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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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Why Are You Here?

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  • Troutman
    Club Member
    • Aug 2017
    • 7841
    • 1521






    Why Are You Here?

    Why exactly are you here at AR? If you had to choose one reason, whether it drew you here initially or keeps you coming back, which one would it be? Obviously it could be all of them to some degree but choose the one that best fits why you came and why you have stayed.
    It's about the food; learning how to better cook bbq !!
    I'm researching new and better cookers to compliment my cooking style
    Cooking peripherals and accessories, I'm an MCS junkie !!
    This is my social media outlet
    I'm just a lurker, looking for any info I can pick up on

    The poll is expired.

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  • Polarbear777
    Club Member
    • Sep 2016
    • 1893

    Seems like you can’t possibly get any votes for lurker.
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    • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
      Club Member
      • Jun 2018
      • 849
      • Eastern NC
      • 2018 MAK 2 Star
        Charbroil Big Easy SRG

      So mainly I'm just lurking. I will share my smoking journey when it starts, but don't plan on being a heavy poster. I check the what's new daily and get some cool ideas or new ways to cook foods that I never even considered before. I initially joined because I found the info from this site the most unbiased or at least honest when it came to researching the pellet grill I was going to purchase. I figured I'd support the community, it's a negligible annual expense with a very small opportunity to win something of value through the monthly give away to help sweeten the deal and eliminate any "subscribers" remorse. The regulars almost always seem to have something useful to say and the forum is never dead, though sometimes slower than other times.


      • CaptainMike
        Club Member
        • Nov 2015
        • 2733
        • The Great State of Jefferson
        • 24X40 Lone Star Grillz offset smoker
          Weber Summit Charcoal Grill w/SnS and DnG (Spartacus)
          Old school big'ol Traeger w/Pro controller (Big Tex)
          2 W22's w/SnS, DnG (1 black, 1 copper) (Minions 1 and 2)
          20+ y/o many times rebuilt Weber Genesis w/GrillGrates (Gas Passer)
          20 x 30 Santa Maria grill (Maria, duh)
          Bradley cabinet smoker (Pepper Gomez)
          36" Blackstone griddle (The Black Beauty)
          Thermoworks Smoke and Thermapen.

        I chose "about the food" as it is the main reason I came, and stay, in The Pit. But, the social part is important to me as well. This is a group of very good, honest, fun people, and a safe place on the internet to hang out. And finally, the MCS advice is invaluable. You guys have helped me spend a ton of money!!!


        • EdF
          EdF commented
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          That pretty much matches my situation.
      • RonB
        Club Member
        • Apr 2016
        • 13649
        • Near Richmond VA
        • Weber Performer Deluxe
          Pizza insert
          Smokenator 1000
          Cookshack Smokette Elite
          2 Thermapens
          lots of probes.

        I'm with CaptainMike. I came to learn, but could tell right away that this was a group of good people. So the social has become just as important as the learnin'. And I probably would have never found out about the SnS if I hadn't joined. That alone is worth the price of admission.


        • bardsleyque
          bardsleyque commented
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          agree with you
      • Elton's BBQ
        Club Member
        • Apr 2016
        • 2599
        • Saltnes Norway
        • Genesis 320 Limited
          Weber One Touch 57cm
          Weber Smokey Mountain 47cm

        I'm here for all of the above except for lurking.. And this is also my social media thing.. i'm not on FB


