. nearly every advance is the result of a period in history when men took up the traditional 'women's' work.

      I'll use some of my favorite hobbies, spinning, knitting and sewing. For millennia, all spinning was done on hand spindles. then for some reason, men took up spinning. around that same time, spinning wheels were invented. faster & more efficient ways to spin.

      same thing with knitting. for centuries, knitting was done by women during evening quiet time, or watching the children play. Then, it began becoming the purview of men, specifically sailors in the English Isles. that is when the extravagant designs of Aran Sweaters and Fair Isle sweaters were the way that more and more men wiled away winter months at home when the fishing wasn't so great. they had all sorts of incredibly warm sweaters but, they were boring. so, when men took up the needles, they, as the Y chromosome demands, started making them more complex, in design. outdoing one another. In the end, those elaborately designed knits because very helpful in the worst of events. if a boat went down, by the time bodies were recovered, they could often not be recognized. but, the intricate designs of the sweaters might as well be a dog tag. each man, each family, had their own cable design. The Kilt Hose HWMO is wearing in the Highland Games pic I posted, it a sock version of the kilt pattern I created for his Aran Sweater.

      Sewing was done by hand, with needle and thread, again, for millennia. then, men started becoming tailors. it wasn't long until sewing machines came about.

      So, myself, in pain rolling out little 5" or so circles made me regret the idea of my little Pielettes. then, it downed on me. this was the same size as the tortillas (Thinking of making something lie the pielettes using tortillas) *I coulda had a V-8* I HAVE a tortilla press! WOO HOO! success!. latterly 3 seconds to press the crust, then all you have to do is drop it in and press the pleats! YEAH!

      I'm just weird and a tiny bit barking, so, there ya go!

      Meanwhile, there is little I enjoy doing more than cooking.


        I'm currently drying my sausage to smoke. Last batch. Thank goodness. Already have ideas for a better set up for next year.



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