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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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CBD oil?

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  • Mosca
    Charter Member
    • Oct 2014
    • 3907
    • PA
    • Large Big Green Egg, Weber Performer Deluxe, Weber Smokey Joe Silver, Maverick 732, DigiQ, and too much other stuff to mention.

    CBD oil?

    Mrs Mosca wants to try it, so I bought a little vial of it... $44 freakin’ dollars! I’ve shot a few droppers’ worth under my tongue. Man. Vile stuff. Haven’t noticed any difference. Back still hurts, shoulder hurts, fingers hurt from arthritis. But even if it works, I don’t think I’m spending $44 for what looks like about a week’s worth at the recommended dose. For that money I’ll find a dealer and take up smoking it again, after 40 years!
  • Thunder77
    Founding Member
    • Jul 2014
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    • Halethorpe, MD
    • Weber 26.75" Kettle with SnS. Broil King Baron 5 burner. Akorn Kamado, and Akorn Jr kamado. Primo Oval Junior. Love grilling steaks, ribs, and chicken. Need to master smoked salmon Favorite cool weather beer: Sam Adams Octoberfest Favorite warm weather beer: Yuengling Traditional Lager All-time favorite drink: Single Malt Scotch

    I got a small tub of pain rub with CBD oil in it. Seems to work well. Of course I will have to compare it to one without just to see if it’s any better.


    • MBMorgan
      Club Member
      • Sep 2015
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      • Colorado
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        to fiddle with a more capable cooker)
        > Luhr Jensen Little Chief Electric - Top Loader circa 1990 (smoked fish & jerky)
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        > BBQ Guru Rib Ring

      Come to Colorado, Grasshopper ... 😎 ...


      • MBMorgan
        MBMorgan commented
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        Pequod - Yup ... pun intended

      • Thunder77
        Thunder77 commented
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        Or Oregon, or Washington State. Or Maryland. (Medical use only)

      • Locotech
        Locotech commented
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        or Canada, gummies are the way to go...lol
    • AmosMoses01
      Club Member
      • Jun 2018
      • 186
      • Round Rock, TX
      • New Orleans born, Mississippi raised, empty nester, living in Central Texas for 20+ years - looking to buy my first pellet smoker. Awed by the info on this site already!

      I've not tried the CBD yet, but my wife has a bottle of it somewhere. For natural aches and pain from inflammation help, I've found tumeric (oil or pill supplement) to be very helpful, especially with arthritis type of inflammation.


      • Thunder77
        Thunder77 commented
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        Yes. Turmeric works wonders.

      • Cheef
        Cheef commented
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        I'm right there with you on the tumeric. And it tastes pretty good.
    • lonnie mac
      Club Member
      • Jul 2016
      • 1352
      • Bacliff, TX
      • Motovlogging for the freedom of old Hippies...


        Home of Brutus Ten!



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        Maveric's Most all of em...
        FireBoard W/ Fan Control, GURU Fan
        ThermoWorks, most all of em...

      I gotta brisket soaking. The stuff makes a good binder! I’ll let ya know Saturday.


      • texastweeter
        texastweeter commented
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        bwahaha my thoughts too.
    • smokin fool
      Club Member
      • Apr 2019
      • 2370
      • Mississauga, Ont

      Crown Royal Northern Harvest....on the rocks....best painkiller yet....
      Or Cortisone, got my knees and one shoulder done six weeks ago, heaven.
      Lasts for 18-24 months for arthritis in my knees. Shoulders tendonitis, that's a different story.


      • jgreen
        jgreen commented
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        Good call on the Crown Royal

      • Troutman
        Troutman commented
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        Is that CRNH ?
    • texastweeter
      Club Member
      • Jul 2017
      • 2932
      • Republic of Texas

      I'll pass, seems like another blue emu cream, or snake oil to me.


      • fzxdoc
        Founding Member
        • Jul 2014
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        I tried CBD oil as a sleep aid, being a lifelong insomniac. Three drops. Like you said, Mosca , it tasted terrible, like moldy old grass would taste, I imagined. Didn't help a bit. I was up all night trying to get the taste out of my mouth.

        For occasional tendonitis in my foot I've been using Ted's Pain Cream, made by two neuroscientists (with lots of refereed articles). Seems to do the trick.



        • Craigar
          Craigar commented
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          The wife picked up a multi-pak of the Biofreeze, either at Sam's or Costco, and I am not liking the roll-on as I can't feel anything. I will try the gel tonight to see if there's a difference.

        • FireMan
          FireMan commented
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          Moldy grass, ...........wow man!

        • Cheef
          Cheef commented
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          try the gummies.
      • Texas Larry
        Club Member
        • May 2017
        • 1860
        • Wilson County, TX
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          Too many gadgets, accessories, and tools
          Favorite beer: Alaskan Amber

        We’re trying it to help our dog recovering from joint surgery. We’re hoping it will help calm her for the PT we need to do. Haven’t noticed much difference yet.


