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A Disappointing Development, but Thankful for This Group

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  • CaptainMike
    Club Member
    • Nov 2015
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    • The Great State of Jefferson
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    A Disappointing Development, but Thankful for This Group

    I am by no means starting any sort of debate, and if the mods are uncomfortable with this then please delete (or I may if it gets uncomfortable).

    Recently, a well known chef, author, and restaurant owner made a public statement about refusing service to people who wear certain attire. I believe strongly in a person's right to express their views, and this post is not about the merits or rightness/wrongness of the issue, but it was a very disappointing way to express a viewpoint. This person has since walked back the comments and apologized for inciting the eventual, visceral response and I personally will take that for what it's worth.

    This person was someone I admired and learned a tremendous amount of culinary knowledge by following, and for that I'm eternally thankful. But, with such a lack of admirable people in this age it was unfortunate, even unnecessary, that this person decided to express their views in such a way, and to marginalize themselves as well as those that were singled out.

    The reason I'm writing this is to partially lament, but mainly to celebrate what we have here in The Pit. We are a very diverse group of people from all over the world, all walks of life, and made up of all of the different things that make us who we are. Our most uniting and common bond is our love of cooking and the camaraderie that goes with breaking bread. Food is universal. It transcends virtually every other human activity and is one of the very few things we ALL have in common.

    Over the years I have gotten to know many of you and I count you as my Brothers and Sisters. We are kind, caring, and tolerant of one another and are our best cheerleaders. I think our group is a beautiful example of civility, community, and mutual respect. Please don't read too much into the issue I brought up, it has that "3rd glass of wine tweet" ring to it, and many of us are guilty of that. It just made think how grateful I am to be a part of this fun-luvin' party! As Meathead says: it's not what's on the table, but who's sitting at the table
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  • Ahumadora
    Club Member
    • Oct 2015
    • 1874
    • Pilar Buenos Aires, Argentina

    CaptainMike cut it out! Your'e bringing a tear to my eye!! Yep, we have a good group here and lets do eveerything we can to keep it that way.


    • CaptainMike
      CaptainMike commented
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      I'm with you Brother!
  • Troutman
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    • Aug 2017
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    • Republic of Texallence

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    What I've found is that if I turn off the boob tube, put down the newspapers, stay completely away from the internet, then I've found that we as human beings really have a lot in common over all. Generally speaking we are tolerant and polite to our neighbors, we care about family and friends, and most of all we have that commonality of needing to nourish our bodies. There is no culture on earth that does not celebrate the good, the bad or the ugly without sitting down and doing so over a good meal. So when you come right down to it, we as humans seek shelter, security for our families, water and food, and have done so for thousands of years. So to find common ground using food, and particularly live fire cooking which is at it's very primal best (aka barbecue), we can put aside all the rest of the junk, laugh, as you say break bread, and just get along.

    It ain't hard, it's just cutting through the fog and clutter of all that's around us that's keeping us in the state we are in as a species. Your points are well taken CaptainMike and I share them wholeheartedly. Smoke on brother !!!


    • obiQsmoker
      obiQsmoker commented
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      Ditto that - well said!!

    • au4stree
      au4stree commented
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      I learned a long time ago, the news both tv and print are just vehicles for them (politicians) to divide us. I quit watching the 24hrs news channels and reading blogs or listen to talk radio either. I love it here, it a great place to disconnect from the real world and discuss the great bbq/cooking hobby. I love sitting down with my neighbors, that’s what it’s all about b

    • CaptainMike
      CaptainMike commented
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      Thank you Steve, I figured you'd be of a similar mind.
  • RonB
    Club Member
    • Apr 2016
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    • Near Richmond VA
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      lots of probes.

    This is the best group of people I have found on the internet. I also hope it stays that way.


    • Mudkat
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    • HawkerXP
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    • Brewmaster
      Brewmaster commented
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      Dilly Dilly
  • Larry Grover
    Club Member
    • Mar 2017
    • 325
    • https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/forum/grills-and-smokers/charcoal/460226-bbq-guru-pit-viper-fan-to-pk360-tutorial

    Well said. It kinda reminded me of a comedy from a long time ago. This guy was the owner of a very upscale restaurant who served celebrities & rich folks. He was happily mingling with the crowd, then out of the blue he went crazy screaming at the top of his lungs. So someone asked "My God what's wrong, are you ok?" He replied "Someone just drove a Ford Ranger into the parking lot!!!"


