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Parchment Paper Question

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    Parchment Paper Question

    I hope this is in the right spot….

    I am doing my very first beef ribs! Y’all have put up such wonderful picture, I got inspired.

    Can I wrap in parchment paper for the resting portion of our program? I don’t have the proper butcher paper. But I do have heavy duty foil.

    Never tried it. It's supposed to be rather heat tolerant. I always use foil.


      I have not tried it but some quick research suggests parchment paper should do great for resting meat. Good idea and no need to use foil too.


        This is the restaurant quality parchment, not the tiny housewife roll you find in the grocery stores. One piece will do the trick as they are the size of full commercial sheet pans. Thanks!


          Some parchment paper has additives, so make sure yours's doesn't. It's been so long since I read that that I don't remember what the additives are, or where I read it...

          Did a bit of research, and the additive is food safe silicon, so have at it...


            Which cut of beef ribs?
            To answer your question yes you may wrap it in Parchment paper.
            I have not, so give it a try and let us know.
            Happy Grilling to you and PBR too.
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              I don't know if you can or not, but you may.
              Last edited by bbqLuv; July 19, 2021, 11:05 AM.


                I have used it when making pastrami. It can brown a bit but holds up fine.


                  Parchment is fine. We use it all the time to cook fish and veggies in packets. So if your just using it to rest the meat in it will be fine IMO.


                    Parchment should hold up jus fine, Sister...


                    • troymeister
                      troymeister commented
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                      Agreed...I just used it on a smoked Barbacoa Chuckie....Worked great.

                    Thanks y’all.


                    • Mr. Bones
                      Mr. Bones commented
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                      De Nada, always here fer ya...

                    I can’t begin to tell you of my epic fail……..


                    • Kevin Fuess
                      Kevin Fuess commented
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                      And pictures.

                    • ofelles
                      ofelles commented
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                      This doesn't sound good.................but then again it sounds good!

                    • SheilaAnn
                      SheilaAnn commented
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                      I may have jumped the gun a bit on the “fail”. I am my own worst critic. Please refer to SUWYC. BF insisted I did ok, or else I would have put it in SUWYC So We Can Make Fun of It!


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