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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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Listen to Meathead!!

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  • cdd315
    Founding Member
    • Jul 2014
    • 357
    • Warman, Saskatchewan Canada
    • Curtis D

      BGE Large
      45 gal Imp. UDS
      Weber 22.5" Silver - for the lake
      Weber 22.5" OTG - 2014
      Centro Natural Gas - on it's last legs

      Couple Maverick ET-733's
      BBQ Guru DigiQ II

      Beer - Original 16
      Bourbon - Bulleit
      Rye - Gibsons Sterling

    Listen to Meathead!!

    Saw this on G+ and thought I'd share it here. The word is spreading
  • Jon Solberg
    Former Member
    • Jul 2014
    • 4729



    • richinlbrg
      Founding Member
      • Jul 2014
      • 1892
      • Leesburg, VA. (Northern, VA)
      • We have two weber kettle grills (one LARGE and one small/average), the SnS and the Weber Smokey Mountain 18" smoker. We use both natural lump charcoal and KNB for smoking and measure our temps with a Maverick 733, thermopen and MK4. Favorite beer depends on what is cooking (alt answer is yes).

      GREAT!!! Congratulations to Meathead, and all those who make this site all that it is!


      • fuzzydaddy
        Charter Member
        • Nov 2014
        • 4972
        • Winchester TN
        • Hardware
          Blackstone 36” Griddle.
          Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado & Kettle Grill.
          Slow 'N Sear (1.0, Deluxe, 2.0).
          DnG Pans/Racks, Easy Spin Grates, Elevated Cooking Grates.
          Weber Chimney Starters (regular and compact).
          Joule, Instant Accu Slim.
          Maverick XR-50 [my favorite].
          ThermoWorks Smoke & Gateway, Thermapen, Thermapop, ChefAlarms, DOT, probes

          Consumables / Favorites
          KBB (short cooks), Weber (long cooks), B&B Hardwood Briquettes when I'm out of Weber.
          Ribs (beef & pork), Pork Butts, Chuck Roasts, Pork Tenderloins, Shrimp, Fajitas.
          SnS Grills salt free rubs: Not Just for Beef & Rocky’s Rub.
          MeatChurch Holy Cow. MMD, BBBR, S&G, Herbs de Provence, SPG.

        Always good to hear that good news spreads too! Congrats Meathead and everyone who contributes here!


        • Deuce
          Former Member
          • Aug 2014
          • 227
          • Sulphur, Louisiana

          Congrats Meathead, nice article


          • Spinaker
            • Nov 2014
            • 10960
            • Land of Tonka
            • John "J R"
              Instagram: JRBowlsby
              Smokin' Hound Que
              Minnesota/ United States of America

              Dexter (Beagle mix)
              Kinnick (American Foxhound)

              Big Green Egg (Large) X3
              Blackstone 36" Outdoor Griddle 4-Burner

              Karubeque C-60
              Kamado Joe Jr. (Black)
              Lodge L410 Hibachi
              Pit Barrel Cooker
              Pit Barrel Cooker 2.0
              R&V Works FF2-R-ST 4-Gallon Fryer

              Weber Spirit Gasser
              FireBoard (Base Package)
              Thermoworks ThermaPen (Red)
              Thermoworks MK4 (Orange)

              Big Green Egg Plate Setter
              Benzomatic TS4000 Torch X 2
              Benzomatic TS800 High Temp Torch X 2

              Bayou Classic 44 qt Stainless Stock Pot
              Bayou Classic 35K BTU Burner

              Digi Q DX2 (Medium Pit Viper Fan)
              Dragon VT 2-23 C Torch
              Eggspander Kit X2
              Field Skillet No. 8,10,12

              Finex Cat Iron Line
              FireBoard Drive
              Lots and Lots of Griswold Cast Iron
              Grill Grates
              Joule Water Circulator
              KBQ Fire Grate

              Kick Ash Basket (KAB) X4
              Lots of Lodge Cast Iron
              Husky 6 Drawer BBQ Equipment Cabinet
              Large Vortex
              Marlin 1894 .44 Magnum
              Marquette Castings No. 13 (First Run)
              Smithey No. 12
              Smokeware Chimney Cap X 3
              Stargazer No.10, 12
              Tool Wizard BBQ Tongs
              Univex Duro 10" Meat Slicer
              FOGO Priemium Lump Charcoal
              Kingsford Blue and White
              Rockwood Lump Charcoal
              Apple, Cherry & Oak Log splits for the C-60

              Buck 119 Special
              Cuda 7' Fillet Knife

              Dexter 12" Brisket Sword
              Next Major Purchase
              Lone Star Grillz 24 X 48 Offset

            Love it. Ol' Meathead likes to pop up in popular places.


