Common on many forums is what's known as a signature- a snippet of text that tells the readers a little about you. On our forum here, we hide the signatures so they're not cluttering up the conversation in our topics. However, members' signatures are very easy to view. Simply click the little fountain pen tip icon beneath someone's username & avatar window, as shown here:

Click image for larger version  Name:	signature icon.JPG Views:	1 Size:	14.7 KB ID:	537084

To get it to go away after you've seen it, simply click anywhere and it should disappear.

If you don't see this icon beneath a member's name, they may not have theirs filled out.

To fill yours out, simply click My Membership from the main red menu bar, then My Settings, then the Account tab.

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Then scroll down until you see the "Conversation Detail Options" section. The "Edit Post Signature" line has the fountain pen icon. Click it to set your signature up!

What we'd like you to put in your signature is your cooking gear- your grill(s), smoker(s), and relevant BBQ accessories. This is to help us lean your perspective on your recipes or your questions, also so you can brag a little! After these important details, some other fun things to include are your favorite things to cook, your favorite beverages, etc, even some details about you, like your real name, location, occupation if you choose to share this info.

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If you have questions about how the Pitmaster Club works, click here to go to the User Manual which has answers to FAQs.