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Is it heresy to not like brisket?

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    Is it heresy to not like brisket?

    I LOVE beef. But.

    I have never had brisket that I've been more than indifferent toward. And I've had brisket that others raved about. I enjoy corned beef brisket; that's pretty good. And pastrami, I love pastrami. But barbequed brisket? It always looks great and tastes meh.

    Is it just me? Are others being polite when they enjoy brisket that I think was a waste of time? Because that's why I haven't made it myself yet. There's no way I'm going to invest $40 or more, plus 12 hours of cooking and who knows what else in effort, for something that is going to make me wish I'd reverse seared a couple of strip steaks and been done with it all in half an hour.

    Not at all my friend not at all. Lots of different taste in the world for sure.


      Perhaps you just haven't had a properly done brisket. Or maybe an exorcism is called for. Fear not brother the team at amazingribs.com can get you through these troubling times.


        You're not alone. Sometimes people under or oversmoke it. If it's undersmoked it can taste bland or pot roasty, if oversmoked it can be ruined. If dry, then it was just a waste altogether. If it's done properly, it is a thing of beauty.

        To be honest, brisket lately is nowhere near worth the price it costs to buy it, much less the prep & all day smoke. But, if done right, it is very very good. But so are beef ribs, smoked roasts, pulled beef roasts, steaks, etc etc etc- all in the same price range that take much less effort to cook.


          Originally posted by Huskee View Post

          To be honest, brisket lately is nowhere near worth the price it costs to buy it...
          Agreed 100%. If I can spend $8.99 a lb for Angus brisket, or $7.97 a lb for Angus ribeye, I'm buying the ribeye. Those are actual prices I've seen side by side at my grocery store.

          Luckily, pork butt is still cheap, and the fam loves pork butt, so I've got that going for me still.


            Yeah, 9.99 for brisket here... no thanks. Chuck for 3.99 - 5.99 that is much better and we love that pulled Chuck!


              The word "brisket" has a certain allure to it, and many people have NO IDEA what it really is. The point can turn out some pretty tasty stuff, the flat, especially on most Selects, is one of the crappiest pieces of meat on the cow. What else takes that long to "hopefully" come out with a winner. I have had plenty Select flats that were perfectly tender, but a tad dry. No one complains, but you have to double the cost per pound, at least, once you get it down to an edible product.

              It is also one of the most inconsistent pieces of meat. Especially when compared to pork butts. Course the pig industry is integrated much like the poultry industry, so there is your stamp of consistency. As long as sale barns are open, and farmer Brown can still send calves to sale, you won't have much more consistency with beef. Unless you go CAB and what not.

              Thanks to the Pit Barrel, I am turning out some brisket that people who know what it is, and have been eating it for a looooong time, say it is the best they have ever had. Just had a lady mention that to me at the grocery store. I cooked two for her granddaughter's birthday party.

              I have found the perfect cure for the crappiest Select briskets on the planet. Cook, plenty bark, slice both muscles against the grain. Combine through a grinder with a 12mm plate. Best chopped brisket you can have.

              I'm cooking 4 tonight. Repeat customers.


              • Guy
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                Just curious do you charge to cook them? How much do you charge not counting the meat?

              • Jerod Broussard
                Jerod Broussard commented
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                Not much. Maybe $15, course people will gladly offer more. They buy the brisket. I don't drink, but Meathead said it is kinda hard to figure an hourly rate to just sit around a cooker and drink beer. So I don't figure time, I just figure the minor expenses such as foil/butcher paper, seasoning, charcoal.....

                If I can get loaded down with 4 briskets for 4 different people it works out well. The Pit Barrel doesn't even need a full basket with the B & B. So maybe $5-6 for charcoal is all.

                Course I don't charge anything for church functions and what not.

              A lot of people really don't know good BBQ when they have it, that's why a lot of chains do BBQ... but like you everyone knows that they are supposed to like brisket. I can see how lots of people wouldn't like the normal stuff you come across, but I would be amazed if somebody didn't like a really well done brisket. The point and the flat can also be quite a bit different, so I know some like one much but not the other.

              I would do them quite often but as they say above it is just not worth the money right now. I can do pulled pork less than a quarter of the price so for me it just doesn't make sense for a weekly thing.


                As they say, everyone is entitled to have the wrong opinion But seriously, people do have their own taste preferences. On the other hand, a truly good Texas-style brisket is something special. Moist, understated seasoning and smoke, and can stand all on its own. I've only achieved that level myself on about 2 out of 10 attempts. Luckily, this one butcher seems to always have a couple of 12-14 lb Angus whole packers in stock at $4.99/lb.


                  I paid $7.69 / lb for a HOF at Publix not too long ago - and it was on sale.

                  I am still learning to get the cooking on a brisket right, but now that you guys mention it, I am rather "MEH" on brisket. Granted, SC is not a bastion of good brisket joints - really outside of some crappy chains like Smoky Bones or Arby's, brisket really isn't served here in the Lowcountry. I work with lots of peeps from TX, OK, MO, etc who biatch about the lack of good brisket here in SC - evidently out there they have good brisket joints pretty much everywhere back home.

                  The best I have had was from a chain restaurant called "Jim N Nicks" - it was pretty good I guess; but co-workers from the midwest say its marginal at best. Smoky Bones tasted like liquid smoke and Arby's was flat out rubbery - even the Hawaiian bun it was served on couldn't save it.

                  I agree w/ pitboss - it is really hard to pay that much for a cut of brisket when you could get a good CAB steak or a couple of nice Chuck roasts for the same price. Coming from a smoking novice, I sure would rather have a smoking fail on a pork butt, chuck roast or chicken that I only paid 12-20 bucks for than a brisket that I paid $25-30.

                  It is strange how once typically cheap cuts of beef are now just as pricy as a high end steak. Heck, it is hard to find good flank / skirt steak for less than $7-8 / lb and back in the 80s they practically gave those cuts away. Supply and demand thing I suppose.
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                    Mosca, my wife asked me that (heresy) about raw Oysters. She tried and tried to like them. Everyone has some different taste. I would not eat what I did not care for and would not care who knew it. Free country last time I checked.


                      Like they say: "Opinions are like AHs - everyone has one and they all stink". LOL


                        Not heresy at all. You are perfectly entitled to your objectively wrong opinion.


                          You are in good company. Frankly, as others have pointed out, brisket is one meat that I just can't afford to cook. I understand that it is a particularly tricky cut to slow cook (with little room for error) so I've never ventured into Brisket Land because I couldn't live with myself if I messed up a $60 cut of beef.


                            Brisket is currently $2.98/lb, and that is $1/lb higher than it should be.

                            This is at Wal-Mart, everyone else in town is higher. Passed the bin yesterday, already had my 4, but they had one Choice that was LOADED in the flat with fat. I wanted to cry.


                            • Beefchop
                              Beefchop commented
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                              yeah, meat has gotten really pricey lately. I used to be able to pick up St. Louis style ribs for 2.25 a lb. and pork shoulder for 1.29-1.49 a lb.

                            • Huskee
                              Huskee commented
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                              Jerod your day is coming, and soon sadly. I was one of the few who complained of brisket being $8-9/lb back in July, and now most everyone else is reporting that except you.


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