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May 2021 - "Great Giveaway" Three Sweepstakes Winners!

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    Congrats to our 3 contingent winners who've successfully claimed! Well now we all get some time off from the pins & needles & wunderin'.

    Let's do this again second week of June


    • synodog
      synodog commented
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      Do what again? More forfeits with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places? 😂

    Congrats everyone!


      Can I get a Hasty Bake for patiently waiting for my turn?


      • Mr. Bones
        Mr. Bones commented
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        If'n anybody ever deserved em a Hasty Bake, I'd cast my danged ol vote fer yerself, Brotherman!

        Hail, I'd chip in, ain't no doubt...

        Good Luck with that...

      • Ernest
        Ernest commented
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        Mr. Bones LOL!!!! Let's hope it works HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Congratulations to all the winners!!


        Congrats to the winners and great choices.




            Congratulations to all the winners!


              The old and the new! I'm getting ready to smoke a new batch of tasso this afternoon. Thanks again all!

              (The thing in the background is a hammock stand).

              Click image for larger version

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              • Jared49
                Jared49 commented
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                I’ve been searching for your "Tasso" recipe and turned up empty. Do you share it?

              • Huskee
                Huskee commented
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                I thought the new kettle had arms and was waving at us

              Jared49 Here you go: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...n-seasoned-ham


                Alright, gave the new girl a few spins. Had some failures and a success. First smoke was whole chicken on mode 1, and was pure garbage coming out. Drying the skin in the fridge for 24 hours might work when doing rotisserie but definitely not for smoking. Skin was like eating dried collagen casing and smoke flavor was non existent. Second time at bat tried ribs 4 ways, also on mode 1. Smoke taste was "present" but not what I was hoping for and salt was too high. Last night did ribs on mode 2 and it was a new world. Deep smoke ring, beautiful flavor and color, tender with slight tug. I think I might just love this Silverbac. BTW, running a custom blend of lumberjack pellets.
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                • Panhead John
                  Panhead John commented
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                  We’ve all been there, learning from our mistakes. Your ribs look good! Poppers too. I had similar luck with chickens in the beginning. I learned to dry them good with paper towels before hitting the grill and higher heat makes for crispier skin. I’ll do mine about 375*

                • Captain Super Awesome
                  Captain Super Awesome commented
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                  When I smoke wings, I finish them on my propane grill for 30-60 seconds at 600 degrees. Crisps the skin up nicely. I like to smoke whole, bone-in turkey breasts on the pellet grill. I just do it at 350. Still get some smoke flavor, and the skin isn't rubbery.

                  Those ribs looks great!

                • DrJimmy2112
                  DrJimmy2112 commented
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                  Captain Super Awesome trial and error led me to the same wing strategy


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