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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for tentatively March 18-21, 2022. Click here for more info: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/forum/announcements/misc/1014106-meat-up-in-memphis-2021-canceled
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well, there goes winter baking season

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  • Karon Adams
    Charter Member
    • Feb 2015
    • 1515
    • Chattanooga TN
    • Karon Adams
      Consort of the Flame
      Cooking is a Sacred Endeavour
      Big Poppa's Drum conversion
      Maverick wireless meat & grill thermometers
      Thermopen Instant Read Thermometer
      Pit IQ blower

    well, there goes winter baking season

    You guys know I don't bake in summer. partly because I see no need to heat the house in summer but, also because the fresh yummies are SO much nicer in summer when eaten cold and, een if eaten prepared, you really don't need them to be so rich and heavy as you do in winter. they're jsut differnt seasons that really need differnt kinds of food. I prefer cold mousses to warm pies in summer.

    So, in fall, it's baking season. and while air conditioning makes it fine to bake winter pies in summer, the fact that I'm an adult means I can also put my Christmas tree up in August if I want and play Christmas Carols and wrap presents. but, I don't. because the self discipline to do all in it's season is part of the fun. yeah, I can make meat pie in summer, but, it's a fall treat. like apple pie.

    And this year, I was all set. I was really going to go all out and start some serious decorating on my pies, too. except now, there won't BE any pies<sigh>

    You see (and here's where I need a favor.) the Y had Cancer several years ago, we've talked about that. he's had two hernia surgeries since as a result of the cancer and both have rather magnificently failed. and he needs a third. the doc, however, has told him, he needs to lose a minimum of 20, preferably 30 pounds to allow the surgery to be successful WITHOUT having to use flippin mesh again.

    SO, I FINALLY nagged him to go to the doc and ask for help. so, the doc has given him some pharmaceutical help. but, ONLY for three months. so, for the next three months, we are on a strict high protien, low carb diet. and that means no baking. it DOES mean meat but few sauces. and easy on those (BP, keeping the tummy from being upset.

    But, I am asking for prayers from you guys.

    The GOOD news is, I have an excuse to keep him moving on weekends. and, I have told him, he either tackles honeydo lists he has been leaving for a while, or I make him walk up and down the street for 45 minutes per hour for 8 hours on Saturday & Sunday. So, the up side is, I'm going to get the house a bit fixed up and hopefully the net result will be getting him fixed up. and then, come spring, I will a) be ABLE to start cooking and celebrating making the foods again as well as having some things done for the season.

    Updates as they come. Cross your fingers for me and say a prayer.

    and we'll be cooking again in spring!!

  • EdF
    Club Member
    • Jul 2016
    • 3228
    • Atlantic Highlands, NJ
    • Uuni Pro (new kid in town)
      Karubeque C-60
      Large BGE since 2002 + plate setter + pizza stone + upper grid + stainless paella pan for drippings (the best!)
      TEC Cherokee FR since 2014 (portable infrared grill - does a mighty sear)
      Polyscience Sous Vide Pro since 2012 (wasn't much else available in those days)
      Thermapen Air
      ThermaQ (or its predecessor)
      Thermoworks Hi temp IR
      BBQ Dragon & Chimney of Insanity
      Various other stuff

    Good luck, Bon Courage and prayers on their way. You'll both get through this!


    • Karon Adams
      Karon Adams commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you, my dear. You have always meant the world to me!!
  • Jarret
    Club Member
    • Sep 2018
    • 70
    • Washington
    • Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250
      PK360 w/Grillgrates
      Bradly Smoker
      Weber gas BBQ
      Smoke w/gateway
      Joule for Sous Vide
      VacMaster VP215 chamber sealer

    Good luck and prayers on round three.


    • Jarret
      Jarret commented
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      Karon Adams Radioman Submarines so I’m more of a bubble head 😂

    • Karon Adams
      Karon Adams commented
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      so you were his prey....as I understand it, the Moosebrugger was a subhunter

    • Jarret
      Jarret commented
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      Prey is correct however who really was the prey, 😜
  • jgreen
    Charter Member
    • Oct 2014
    • 2735
    • Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
    • Cookers:
      Broil King XL
      Broil King Smoke
      Weber Kettle 26
      Grilla Pellet smoker
      Capital 40 natural gas
      Napoleon Pro 22 kettle

      Maverick 733
      Thermapen (ok..4 thermapens)
      Thermo works DOT (or two)
      Fireboard (probably my favourite)
      Thermworks Smoke (or two)

      SnS (original, plus and XL)
      DnG pans, 6 or 7 of these
      and, maybe some other toys as well

    Best wishes and prayers on the way.


    • RichieB
      Club Member
      • Apr 2018
      • 1764
      • Western Mass

      Wishing the best for you and your family. Sounds like you have a positive outlook. Stay strong.


