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Equipment and design ideas and reccomendations

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    Equipment and design ideas and reccomendations

    So, wife and I are finally in a position where we can pull some money out on a refi and are planning to use it to redo our 1960s design pool and patio area. I have a solid 12-feet for an outdoor cooking area and can even stretch it a bit more as needed. My plan is for a 40-inch built-in gas grill, 30-inch built-in gas griddle and 36-inch commercial two-door undercounter fridge with useable counterspace above. This should still leave me space for a stove top burner even. I'm currently looking at the Blaze brand on bbqguys.com or something in that price range.

    Does anyone have experience with the Blaze brand gas grill and griddle or have other rec's?

    BTW, I will also still have space for my Weber kettles, PBC and even a big offset if that ever happens. I do love smoking meats but sometimes I don't feel like smelling smoke for 3 days after!

    awesome undercounter fridge I will be buying - https://www.webstaurantstore.com/bev...5UCR36AHC.html

    grill i'm looking at - https://www.bbqguys.com/blaze/premiu...s-blz-5lte2-ng

    griddle i'm looking at - https://www.bbqguys.com/blaze/premiu...griddle-lte-lp

    This is a preliminary design to show the area but it looks much smaller than it could be. Planning on about 12-feet bui have up to 14-feet available.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	TINA LEE DES3_004.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	TINA LEE DES3_003.jpg
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    I have the Blaze 32" 4 burner grill. It has served me well. Only wish it had a side burner.


      I'd strongly suggest that you look at refrigerators that are designed for outdoor use. Aside from potential safety issues related to inclement weather, there are also potential issues related to extremes of heat and cold when trying to use a fridge designed for indoors in an outdoor setting.

      Since your usage case is not in a "controlled climate" I'd think that your warranty would not be enforceable.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	outdoorfridge.png Views:	0 Size:	64.0 KB ID:	1049826
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      • latenight71
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        Excellent points. my concern is that most outdoor units I see are single door units made for beverages. I want something that can fit a full sheet pan. There will be a cantilvered roof cover over it so it won't be totally expsoed to the elements. Also, living in Southern California we don't get a lot of severe weather. I still have time though. Maybe I'll find something outdoor rated in that size.

      Totally agree on purchasing a fridge for outdoor use. I have owned a Blaze and they are great grills. I prefer Weber gassers but you really cannot go wrong with a Blaze.


      • latenight71
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      latenight71 when I saw the picture, my first thought is “that’s your view?” And I’m scratching my head because I know sorta where you live. And we don’t have that view LOL. Then I figured it out. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of budget are you looking at?


      • latenight71
        latenight71 commented
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        Haha. I hear ya! it threw me at first, too. the designers got rid of all my neighbors for me! Now that's something I'd pay double for!

      I seem to recall that Attjack has a sweet built-in setup that uses a 42" Blaze he got from BBQGuys. I tried looking up his post, but couldn't find it.


        I don’t have Blaze experience, but hear good things about them. I have a Bullet by Bull Grills gasser and it has been great. The customer services from Bull has been great as well, as I’ve had to replace a few things early on when I purchased this and Bull sent no questions asked. But, Blaze from what I’ve read is great.

        I’ll make a few mentions that you didn’t necessarily ask about, but feel it’s always good to mention - Counter space is what I’ll recommend you plan in to your build. Sounds like you will have plenty if you have 6’ of cooking space and are planning on 12-14’ total. But, that’s what I truly enjoy about my space, is having the counter space.

        I also recommend granite tops, if you shop around, you can usually find a decent buy on something. I was able to get a deal on something that worked with the color I was looking for that the granite store had on hand for a bit. If you can find a place that has slabs already made to fit your basic size counter top, it will be much cheaper as well, I had very little waste because of this.

        I like the plan you have though, enjoy the process!
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        • latenight71
          latenight71 commented
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          Yes, counterspace is on the list as I already have too little of it in the kitchen!

        I built in a Blaze BLZ-4LP 32" 4 burner grill. I'm happy with the Blaze.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	FsTOEo1Fq1GIx_TkLHYUe8dlp7IKgLvnYHL8Y9oYAAihjtwywZGGLnFGCKOOKt6Lt4PK9uPDa4n02cJ13dSvLClj6xqFRrnoWeAdmJyvKHbbjcKam3u9I3jT4srX-t-Ayewlr07X7Hen7zvM9kMEOHu46ZR6zFYEnPb93m7L3pi06FnxtHTGlQq-nw83QTEWEWNihgVZBSWQtoXQ1sLzp5hXq89TBjxdxm2P8mTAM2vnBeF3KtnEEqy9tqQhHX6
Views:	85
Size:	124.8 KB
ID:	1050204

        Click image for larger version

Name:	dTQwK0DhWOalcEiBhLcWT2DTAv9Tj6-JeoFwziZroQaDhrpfSCvGHeO8va3-Nv4Jp_sG26h-jn3iPEC-xCqebuwe9ynqM-SSGFxx7M7Ic9QZJ-U4_H9lFL0NjR3bmLd03OVd9X_Pv2J-rt92sveeWP1b3AfoD19CpwyxbV1M2pImPbhrMUP-z7PLo85gEmVG76BYeYFKt2PGF5hevIQkKqtfZ1SJnb6O-y1xVjBBqJfoIAbQfI5bUQ9zbXxVj6p
Views:	71
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	fmdWg7_gCBdG0zocvqq4d92pUAIpoLvw3fk_NHZHxlY2s6xNMOz1eq-VXze0LAW0xM90F8j7psRfHN9MAkNyaKgFc6Qk-4oYhezqp98w9250gHWQ0icSgLEBvSRVE79CS4KFUzuvJS2DR2P5lwdg3p6T2xRyh4IsfLztpXeIpbqHdukW8jy5I3PHe3sSYHgoScRaOtc_9LjNFbyOCr3wKVvoeD_yu9B2DzqZsAtuHU_jwmlD9_B8-3LUouUZJ2B
Views:	70
Size:	182.2 KB
ID:	1050206

        Currently, I'm working on building in the EVO on the other side and will probably build in the Primo at the same time. That's going to give me considerably more counter space which will be nice especially around the EVO.

        That fridge looks awesome. I'm just using a set of inexpensive refrigerators now. If and when I need to replace them I'll have to consider that one you're getting.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	ypCCMQkmv4xsgGajjHK4y_gihE6tuDap0x8VedMdpzhkknkaF-pHY_SDPV-0Unnv469mEDAq3ZcJ-5svRIpvy-xtIyI0Sx-tzWT49ctm_ubvxR1FbAAJcxZ_MFV4NHkoOnI2jHpNfvHAGEMdNMSHiDacXyDGVOT59tKW-jHW_IOhddv2O20jj7F9zUA2ebIqIVoMIw9Mmon9jmr5TMyoEhdVeFwgBbjQl1LBeX7bOVyMxV_dN9XjN1SFF72U-ic
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        I like your dining area plan. I will be relocating mine and building a new table in the future.


        • latenight71
          latenight71 commented
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          Cool set up! Yes, the dining area will be 10 feet long and over 3-feet wide. I often see new designs where the dining area seems too small. also, it separates the cooking area from the dining so it won't be as crowded while I'm cooking.


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