Welcome to the Pitmaster Club Forum fondly called The Pit! To help things run smoothly and make sure you get the most out of our great and ever-expanding community here, we've compiled some things for you to do as your time permits. I like to call this your homework assignment. The red words are links, please click them & they'll take you to a relevant post.

Read the User Manual. It should answer all your questions and show you how to use this forum. Many new members are puzzled by the navigation system because they are used to standard websites where the publishers are talking AT you. In this forum, we are talking WITH you so the design has to be different.

Especially, read "Navigation And How The Pitmaster Club Forum Is Structured". The Pit is big, with many channels and sub-channels. It can be overwhelming at first. This post details how to navigate around in The Pit.

Introduce Yourself. Tell us as much or as little as you'd like to share. Some things to put in it might be your location, your cooking expertise or lack thereof, favorite things to BBQ, what you'd like to master, etc. The location is handy, there are probably others nearby and sometimes they do Meat-Ups. If you prefer to remain in the shadows that's cool too. Everything here is voluntary. List your grills, smokers, and your digital thermometers. This will help all of us understand your perspective when you ask questions or offer advice. Favorite beer could be good too! Signatures are not a promotional opportunity. If you put your website or blog in your signature, it would be nice if your website or blog reciprocated with a link to AmazingRibs.com.

Make sure you get our emails! Add this email address to your contacts list so our emails don't go to spam @amazingribs-com. WE DO NOT SEND SPAM! You want to know if you win our monthly Great Giveaways worth up to $2000 and we notify winners via email.You will want to read "HOT from the Pit", our monthly email newsletter to members with important announcements. You will also want to read "Smoke Signals" our email to the public, and you will want to read DigestThis with food news from farm to fork.

There are many other helpful posts in this Help channel too, please check them all out. Many of your initial how-to FAQs can be answered there. If they're not, post your question in the proper channel and someone will gladly help you out.
If you have questions about how the Pitmaster Club works, click here to go to the Help channel which has answers to Frequently Asked Questions.