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    This weekend marks Thanksgiving for those of us north of the border

    I wanted to start this thread so we can post pictures of all the delicious BBQ and techniques being used over the weekend!

    I will be cooking an 18 pound bird on the kettle. I've never spatchcocked a turkey before but I'm attempting this method on Sunday. I'll be using a wet rub and most of the techniques Meathead describes in his recipe for Ultimate Smoked Turkey. I will follow-up with pictures as soon as I can.

    Great video on how to spatchcock a bird http://youtu.be/E2Lie172c3Y

    Happy Thanksgiving, Eh!

    From Pit Boss: The video Pitboy linked above is informative on how to spatchcock a turkey, but we DO NOT agree with the author's recommended temps. Folks, if you're cooking a turkey PLEASE adhere to our recommended minimums in Meathead's Ultimate Smoked Turkey recipe.

    Thanks Pit Boss, I totally agree! The video was only intended for the spatchcock portion.
    Last edited by pitboy; October 10, 2014, 12:06 PM.

    Great thread Pitboy! I'm going to sticky this for the Holiday!


      Alas, I will not be doing a bird this weekend My family will be going to my sisters instead who puts out a great spread .. *whispers* even though the turkey will be oven roasted *whispers* . However, in light of the holiday I will be trying to start our own tradition. I took out a boneless leg of lamb and will cook that tomorrow. We'll see how the kids like it .. might be changing the menu next year!


        Love the video. Kenji is a very smart cook. But the high cooking temp is too high and will dry out the meat, especially on a grill, and the salmonella risk for turkey is much more than "minimal" as he puts it. Get your meat up to 160 and let it carryover to safe of 165. Do not make your family sick!


          I saw this thread after I posted in the Chicken, Turkey section as an add-on to Maurader's post about his attempt at MH's smoked turkey. If you're interested in how my Canadian Thanksgiving turkey adventure went, I described it there. Actually, any input on what I could have done better or should have done would be appreciated.

          You're not going to like my comment about oven roast. Maybe I'll get banned here for a while....
          Last edited by SaskatoonBusche; October 15, 2014, 04:07 AM. Reason: Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Interested to hear how the lamb turned out.


            Update, the bird turned out fantastic!

            I'm also sorry to say that after many attempts I'm still unable to upload the pictures

            As far as a spatchcocked bird, I'm not sure I'll cook a bird any other way, mmmmm.....

            I'll see what I can do about the picture thing



              Originally posted by SaskatoonBusche View Post
              I saw this thread after I posted in the Chicken....
              Hey SB, I saw your edit and thought you were referring to me. The leg o lamb turned out pretty good. However, I didn't take any pictures so I guess I can't prove it I did follow Meatheads method here. I left it butterflied as the kids prefer more on the medium side and I like it more rare. I'm not sure if I'll do it again or not.


              • SaskatoonBusche
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                Editing a comment
                yeah, I did actually get a little confused, but it was all in the same thread so it's all good. We never have lamb. I'm not a huge fan, but I've never cooked it, and any time I've had it I'm not sure it was cooked very well. I have a relative in Spain who is a chef, and that's the only lamb I've had that I've enjoyed. Maybe I'll have to give it a try some time - you never know until you try! Thanks for the update. appreciated.


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