        • jgg85234
          Charter Member
          • Nov 2014
          • 736
          • Gilbert, AZ (Suburb of Phoenix)
          • *Cooking Equipment
            Kamado Joe Classic in Eucalyptus Table (2016)
            Kamado Joe Joetisserie (2017)
            Weber 22.5" Kettle (K Date Code - 1988) Wooden handles/wood side table
            Adrenaline BBQ Company Slow n Sear #61
            Adrenaline BBQ Company Drip n Griddle
            Weber Smokey Mountain 14.5" (2014)
            Flame Boss 200
            Thermapen MK4 (Red)
            Thermopop (Red)
            Thermoworks TW8060 with grill and meat probes
            *Favorite Whisky - Knockando Speyside Single Malt
            *Favorite Red Wine - Clos du Bois Marlstone
            *Favorite White Wine - Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay
            *Favorite Beer - Budweiser Budvar (Czechvar in the US) frisch vom fass
            *Favorites to grill - New York Strips or Top Sirloins, pizzas are fun too
            *Favorites to smoke - Baby Back or St. Louis Ribs, Pork Butts, Standing Rib Roast, Strip Loin Roast, Tri-Tip, Chicken, Turkey, Pork Loin, Cornish Hens

          You forgot a category. “I’m here and not posting to try to win a prize”

          actually I found AR after the heart virus I had at the beginning of 2014. Doctor said cut way down on salt. That meant my lifestyle of going to great restaurants was over. If I wanted to eat well I was going to have to learn to make it. Besides , the doctor forbid me to drive for the next 7 months🙁I was so busy reading and trying recipes on the main site that I didn’t even sign up for the Pit until a few months after it started. Figured it would take a while to build some content. In retrospect I should have signed up on Day One.

          Best regards,


          • surfdog
            Club Member
            • Mar 2016
            • 1232
            • Sunny SoCal
            • Cooking gadgets
              Weber Summit Charcoal Grill Center
              Weber Summit Platinum D6
              Blue Rhino Razor
              Dyna-Glo XL Premium Dual Chamber
              Camp Chef Somerset IV along with their Artisan Pizza Oven 90
              Anova WiFi

              Thermapen Mk4 - ThermaQ High Temp Kit - ThermaQ Meathead Kit - ThermaQ WiFi - ThermoWorks IR-GUN-S - ThermoWorks Signals & Billows - ThermoPop -ThermoWorks ProNeedle - ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio x2 - and a Christopher Kimball timer - NO, I do not work for ThermoWorks...I just like their products.

              Other useful bits...
              KitchenAid 7-qt Pro Line stand mixer
              A Black & Decker food processor that I can't seem to murder
              A couple of immersion blenders, one a "consumer" model & the other a "high end" Italian thing. Yes, the Italian one is a bit better, but only marginally
              Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 8-qt + accessories like egg-bite & egg holders
              All-Clad pots & pans, along with some cast iron...everything from 7" Skookie pans to 8.5qt Dutch ovens
              Weber GBS griddle, pizza stone, and wok
              Knives range from Mercer to F. Dick to "You spent how much for one knife? One knife?!" LOL

            Initially found the site whilst looking for a new smoker, because it’s all about the food...then started reading more and checked out the recipes and was hooked. I love picking up new ideas, techniques, and recipes... Some of which I probably would have never stumbled on otherwise...some can save a whole lot of trial & error. Add in that everyone is generally friendly & helpful, cudos to the mods for running a tight ship, unlike a couple other forums I’ve come across.


            • Polarbear777
              Club Member
              • Sep 2016
              • 1893

              Seems like you can’t possibly get any votes for lurker.
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              • Fire Art
                Club Member
                • Jan 2018
                • 988
                • Jackson hole Wyoming

                Sad I couldn’t pick two or 3


                • FireMan
                  Charter Member
                  • Jul 2015
                  • 8345
                  • Bottom of Winnebago

                  I would have voted
                  for the proverbial other box. But, noooooo, not here. Uh, uh. This just goes to show ya that it’s jut another rigged poll. And Troutman has gone over to the other side to join Huskee & his minions. It’s tough keepin this place copacetic. To all you cookers who keep yer noses clean & devoted to cooking, smoke & goodness, fire & smoke away! 🕶


                  • binarypaladin
                    Club Member
                    • May 2017
                    • 279
                    • Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 (black)
                      Weber Smokey Mountain 18
                      Weber Jumbo Joe
                      Adrenaline Barbecue Company Slow 'N Sear (original)
                      Adrenaline Barbecue Company Charcoal Basket
                      Adrenaline Barbecue Company Drip 'N Griddle Pan
                      Cajun Bandit Smokey Mountain Upgrade Kit
                      Gateway Drum Smoker Rib Hanger Kit
                      Thermoworks Smoke
                      Lavatools Javelin Pro Duo (red)
                      Flame Boss 300

                    Food and social interaction really. It's one of the few places I can just chill and chat online that doesn't go political (or worse). Even hanging around on football forums is not fun when your team is losing.