    • Mudkat
      Mudkat commented
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      Dang. I forget the name of the restaurant but I remember the parking in the parking lot. 😀
  • klflowers
    Club Member
    • Sep 2015
    • 2754
    • Tennessee

    CaptainMike PREACH!!!


    • binarypaladin
      Club Member
      • May 2017
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        Flame Boss 300

      Food—or rather, preparing food for others—has become one of my favorite ways of expressing goodness to others. As I've become kind of the resident cook in both my family, and someone who regularly holds social gatherings at my home for business and other groups, it's amazing how many bridges you can make.

      I had a guy at work who would regularly fly into the red on certain political topics with most people he didn't know well and it included me. One day, I brought in smoked burgers for everyone at the office, and suddenly things were different. Topics that had been very touchy for him before that were suddenly things we could then discuss. It didn't matter whether we agreed or not, but "agree to disagree" isn't a bad thing at all! Especially when, once the conversation is had, you can not just agree to disagree but understand why someone else would feel a certain way. After that, it's mostly a nonissue in terms of personal relationships.

      +1 Troutman

      Food is my favorite bridge. It's cliché and all, but love is the best way to conquer hate and it's also in all but the most extreme of circumstances the best way to resolve conflict. It's unfortunate the media in general (internet, TV, newspapers, whatever) derives so much traffic and revenue from riling people up. I feel it creates a greater illusion of conflict than what really exists.

      I am still amazed at the doors cooking for others has opened and how much it's helped me express feelings that I have a hard time expressing otherwise. I am thankful for and to this community for helping me both improve my craft and understand how important it is—and how much more important it is than just getting my temperatures correct!
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      • DavidNorcross
        Club Member
        • Nov 2017
        • 1029
        • Virginia
        • Rec Tec RT-680
          Coleman RoadTrip LXX
          Javelin Pro Duo
          More Cast Iron than I care to admit

        I deleted Facebook last year and turned to this forum. We live in a social society that does not know how to be social. I come to this group to read, study and interact 4 or 5 times a day. I appreciate this group.


        • Frozen Smoke
          Club Member
          • Nov 2017
          • 1528
          • Northern Mn

          I retired in June. When I did I pretty much stopped watching any national news, visiting any web based national news sites and stopped engaging in conversations on most news topics. I have never had a Facebook account or any of the social media platforms that are out there. I engage in the things that make me happy and do not participate in the ones that don't. Not only do I think I'm a better person for it I know I'm a happier person.

          Life's way too short to hate people for what they wear or what they believe. There are plenty evil people out there to hate and plenty hate to go around. No need to expand it to unwarranted places. Before you realize it you hate most everything and most people most of the time and finally one day you realize you've spent so much time hating you hate yourself. Hate is a cancer and it spreads like one.

          This is a great place to participate in one of the things i enjoy and that is cooking.


          • HawkerXP
            HawkerXP commented
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            That is what my cardiologist also told me CaptainMike Ahumadora they never say "wished I worked more" almost all say "wish I spent more time with the family."

          • Huskee
            Huskee commented
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            I re-read this post again a few weeks later and I still love it! So well put, Frozen Smoke.

          • Frozen Smoke
            Frozen Smoke commented
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            Thanks for the positive comment Huskee I realized a long time ago that hate is a business and there are many people and media platforms that sell and promote it. When the fact is 95% of the time everyday people of all races get along just fine.
            Race baiting or dividing people is what some people do as a living and are unfortunately very good at it.
        • FireMan
          Charter Member
          • Jul 2015
          • 7142
          • Bottom of Winnebago

          Geez CaptainMike I thought of you as my dad not my brother, ever since you posted that new avatar. My thoughts to everyone here, keep up the good work. We all appreciate it. This is the way it should be, helping one another & pattin each other on the back, including my dad ol’ Cap’n.


          • Donw
            Donw commented
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            Oh my goodness. Just checked Bonsey’s genealogy charts. So if CaptainMike is your Dad then I am your Uncle. Why don’t you ever visit?

