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VA/MD Meat-Up Follow Up

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    VA/MD Meat-Up Follow Up

    It’s hard to have a bad time at a river with four cooks and pile of cookers. And boy the James River did not disappoint! HawkerXP (Gerry), clb239 (Chris), myself, and Randy (a friend of Hawkers) made the trip. The wind and rain on Friday gave us plenty to do in fits and spurts but for the most part it let us get on with our cooks.

    The weather the rest of the weekend was a pleasure to just hang out in, cook, chat up new friends, and even do some fishing. There wasn’t much action on the banks but we did get our lines wet. The stars were out in full bloom on Sunday night and Hawker and I took a walk and enjoyed their company.

    We had a good representation of cookers at the sites. Chris got there early Thursday night and picked out two perfect sites next to each other. We had our own little corner of the world with great river views and the sweet heat smell of smokers in the air. Yes sir. Pour a nip from the cooler and you got yourself a VA/MD Meatup- Pit member style! Here’s the cookers that made the trip.

    PBC - 2
    Smokey Joe - 2
    Weber Kettle
    Lodge Cowboy Tripod
    Dutch Ovens - 2
    Cast Iron/ Carbon Steel skillets - Assorted
    Coleman Stove
    Small Coleman Single burner.
    And special guest star - Blackstone Flat Top

    We used all of them while we cooked. Chris started us off Friday afternoon with pork belly and we had something going until Hawker finished off the trip with an egg and bacon breakfast on Monday morning.

    Here’s what was on the menu. If I forgot anything I apologize boys.

    PBC Pork Belly
    Dutch Oven Jambalaya w/cornbread
    Blackstone Eggs, bacon, home fried potatoes.
    PBC Bacon wrapped goose poppers with horseradish cheese
    PBC Smoked glazed spiral ham in a raisin sauce
    Dutch Oven Scallion dijon mashed potatoes
    Dutch oven cherry cobbler and ice cream
    Blackstone Blueberry pancakes with Chambord/blueberry syrup
    PBC Three racks of ribs with three different rubs
    Smoked BBQ beans
    Homemade pimento cheese

    MMM… MMM…. MMM… slurpalicious!! Thanks for the great food and great time Gerry, Chris, and Randy!

    Here’s a montage of pics to prove it happened.

    Thanks for the after action report and video!


    • Mudkat
      Mudkat commented
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      You betcha!

    That sounds like a great time.


      That's wonderful, looks like it was a great time. Thanks for sharing.


        It was a great time with a lot of amazing eats...Hopefully next year we can get a few more people involved.


          It would be nice to have others join us. We're thinking maybe Rappahannock River next year.


            Happy times and good food on the banks of a river is hard to beat.
            You can always consider the Gamtoos river here in the Eastern Cape as a possible next meet up and I'll be there to share in the festivities


            • holehogg
              holehogg commented
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              Most are tired of local cusine so we locals are safe make no promises as far as international vistors are concerned but then who doesn't enjoy foreign food now and again. CaptainMike

            • Mudkat
              Mudkat commented
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              Wait. What? I was considering it but wait, what? Eat or be eaten.

              Wouldn't that be great holehogg Looks like a Meat Up kind of river!

            • Donw
              Donw commented
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              “I give you now Professor Twist
              The conscientious scientist.
              Trustees exclaimed, "He never bungles"
              And sent him off to distant jungles.
              Camped on a tropic riverside
              One day he missed his lovely bride.
              She had, the guide informed him later,
              Been eaten by an alligator.
              Professor Twist could not but smile.
              You mean,” he said "a crocodile.!"

              Ogden Nash 🙂

            Looks like a great time. And great food.


              Looks awesome! That potato green pepper scramble looks delightful, but really everything did. Thanks for sharing. Who is everyone in the group pic at the end?


              • Mudkat
                Mudkat commented
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                Execellent question Huskee!

                From left to right:

                Chris, clb239 = Jeans and brown shirt
                Randy, guest = turquoise shirt
                Rick, Mudkat = Blue shirt
                Gerry, HawkerXP = Brown shirt and shorts

              That all sounds amazing.


              • Mudkat
                Mudkat commented
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                It really is a great time! Sometimes HawkerXP gets a little out of hand but food coma's calm him down. Heh heh heh. I apologize for that. 😃

              Good company, good food, good time. Clearly a successful camp and cooks.


                A fine looking bunch. I just gotta laugh though, bunch of fellas hangin' around and cooking for each other. Did ya'll end up waddling home ???

                Seriously, wish you guys were in Texas on the Pedernales River. I'd be there with bells on !!!!


                • Mudkat
                  Mudkat commented
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                  I'm still waddling! 🐧🦆

                Wonderful. I hope to be able to join one of these days.


                • Mudkat
                  Mudkat commented
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                  Where abouts in Va David?

                • DavidNorcross
                  DavidNorcross commented
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                  Lynchburg area

                Was a great time! Like already said, looking forward to next year and bigger turnout!


                  Panhead John Helloooooo.


                  • Mudkat
                    Mudkat commented
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                    This better not be the last one VA/MD’ers!


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