        • grantgallagher
          grantgallagher commented
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          We tried CBD oil for or dogs anxiety. Kept it up for 2 months and nothing

        • wu7y
          wu7y commented
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          Considering all of the other things dogs lick the taste shouldn't bother them.
      • FireMan
        Charter Member
        • Jul 2015
        • 8546
        • Bottom of Winnebago

        I’m in the same camp as texastweeter . There seems that something is suspect in Mudville. All this time and now mankind has discovered a wonder drug that will relieve everything. Yup, this is the one, we’ve finally found it. Oh, & pay here, yes, big money.


        • Steve R.
          Steve R. commented
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          But maybe it will distract the masses until the next big thing is discovered. I'm sure there are some great uses for CBD. But my BS detector goes on high alert when something is promoted as being a cure-all.

        • Attjack
          Attjack commented
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          Not exactly a new drug since it's been in used since at least 500 BCE.

        • Murdy
          Murdy commented
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          Remember when aloe vera got traction in the 1980s? Supposed to cure everything from the runs to VD
      • Rod
        Club Member
        • Dec 2015
        • 705
        • Phoenix, AZ
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          Thermoworks MK4
          Maverick ET-732

          Accessories ranging from a Vortex to bear claws.

        My wife suffers from neuropathy on the bottoms of here feet caused from chemo. She swears by a cream with CBD in it for relieving the discomfort.


        • Spinaker
          • Nov 2014
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          • Land of Tonka
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          I don't know if it really works or not. It might just be snake oil, but I am happy to sell them all the fertilizers they want to grow the stuff! Heading too CO next week to meet with a few large growers, looking forward to seeing their operations.


          • ComfortablyNumb
            ComfortablyNumb commented
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            I believe you misspelled 'sampling' ;-)

          • FireMan
            FireMan commented
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            Don’t knock snake oil. It does have some redeeming qualities & is not a new discovery.

          • ComfortablyNumb
            ComfortablyNumb commented
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            FireMan I hear snake oil is the best for seasoning cast iron. Even better than flax.
        • TheQuietOne
          Club Member
          • Sep 2018
          • 244
          • Oshkosh, WI

          If you believe what's written about CBD oil, it cures everything. As they say on a medical podcast I listen to, "things that cure everything, cure nothing" and as Voltaire said "The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease". It's like homeopathy it "works" for some because they believe it works and it keeps them from doing something more harmful, so essentially they're amusing themselves.


          • Attjack
            Club Member
            • Aug 2017
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              Fire pit grill

            I use it occasionally and it's changed my girlfriend's life. She has had several major medical issues and elects to use it over pharmaceuticals. It also did wonders for Jasmine when she got old and her hips were bad. After she started taking CBD she started playing with toys again and was able to live to 17 1/2.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Mi09FhudmHb4355jrBMWhxx7-wox9cOjL7wrUL8KjhFxA3h3L0K2gGnylBbT482uEQyXwnCQchN4zVY6YTSQlR4lOsJP7YB4Z6xIw4AW6jIZYHhugXlSlFSpT1hEqeH5Kb1hE1l4LQQ4f5s_BI6qrq6P_iPE54Vet1c2ZehSi0oreeNEtZ8BG8bsvEJYpOrW2xN1R6BI_DRX4CeyZ9WuLxo8VGcdm3Bd22FYU_PHRG-WZHd3S2aAp2M-Ou13mbl
Views:	353
Size:	685.7 KB
ID:	717070

            Mosca Not sure about the laws in your state but a 1:1 CBD:THC is going to be more effective for pain but then you also have the high from the THC. You might also consider a topical form.

            As far as the nasty taste you can always cook with it. My girlfriend does so extensively. Here's a CBD breakfast from yesterday.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	H7NQW9zlBcIcuJLkbiuzxr7oYQyIDF-L0BVkZXuLa__83fgaFaHTMcbG4hvba2_FEZwBLKCSVUUWlx-Mn6ZwMcRx3nbr0ZbBkoUmEacO-_xQsnMad2IEuLEQoaEKucRaVarF7AK7X7sXCImarLqxOkPV8shD82ixK3wrIkTa6-ROx4jVtKOl0Sb6_3XgqNteL4JW7BmqKfpD4fsOYNaCVgXjIOCaFce95zEiBPinHe8OZwzOz_AIEYd7BTk0AdL
Views:	349
Size:	262.3 KB
ID:	717069

            One major caution is that I've read a recent article from my local paper where they bought a bunch of CBD products that are very popular in my area and took them to a lab for testing. Many of the products had less CBD than advertised or even no CBD in it. I would suspect some of you that found CBD had no effect probably used a product that actually had little to no CBD in it.


            • ComfortablyNumb
              Club Member
              • May 2017
              • 3557
              • Northeast Washington
              • KBQ C-60
                Thermoworks Smoke
                Thermoworks Thermopop
                Thermoworks Dot

              Before I could use CBD I'd have to lose my CDL.


              • swartzster
                swartzster commented
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                Me too, and the CDL pays the bills



            2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

            We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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