Welcome to the Pitmaster Club Forum! To help things run smoothly and make sure you get the most out of our great and ever-expanding community here, we've compiled some things for you to do as your time permits. I like to call this your homework assignment. The red words are links, please click them & they'll take you to a relevant post.
  1. Read the User Manual. It should answer all your questions and show you how to use this forum. Many new members are puzzled by the navigation system because they are used to standard websites where the publishers are talking AT you. In thie forum, we are talking WITH you so the design has to be different.
  2. Especially, read "How The Pitmaster Club Forum Is Structured, How To Navigate". Our forum is big, with MANY channels and sub-channels. It can be overwhelming to a new member who's not familiar with us yet. This post details how to navigate around in The Pit. This post also contains some useful info and tips even seasoned forum members may not have known!
  3. Introduce Yourself. Tell us as much or as little as you'd like to share. Some things to put in it might be your general geographical location, your cooking expertise or lack thereof, favorite things to BBQ, what you'd like to master, etc. If you prefer to remain in the shadows that's cool too. Everything here is voluntary.
  4. Make sure you get our emails! You will want to read "HOT from the Pit", our monthly email newsletter to members only, you will also want to read "Smoke Signals" our email to everyone, and you will want to read our email telling you if you've won something in the Great Giveaway, our monthly sweepstakes with prizes worth up to $2,000.
  5. Huh? What's that mean? We've compiled a list of acronyms & abbreviations commonly used in the BBQ world and here in The Pit. Sometimes we might say something like "BBBR" or "WSM" without thinking that not everyone knows (yet) what those things mean. This may prove to be a handy page to refer to. Soon you'll be slinging the jargon around with the rest of 'em!
  6. Posting pictures. There's a post that explains the best way to post pics. We like to see bragging pictures of your equipment and your cooks. Pictures are also helpful if you need troubleshooting. Please note Apple, WIndows, and Android function differently. Mobile devices will function differently too.
  7. Searching topics. Often a question has been discussed already. Using the search box may be helpful before asking a question. But, it can also be daunting since we have so many great conversations going and the results may go on for miles. Sometimes simply browsing through the individual channels themselves is helpful if the search box isn't. Check out the advanced searching functions. It will allow you to search only recipes for example. It also allows you to find posts by specific keywords, dates, or members to help narrow the search results down. Remember too, the search box is picky. If you misspell a word in it, or search "pitboss" instead of "Pit Boss" for instance, it may not return any results. Always double check what you're typing.
  8. Posting. If you cannot find a topic that discusses your question or concern, it's more than ok to post your question, even if you think it's a common one like "How long should my ribs take?". We will never scold you for posting a topic that's already been posted, however, we may link you to the older thread so you can benefit from the previous posts and commentary therein. But, please try to browse all the channels and post your question/comment where it best fits. For instance:
    • If you'd like to know how many racks of ribs will fit on a MAK pellet grill for example, try going to "Grills and Smokers > Wood Pellets".
    • If you're looking for a Dutch oven peach cobbler recipe (and we have some!) go to "Recipes and Techniques > Dutch Oven".
    • If you'd like to find out more about an Auber thermostatic controller, you'd go to "Accessories > Thermostatic Controllers".
  9. General Discussion. This channel is for all our non-BBQ, off-topic conversations. If you want to talk about sports, favorite bands, share vacation pictures, tell jokes, have a random question, or want to help Jon Solberg find his car keys, "General Discussion" is your channel. Please remember that in all channels Rules & Guidelines apply, no religion, no politics, and no offensive language.
  10. HELP! If at any time you get confused, lost, or otherwise forget how to navigate, the Help tab is always there at the top of EVERY page in The Pit! You don't need to remember what post it's in or how to get to it, since it's in the menu. It links you to the User Manualand the posts within explain many of the same help topics as this message, and then some!
  11. Recent Posts. The best way to keep up to date with the most current conversations is to visit the Recent Posts tab. You can select 24 hours or any date range.
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There are a few other helpful posts in this User Manual channel too, please check them all out. Many of your initial how-to FAQs can be answered there. If they're not, post your question in the proper channel and someone will gladly help you out.
If you have questions about how the Pitmaster Club works, click here to go to the User Manual which has answers to FAQs.
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