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What's your favorite feature of your grill table?

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    What's your favorite feature of your grill table?

    With a large Genesis and a Summit Kamado, I really need a grill table to set stuff on. The two side shelves on the Genesis just aren't cutting it anymore. I'm not looking for anything built-in, as a standalone table could just sit nicely between the two. So while I ponder buying one vs. making one, I want to think through the features that make a nice one. Two obvious ones are a heat resistant surface to set hot stuff on, and shelves to hold stuff.

    So I thought I'd kick it out to the smart crowd... are there features to your table that you have and love, or don't have and wish you had? Any particular materials you've found better than others for certain situations? I'd love to set a chimney of lit coals on it, but that'd be a bonus rather than a requirement Thoughts?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	9FD6F769-B285-4ABD-A205-52B179B4A66F.jpg Views:	0 Size:	772.2 KB ID:	1272016 Click image for larger version  Name:	2213B61A-45A8-4722-9F12-79FA6F41592B.jpg Views:	0 Size:	735.8 KB ID:	1272015 Click image for larger version  Name:	A7D78AB0-6B88-4BA0-AA9C-7D41F58C8632.jpg Views:	0 Size:	814.6 KB ID:	1272014 I love this one. All metal, folding side wings, storage drawers, wheels for mobility, heck even a bottle opener.


      I've got a 24"x24" stainless steel table outside that I really like. Search for Hally Stainless Steel Table on Amazon. They come in different sizes. The identical tables are sold under several brand names, so note what they look like (see the feet in particular to help) and search again for just Stainless Steel table.


      Man, I could use something like this, too.

      I need a platform of some kind to put my Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24" on to move it around easier, and also to get it up off the ground. It is a little low, I don't like getting down that low to check the burner, pull out the water and wood trays for cleaning or refilling, etc. I'd like a double level like that Hally so I can put the fuel canister on the shelf below - but $150-200 is a bit steep. I don't need or want anything fancy, can be ugly as sin as long as it's sturdy and wheeled and the right size.

      I could use one just for prep and storage, too - my Blackstone gets SO hot on the side shelves, my Thermoworks infrared got overheated the other day and was reading error even though I have heat deflectors on the side to ease the heat on the shelves. They do help quite a lot, or the shelves would be unusable for ANYTHING while cooking, but they still get super hot.


        Something like this interests me - I don't think I need it quite that high for my Smoke Vault, but I'll need to keep looking for shorter ones.


          Other than the prep space that's easy to sanitize I like the double fridges underneath.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	6nCmIY-wzee6IXzD996iB_6teZK-a7ZpLKhD_Fl_fVMWZQQ26pvLBBVaOEYkIXHza7jTxYtw72CsEuu1U_T0c82hs3WqDM6YoCF4X9BsEvHpnbiACGU8PUk8fSD2rdS_fAsfFCmGdsb-3A0gk8VNnishDzf51ZwiZ7o10fc_eWDPq7FdMNrWuQKppouUhyyU7rO_e2dGinQv21cEMhmjbiT4Oc2Y4DzRwbDKId6lQhiKvikGtVQjBA6QVWA2Rzf
Views:	140
Size:	145.5 KB
ID:	1272029

          Click image for larger version

Name:	R6SIdbQe3lcA2y9aaxQcsVjTeMzHueAvfaRByEgzrSmzvbqbBgDS2XJVRFDT0mZsea8syEQs4S9tFxa7-XxMHlGfyth8K52wq5o4zZuONa0BQp2utcZcv9gyV6U9Ft__u2zrVz1Fpeh0_bS0Yf_zt60rMWx08Kuuoz5qcEJnw4nGLVAVrI-PW8IPe6_t9PYpuqGHILb9oyDp5AqBUgDL9maVEaHJPeJPZqJZ7FcIbsV5avy4r9IltNaebG0g9Jx
Views:	133
Size:	110.2 KB
ID:	1272030


          • DogFaced PonySoldier
            DogFaced PonySoldier commented
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            No doubt, Attjack, that is awesome as can be.

          • bbqLuv
            bbqLuv commented
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            I would replace that Lite "beer" with PBR, other than that looks nicely stocked.

          • Attjack
            Attjack commented
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            bbqLuv PBR is for when there's no light beer at the bar.

          The stainless steel tables work well for me. I have two 24 X 30 tables from a restaurant supply store. One is dedicated to my Ooni pizza oven and the other serves as a work surface. I light charcoal briquettes by placing my chimney in a metal oil change pan from the auto parts supply store and filling it with charcoal. Two alcohol soaked cotton balls lights the fire. I set the whole affair on the stainless table before lighting the cotton balls. The oil pan catches any spilled briquettes when filling the chimney and it dissipates enough heat as the chimney gets started so that the stainless table isn't affected by the heat.
          I pop riveted key ring hooks to one edge of the work table to hang the BBQ tools that we all collect.



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