                    I turned a corner in a my health a few years ago and started taking way better of myself and lost a lot of weight in the process. I'm a big believer in "let food be they medicine." What I learned is that you can eat well if without giving up a ton in terms of enjoyment. (And adopting a primal/paleo/low carb lifestyle as a general rule, meat plays a big part.)

                    Grilling came into play when I had kids just because, my dad grilled. I mean, his technique was total "dad" type stuff. Some kind of charcoal grill that we had forever, Kingsford, lighter fluid, and shrunken burgers plus hotdogs. While some may recoil a bit, the fact is I always loved when he grilled. I looked forward to it. Like Sunday breakfasts (wherein low carb is put on hold for the morning) grilling is something my dad just did and in being a dad I wanted to do.

                    I had to up the game though. 6 years ago I could make toast and overcook scrambled eggs. Now? Smoked pork belly after several hours in sous-vide and it's absolutely sublime.

                    I've been very pleased with this community's willingness to challenge convention and try weird stuff. Seems like it works more often than not. I came by way of Meathead's book which I think I found via Serious Eats (another place that's really helped me get pretty darn good at cooking).


                    • EdF
                      EdF commented
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                      I expect a lot of us grew with that kind of Dad grilling - I sure did. And I also like the way folks respect each other around here and are willing to go outside the box trying new things!

                    • FireMan
                      FireMan commented
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                      Is yer team losing?

                    • surfdog
                      surfdog commented
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                      Mmmm, shrunken burgers. Remember them fondly...
                      Now my father insists that I do the grilling when around. Go figure.
                  • Potkettleblack
                    Club Member
                    • Jun 2016
                    • 1970
                    • Beautiful Downtown Berwyn
                    • Grill: Grilla Original / Weber Genesis EP-330 / OK Joe Bronco Drum
                      Thermometers: Thermapen / iGrill 2 / Fireboard
                      For Smoke: Chunks / Pellet Tube / Mo Pouch
                      Sous Vide: Joule / Nomiku WiFi (RIP Nomiku)
                      Disqus: Le Chef - (something something something) - it changes

                    Here to learn, here to teach. Get some coin to pay forward and pay some coin forward.


                    • bten
                      bten commented
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                      I enjoy the discussions, and know I can get a question answered when needed. I really enjoy helping others.

                      and getting a wise crack in every now and then......
                  • MNKennicutt
                    Club Member
                    • Mar 2018
                    • 79
                    • Rochester, MN
                    • Andy K.
                      Cookin' in Southern Minnesota

                    This is where I come to learn as I try to get better at cooking in general. I love cooking and anywhere I can get great advice, recipes, and conversation is where I am going to spend my time!


                    • Steve R.
                      Club Member
                      • Jul 2016
                      • 2522
                      • Elizabethtown, KY
                      • Current line-up of cookers: Weber 26" kettle w/ SnS and BBQ Guru adapter; Weber Smokey Mountain 22" w/ Guru adapter.

                      I have always LOVED to eat bbq, but had no clue about how to do it myself. I didn't even realize what I didn't know. Anything I am passionate about, I just have a need to learn as much as I can possibly learn about it. I stumbled across this site in my quest for knowledge, and discovered that not only does it provide a ton of solid info, but the community here in the Pit is awesome as well.


                      • surfdog
                        surfdog commented
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                        Same...I dive in 100% and want to learn it all.



                    2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                    We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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