          • FireMan
            FireMan commented
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            I want to see those charts,

          • Huskee
            Huskee commented
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            Lol at all
        • RichieB
          Club Member
          • Apr 2018
          • 1097
          • Western Mass

          CaptainMike well said. Thank you. I stay off opinion it this comminity. That's not the case in other platforms. Some of what I say hasn't been well received. I've said it before, I love the people, sense tolerance, willing to share knowledge here. The cooks, food and knowledge are why we're here. But, for me it's more than that. It's You and the community Meathead and his team have created.


          • Spinaker
            • Nov 2014
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            Thank you very much for this post. I think it goes without saying how much the staff here at Amazingribs.com appreciates everything our members do to make this a truly unique place.

            There are occasional spats here, but nothing like what I have seen on other forums. What really amazes me, is how those differences are settled with civility and understanding. I think the world needs more of that. There is no question in my mind that if the world was full of people like all of you, it would be a much better place. (albeit maybe a bit more laid back. )

            I am truly honored to be able to work for such a great group of people.
            A group of people that are dedicated to sharing knowledge so we can all spread more love to our friends and family.

            This place is truly special; and you have yourselves to thank for that!!

            Keep the smoke rollin!


            • Spinaker
              Spinaker commented
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              Nah, you are far, far from that happening, my friend. CaptainMike

            • CaptainMike
              CaptainMike commented
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              I was VERY apprehensive about referencing the mentioned issue because of its political implications, but was equally compelled to springboard off of it to highlight what we have here, and to emphasize what binds us as to what divides us. Thank you all for confirming that.

            • Spinaker
              Spinaker commented
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              You touched on it, but the point of the post was highlighting the great people in The Pitmaster Club. You danced around it very well! And for that, I thank you, sir! CaptainMike
          • Fire Art
            Club Member
            • Jan 2018
            • 988
            • Jackson hole Wyoming

            I’m a non news watcher for going on 3 years now life is much easier


            • CaptainMike
              CaptainMike commented
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              Yeah, we cut the cord about a year ago and don't miss any of it. However, I think it's prudent to check into current events. It's almost all BS, but an open mind can glean insight from even the preposterous.

            • Oak Smoke
              Oak Smoke commented
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              Was it Will Rogers who said that those who don't reed the newspaper are uninformed and those who do are misinformed?

            • CaptainMike
              CaptainMike commented
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              I think that was Mark Twain Oak Smoke but it's something Will would agree with.
          • Huskee
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            • May 2014
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            Great comments here, y'all makka me cry...


            • grantgallagher
              Club Member
              • Feb 2018
              • 878
              • NJ

              This place is truly unique. Im not a member of any other interweb forums these days but a whiles back when i still played a lot of guitar and even built electeic guitars, i was a member of several guitar forums. Lets just say guitars/music do not bring people together the way they should, lol.

              Echoing all the above, food really does bring people together and this forum is a testament to that.




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              masterbuilt gas smoker

              The First Propane Smoker With A Thermostat Makes This Baby Foolproof

              Set ThermoTemp's dial from 175° to 350°F and the thermostat inside will adjust the burner just like an indoor kitchen oven. All you need to do is add wood to the tray above the burner to start smokin'.

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              Professional Steakhouse Knife Set

              masterbuilt gas smoker

              Our founder, Meathead, wanted the same steak knives used by steakhouses such as Peter Luger, Smith & Wollensky, Morton's, Kobe Club, Palm, and many others. So he located the manufacturer and had them stamp our name on some. They boast pointed, temper-ground, serrated, high-carbon stainless-steel, half-tang blades with excellent cutting edge ability. The beefy hardwood handle provides a comfortable grip secured by three hefty rivets. He has machine washed his more than 100 times. They have never rusted and they stay shiny without polishing. Please note that we do not make, sell, or distribute these knives, they just engrave them with our name.

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              Fireboard: The Ultimate Top Of The Line BBQ Thermometer

              fireboard bbq thermometer

              With the ability to monitor up to six temperatures simultaneously with either Bluetooth or Wifi on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, Fireboard is the best digital thermometer we’ve tested.

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              Finally, A Great Portable Pellet Smoker

              Green Mountain Davey Crockett Grill

              Green Mountain's portable Davy Crockett Pellet Smoker is one mean tailgating and picnic machine. But it's also gaining popularity with people who want to add a small, set it and forget it pellet smoker to their backyard arsenal. And with their WiFi capabilities you can control and monitor Davy Crocket from your smart phone or laptop.

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