            • Max Good
              AmazingRibs.com's Keeper of the Flame
              • Jun 2014
              • 897
              • Max Good

              Love the pic!


              • David Parrish
                Founding Member - Pit Boss Emeritus
                • May 2014
                • 4901
                • Charlotte, NC

                Nice article. There's a ton of great info in there.


                • _John_
                  Former Member
                  • Jul 2014
                  • 2394

                  I know people would turn off the brain after he said it, but I would have said quit soaking your damn wood chips!


                  • _John_
                    _John_ commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Well yeah it would produce more smoke, but so would hooking into your exhaust pipe. You want clean quality smoke and not to dump water on your good temps.

                  • chudzikb
                    chudzikb commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Science be damned! We have always done it this way, and this is the way we will keep doing it, as we really do not care about what is better, just want to keep the tradition going. That folks would be the thought process...

                  • FLBuckeye
                    FLBuckeye commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Would produce steam, not smoke I would think wood only burns once
                • W.A.
                  Charter Member
                  • Sep 2014
                  • 758
                  • Kingwood, TX
                  • Rec Tec Stampede, Pit Barrel Cooker, Weber One Touch Gold 22.5", Kamado Joe Classic

                  Thank you Meathead for everything. I wish you a great new year.


                  • Marauderer
                    Founding Member
                    • Jul 2014
                    • 1443
                    • Powder Springs, Georgia
                    • [ATTACH=CONFIG]temp_6496_1424176307798_786[/ATTACH] Barry
                      Powder Springs, GA

                      Weber S470 with smoker box and insulated custom cover
                      RecTec w/grilling mat, front shelf, cover, Nomex Sealing Gasket, Hurd Downdraft Hood, Fuller's Earth,oversize wheels
                      GMG Davy Crockett Wifi
                      Blackstone 1575
                      Seville Classics Rolling Workbench
                      Grill Grates searing kit
                      (2) Maverick ET-732
                      Thermopen Classic w/glo case, Thermopop, Time Stick, Extra Big and Loud Timer, Chef Alarm
                      Wine maker from kits, Merlot, Liebfraumilch, N.Z. Pinot Noir, and some other fuity tuity wines that are great with "Q"
                      Pampered Chef Knives
                      All Clad BD5
                      Tyent Water Ionizer

                      I want a "Stick Burner"!! Looking at Lang 36" Hybrid Deluxe. Either patio or trailer haven't made up my mind.

                    I learned so much from MH is the last couple of years but 2015 I hope to, learn even more. Thanks Meathead for all you have done for everyone.


                    • _John_
                      _John_ commented
                      Editing a comment
                      I'm interested in how your stable of grills expands over the next year!

                    • Marauderer
                      Marauderer commented
                      Editing a comment
                      ​Yes John, I am to. I am working on the outdoor kitchen roof and that will be an interesting project.
                  • Smokin'Rick
                    Founding Member
                    • Jul 2014
                    • 41
                    • Winfield, IL
                    • "If you're going to do it well, do it with passion!"
                      Small Weber arsenal: 22.5 WSM, Genesis Gold B Gas Grill & Performer 22.5 Charcoal Grill.
                      Therms: Maverick ET-732, ThermoWorks RT301WA & Thermapen.
                      Favorite beer: Sam Adams/Sam Adams Seasonal Octoberfest
                      Favorite Single Malt Scotch Whisky: Clynelish 14 yr. old.
                      Favorite Wine: Red

                    Way to go Meathead! Absolutely loved the article. It capsulizes everything we've learned and practice. Happy New Year everyone! May all your BBQ dreams come true.


                    • charchamp
                      Former Member
                      • Jul 2014
                      • 85
                      • Phoenix AZ

                      Need to comment like I did to off set the negative comments about the article, we have to stick up for our Meathead.


                      • Papa Bob
                        Founding Member
                        • Jul 2014
                        • 277
                        • stokton ca

                        great article congrats to Meathead happy new year to him and to all my friends at AR


                        • Huskee
                          Huskee commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Hey PB! Good to see you.

                        • Papa Bob
                          Papa Bob commented
                          Editing a comment
                          thanks brother
                      • Ernest
                        Founding Member
                        • Jul 2014
                        • 3418
                        • Dallas, Texas
                        • Pit Barrel Cooker AKA The Chicken Whisperer, WSM 14.5 AKA Smokey, WSM 22.5 AKA Big Worm, Weber Performer Platinum. KARUBECUE

                        Won't be long before CNN calls. GO CRAIG.....I MEAN MEATHEAD!!




                        2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                        We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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