      • Karon Adams
        Karon Adams commented
        Editing a comment
        well, I'm positive I'm going to get some home improvement out of it!!
    • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
      Club Member
      • Jun 2018
      • 821
      • Eastern NC
      • 2018 MAK 2 Star
        Charbroil Big Easy SRG

      I'm sure you could find some healthier things to bake that will sate your fall/winter routine while still helping with the diet? Maybe even hikes and such to forage for ingredients in the wild to burn some calories. Best wishes to you both though!


      • Oakgrovebacon
        Club Member
        • Apr 2016
        • 1997
        • South central Illinois

        I hold him and you in my prayers. May gods grace comfort and heal him.


        • Bumby
          Club Member
          • Oct 2017
          • 289
          • NYC

          Best wishes to you both! And please let us know if we can help you keep your positive attitude!


          • AmosMoses01
            Club Member
            • Jun 2018
            • 186
            • Round Rock, TX
            • New Orleans born, Mississippi raised, empty nester, living in Central Texas for 20+ years - looking to buy my first pellet smoker. Awed by the info on this site already!

            Praying for you both, may God's grace and healing be manifest!


            • MNKennicutt
              Club Member
              • Mar 2018
              • 79
              • Rochester, MN
              • Andy K.
                Cookin' in Southern Minnesota

              best wishes to you both. Good vibes headed your way!


              • jfmorris
                Club Member
                • Nov 2017
                • 3518
                • Huntsville, Alabama
                • Jim Morris

                  • Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado (2021)
                  • Camp Chef FTG900 Flat Top Grill (2020)
                  • Weber Genesis II E-410 w/ GrillGrates (2019)
                  • Weber Performer Deluxe 22.5" w/ GrillGrates & Slow 'N Sear & Drip ‘N Griddle & Party Q & Rotisserie (2007)
                  • Custom Built Offset Smoker (304SS, 22"x34" grate, circa 1985)
                  • King Kooker 94/90TKD 105K/60K dual burner patio stove
                  • Lodge L8D03 5 quart dutch oven
                  • Lodge L10SK3 12" skillet
                  • Anova
                  • Thermoworks Smoke w/ Wifi Gateway
                  • Thermoworks Dot
                  • Thermoworks Thermapen Classic
                  • Thermoworks RT600C
                  • Whatever I brewed and have on tap!

                Prayers for both of you Karon, and I know you two can do this, and you will whip him into shape! A high protein diet isn’t bad. I could live on ribs off my kettle I think, haha.


                • EdF
                  EdF commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Fortunately it's not a low to no fat diet!
              • klflowers
                Club Member
                • Sep 2015
                • 3671
                • Tennessee

                Prayers for you guys. And we do need to get together soon, maybe I can walk up and down the street with hubby to atone for the honey do’s I haven’t got around to.


                • JGo37
                  Club Member
                  • Apr 2018
                  • 1576
                  • the LOU
                  • Cookers:

                    22" Blackstone Griddle, with stand & hood
                    CharGriller Portable Firebox - so modified you'll BLOL
                    Kitchenaid #810 Charcoal Grill - highly modified
                    Weber BI-code Black Performer w/Igniter
                    Weber DE-code Red Limited - 'Lucille'


                    Ancient heavy CI Propane Turkey Fryer, for lighting chimneys
                    BBQ Dragon kettle shelves - 2
                    Fyre Dragon Kettle Drippin' Ring, Burnin' Cone & Drippin' Pan - 2 sets
                    Fyre Dragon Kettle Ribbin' Ring
                    Fyre Dragon Kettle 2-Zone Smokin' Sheet
                    OneGrill Rotisserie for the Kitchenaid
                    Smoking Tubes: 2x12" & 1x6"
                    Weber Gourmet Grill w/Griddle, Pizza Stone & Wok

                    My Helpers:

                    Anova 900W Sous Vide Cooker w/Radios
                    Instant Pot 6Q Duo
                    Nesco Tabletop Roaster
                    & the PIT!

                  Hi Karon - my wife's inner strength took over and she battled and beat C with my help from a distance - completely opposed to what she said she needed of me when we faced the challenges together. As it has to be. When the eleventh hour arrived, I was moved beyond measure by her will.

                  My hopes and prayers are with you - I believe in cloud-sourcing karma.

                  And... proteins and fibers are just as OK for the cold seasons. Time to try a dozen chili recipes!!


                  • Nuke em
                    Club Member
                    • Jun 2016
                    • 756
                    • Nj

                    Prayers to ya and your family. If ya really want to I’m sure yer neighbors will letcha cook in thar kitchen while he is power walking and being a good person, I’ll even letcha send em to my house. In return I promise not to let anyone have any and I’ll even “internally” protect em
                    please keep us updated.


                    • Fire Art
                      Club Member
                      • Jan 2018
                      • 988
                      • Jackson hole Wyoming

                      Wishing you and your Y the best




                      2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled

                      We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for tentatively March 18-21, 2022. Click here for more info: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/forum/announcements/misc/1014106-meat-up-in-memphis-2021-canceled
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