Ok, darlings. Yesterday and today, I am just having fun with Jelly. I came home yesterday and dumped two piggy tootsies in the pot, followed by two pounds of yard bird toes. That yielded me a minimum of three quarts of Jelly. Once I see how thick the cooled gel is, I may dilute it a touch and end up with an entire gallon of jelly. Of course, my biggest problem is, I LOVE making Jelly! It's like a Miracle cooking product! While the birds and piggies were bathing, I tossed the split toes of moo Cow into my Cast Iron pan and tossed them in the oven! they ran at 300 for several hours and, at bedtime, I turned it down to 200 letting them slow bake all night. this morning, I took the oinkers and cluckers form the pot, strained to jar and tuned to my Bovine buddies! a little salt and pepper. This morning, I tipped the toesies into the stock pot, tossed in a nice offering of salt and cracked pepper, a gallon of water and off we go. Meanwhile, a few splashes of Apple Cider Vinegar deglazes the fond form the Cast Iron (OH it looked so yummy!) and added to the stock pot! that will simmer most of the day, and maybe even overnight, straining off to jelly jar tomorrow.

Hot Pastry is done and set, meat is all ground in the fridge. Hoping to make up a dozen pies today. two for dinner and the rest for the freezer. If I can talk myself into it and motivate myself, I'll clean up the kitchen, put together the camera and film the pies. Just need to get off my duff and make things HAPPEN!