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Blaz’n Grill

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    Blaz’n Grill

    Looking to get a new pellet and came across Blaz’n Grills. I’m impressed with the double wall bottom, and double wall lid because I smoke all year round in Minnesota. Has any one on where have one, or heard anything thing about them? I can’t find much information about them. Thanks Dave

    O know our very own Jerod Broussard has one and I think he loves it. I will pass this on to him to make sure he sees it.


    • Craigar
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      Bogy just picked one up too.

    I started my pellet experience with a Grilla Grill ans after 2 1/2 years was looking for something a little bigger and came across Blazin. I bought a Grand Slam about 2 months ago and I LOVE IT Constant smoke at 225 coming form the chimney and the easy to clean ash drawer is awesome. Don't get their cover with it but everything else is SUPER. I wish they would get reviewed on this site but???? Do not hesitate Get a zero percent credit card for a year and they are very affordable. My pellet usage in this warm weather in minimal. Good luck with your decision but I would GO FOR IT!!!
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    • (Blake)
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      No I never opened it . It is heavy enough but I think they could have paid more attention to it...only goes half way down on the grill etc. Better ones on Amazon . I just ordered one and will let you know. By the way I'm looking at a used Grid Iron now that I might have to buy also due to the price...My wife is going to kill me LOL

    • Bogy
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      I got the cover, and it is very heavy. But, it barely covers the grill. My wife has commented several times that she doesn't think it's long enough, so I think I'll be ordering something else soon. Which is a shame. I could have bought the sear kit for the same price.

    • Flat Rocker
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      I have the Blaz'n cover too and while it doesn't cover the "entire" grill I just wrap a couple of bungee cords around the legs and attach them to the grommets in each corner so the cords cross in the middle above the bottom tray. I haven't had any issues with it, YMMV.

    Love it beyond belief. I'm down south so I've only done cooks in the 20's. No complaints.


    • Teiger
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      Thanks for your input. Liking the three added grates.

    That is one nice looking pellet grill, made me go to there web site.


      Don’t know a thing about them, but they LOOK sexy as hell! 😍 That thing fairly well screams "I take this SERIOUSLY!"


        Other than the Grilla Silverbac, Blaz'n was one that was first place on my radar. While I don't own it, I don't doubt it is a fantastic cooker. I trust Jerod same as I'd trust my own personal experience.


        • Spinaker
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          The man can spot a dirty bird from a mile away! LOL.

        • jfmorris
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          Huskee how are you liking that Silverbac?

        • Huskee
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          Final review coming soon after a couple more small things get some attention. But off the record (hah!) it's great! jfmorris

        Last year I was researching pellet smokers and the two I was really interested in were the original Grilla, and the Blaz'n Grills. Both have double wall construction. I'm in northern Iowa, and smoke year round, so this was a selling point for me. I was going to wait a little longer, and then right about a year ago I saw a Grilla advertised at a price I couldn't pass up. Grilla used to be made in the US, and they had dealers. A former dealer was selling his demo unit, used about 12 times. So I went with the Grilla, and I love it. Still have it, but this year we bought a vacation/retirement home, so I needed a second smoker. I thought about getting another Grilla, but since eventually they will both be in the same location, I thought I'd like to get something a bit bigger. I got the Grid Iron. The Grilla went to the vacation home. I hope I made the right decision about what went where, because my granddaughter's birthday is scheduled for the lake house, and there will probably be 16 to 20 people there. I have the second rack, so I'm probably OK.

        The Grid Iron is at home, because I'm a pastor, and I promised my congregation that when they have church dinners I'll smoke something for them. So far I have just done a few small cooks, pork butts, ribeyes and T-bones, and some soup bone burnt ends (forgot to take pictures, but my wife agreed it was a great way to get rid of some soup bones that have been in the freezer a long time. I'll be doing it again soon.) I love the Grid Iron. Hold temps well, and built like a tank. Last year when I was looking at grills I was in a BBQ store with a Blaz'n Grill (probably the one I bought, it was a dealer clearance, much like my Grilla) and a Green Mountain side by side. I had her lift the Green Mountain lid, and then lift the Blaz'n lid, or try to. Even with the counter balance, that lid takes some effort to lift. Any questions you have, feel free to ask. I really don't think you can go wrong with one of these, either the Grand Slam or the Grid Iron.

        Picture of the day I got the Grid Iron home, and the first cook. Just to show how big the inside of the thing is. Did a hunk of Brisket. You can see the rails for the Pro Shelves on the side.

        Click image for larger version

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        Here's the link to my own search for a second smoker. https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...another-smoker


          I had a Grand Slam for 1 1/2 years and upgraded to the Grid Iron this spring. They are very well made, hold temps consistently and I'm all for American made. There a lot of choices out there and you'd be happy with any number of them, but as Jerod Broussard said, love it beyond belief, you won't be disappointed with it. Let us know what you decide.



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