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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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The dog who saved my life ...

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  • Steve R.
    Club Member
    • Jul 2016
    • 2516
    • Elizabethtown, KY
    • Current line-up of cookers: Weber 26" kettle w/ SnS and BBQ Guru adapter; Weber Smokey Mountain 22" w/ Guru adapter.

    Sorry for your loss, EdF . A few years ago I had to have my 11 y.o. GSD Greta euthanized. Our vet was kind enough to meet us us at his office late at night when it became painfully obvious it was time. I made sure she got to enjoy a McDonald's hamburger enroute. That was 2009 and I still miss that dog.
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    • EdF
      EdF commented
      Editing a comment
      We were fortunate this time, and did not have to face that decision. Her pain (hip) was no worse than it's been for quite a while. No acute symptoms of anything, just worn out.
  • Attjack
    Club Member
    • Aug 2017
    • 4634
    • Primo XL
      Weber 26"
      Weber 22"
      Weber 22"
      Weber 18"
      Weber Jumbo Joe
      Weber Green Smokey Joe (Thanks, Mr. Bones!)
      Weber Smokey Joe
      Orion Smoker

      DigiQ DX2
      Slow 'N Sear XL
      Arteflame 26.75" Insert

      Blaze BLZ-4-NG 32-Inch 4-Burner Built-In
      - With Rear Infrared Burner
      - With Infrared Sear Burner
      - With Rotisserie
      Empava 2 Burner Gas Cooktop
      Weber Spirit 210
      - With Grillgrates
      ​​​​​​​ - With Rotisserie
      Weber Q2200

      Blackstone Pizza Oven

      Portable propane burners (3)
      Propane turkey Fryer

      Fire pit grill



    • HouseHomey
      Club Member
      • May 2016
      • 5569
      • Huntington Beach, Ca. Surf City USA.
      • Equipment
        Primo Oval xl

        Slow n Sear (two)
        Drip n Griddle
        22" Weber Kettle
        26" Weber Kettle one touch
        Blackstone 36” Pro Series
        Sous vide machine
        Kitchen Aid
        Meat grinder
        sausage stuffer
        5 Crock Pots
        Two chimneys (was 3 but rivets finally popped, down to 1)
        cast iron pans,
        Dutch ovens
        Signals 4 probe, thermapens, chef alarms, Dots, thermapop and maverick T-732, RTC-600, pro needle and various pocket instareads.
        The help and preferences
        1 extra fridge and a deep chest freezer in the garage
        A 9 year old princess foster child
        Patience and old patio furniture
        "Baby Girl" The cat

        Erik S.

      Ed, I wish peace to you and your family.


      • Pirate Scott
        Club Member
        • Mar 2017
        • 1340
        • Clay, New York
        • - Plain old Charbroil Charcoal Grill
          - 26" Weber Kettle
          - Jack Daniels No7, Four Roses

        Sorry For Your Loss.


        • Jon Solberg
          Former Member
          • Jul 2014
          • 4729

          Peace and light to all of you. Im sorry for your loss.


          • Oakgrovebacon
            Club Member
            • Apr 2016
            • 2000
            • South central Illinois

            I am sorry for your loss Ed. I sincerely wish you peace.


            • KevinG
              Club Member
              • Oct 2016
              • 147
              • Hummelstown ,PA
              • Weber 26.5" kettle
                Weber 22" kettles (two, one at home and one at the hunting cabin)
                Kamado Joe Big Joe, with divide and conquer system (October 2016)
                Weber Smoky Joe portable kettle
                Napoleon 450 RBI gas grill ( currently "mothballed" in the basement)
                Thermapen Mk4 thermometer from ThermoWorks
                Smoke dual probe wireless thermometer by Thermoworks

              My condolences as well. Sounds like she did have a great run at life! Definitely won the dog lottery too...ending up with a grillmaster who had plenty of meat to share with her! She sure was a cute girl too! I pray there is a special place for our dogs in heaven!


              • JCBBQ
                Club Member
                • Jan 2016
                • 1248
                • Chilltown, USA
                • Primo Oval XL Ceramic Cooker
                  Pit Barrel Cooker
                  2x Mavrick 732
                  Therma Pen Orange
                  Favorite Bourbon Blanton's
                  SF Giants

                  MCS wish list - Lone Star Grillz off set

                That’s are hard one for sure. I remember when you posted the pic of the three of them before. Great dogs and lucky they’ve got a human when cooks them steak. My condolences.
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                • Mudkat
                  Club Member
                  • Feb 2017
                  • 2072
                  • At a river near me, MD
                  • Weber Smokey Mountain 14.5"
                    Weber 22" Kettel
                    Weber Smokey Joe (2)
                    One Grill 45" Rotisserie
                    Lodge 5 qt. Dutch Oven
                    Lodge 10.5" Double Loop Skillet
                    Cast Iron 9" Skillet
                    Cast Iron 12" Skillet
                    Weber 22 Grill Grates
                    Home Built 55 Gallon Ugly Drum Smoker - "MUDS"

                  My sympathies Ed. RIP Gretta!


                  • EdF
                    Club Member
                    • Jul 2016
                    • 3228
                    • Atlantic Highlands, NJ
                    • Uuni Pro (new kid in town)
                      Karubeque C-60
                      Large BGE since 2002 + plate setter + pizza stone + upper grid + stainless paella pan for drippings (the best!)
                      TEC Cherokee FR since 2014 (portable infrared grill - does a mighty sear)
                      Polyscience Sous Vide Pro since 2012 (wasn't much else available in those days)
                      Thermapen Air
                      ThermaQ (or its predecessor)
                      Thermoworks Hi temp IR
                      BBQ Dragon & Chimney of Insanity
                      Various other stuff

                    Thanks all!


                    • LA Pork Butt
                      Charter Member
                      • Dec 2014
                      • 5693
                      • Grew up in New Orleans, lived in Texas for 20 years, lived in Mandeville, LA for 22 years. I now liv

                      Ed, I am sorry for your loss. Telling the story always helps in the grieving process. You have peaked my interest. How did she save your life by discovering your cancer?


                      • jfmorris
                        Club Member
                        • Nov 2017
                        • 3576
                        • Huntsville, Alabama
                        • Jim Morris

                          • Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado (2021)
                          • Camp Chef FTG900 Flat Top Grill (2020)
                          • Weber Genesis II E-410 w/ GrillGrates (2019)
                          • Weber Performer Deluxe 22.5" w/ GrillGrates & Slow 'N Sear & Drip ‘N Griddle & Party Q & Rotisserie (2007)
                          • Custom Built Offset Smoker (304SS, 22"x34" grate, circa 1985)
                          • King Kooker 94/90TKD 105K/60K dual burner patio stove
                          • Lodge L8D03 5 quart dutch oven
                          • Lodge L10SK3 12" skillet
                          • Anova
                          • Thermoworks Smoke w/ Wifi Gateway
                          • Thermoworks Dot
                          • Thermoworks Thermapen Classic
                          • Thermoworks RT600C
                          • Whatever I brewed and have on tap!

                        Sorry for your loss Ed. We lost a Dalmatian a number of years ago who was truly part of the family, and her picture is still on the wall with all the family photos. I tear up thinking about it even now, 7 years later.


                        • Troutman
                          Club Member
                          • Aug 2017
                          • 7834
                          • 1521

                          • OUTDOOR COOKERS

                            BBQ ACCESSORIES

                            WOOD & PELLET PREFERENCES

                            SOUS VIDE

                            INDOOR COOKWARE

                          awww...now i'm sad


                          • SoCalTim
                            Former Member
                            • May 2016
                            • 255
                            • Chatsworth Ca

                            So sorry for this HUGE loss. Our pets are more than just pets - They are family. I don't know if there's a pet heaven, but I can wish. I can only wish.


                            • holehogg
                              Club Member
                              • Nov 2017
                              • 2578
                              • Port Elizabeth, South Africa

                              Be comforted in this time the fond memories will live on.




                              2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                              We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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