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20 VS 24

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    20 VS 24

    I am on my 2nd COS, and looking hard at options

    what are the caveats of a 24" Off Set?

    other than the extra room, are there other benefits?

    Thanks for the Help!!

    Note: Just converted from a guest member to a real member....great place to learn!!

    Welcome to the member side of the Pit! One of the mods will be along soon to show you the secret handshake.


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      Might have something to do with that pbr. bbqLuv

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      @HawjerXP you may be correct.

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      Jeez, take a hint!

    Welcome from St. Cloud, FL.

    When I was looking at the LSG 20" or 24" x 36" offset, I talked to Chris the owner he said that the 24" series will use 50-80% more fuel, it isn't that much larger, it is $1300 more and shipping is more money because of the weight. Most of the time it is just my wife and I so the 20" would work fine so that now sits in my backyard and we are happy with the decision. Good luck!


      Welcome to reality.


        Well, great to have ya Bad Hat. See yer hat on the cooker. Doesn’t look bad to me. About all the help I can give ya is, you are right, the 24” is bigger than a 20, yessir!


        • Bad Hat BBQ
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          When I finally make a decision on a better rig
          I will put the Okie Joe up on the auction block...to "Off Set" the cost HA HA HA

        • Bad Hat BBQ
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          Bad Hat

          As in : " Man , That is one BAAD A** HAT!"

        I run several stickburners, an have previously run several more.

        Currently still have Good One Open Range, OK Joe Highland (older one), an a Horizon 20" Classic..

        Really wish both th OKJ, an Horizon had top shelves, really great option to strongly consider, imce.

        Hopin, bout year an a half out, to retire back down to T, then order me an LSG.

        Then, I'd roll bigger...but that's jus me...

        As said, how many ya cookin for?

        Yer Longhorn gots some good area to cook on...


        • Bad Hat BBQ
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          usually I am cooking for 5-6 folks
          3-4 x a year it can be 20 or more.....

          How is the Horizon compared to the Okie Joe?

          Pitts by JJ has a pretty 20 x48...cost comparable to the LSG 20x42

          Either way Im getting crushed by shipping to Manassas!!

        Start hauntin Craigslist, an FB Marketplace...I got my OKJ fer $300 bucks, a few years old, with baffle / tunin plate, an gaskets already installed.

        Found my Horizon fer $1000 askin, asked if'n he'd take $900 Cash Money. Seller agreed.

        Both delivered to my driveway. Horizon seller was farther away, said he'd drop it fer $100...fair enough, said I, an paid th man a stack of hunnerts, fitties, an twenties...wasn't too long later, I got a letter / card, with five twenties in it...

        He refunded th shippin fee, on accounta he saw my Vet Tag, there on th back of Th Blue Belle, an thanked me fer my Service...

        Story gits even Sweeter, but gotta be wheels up, at 0430... I'll be back, though...


          Crowds (25+) show up a handful of times per year at our house. Personally, I’d rather use a little more fuel on smaller cooks for the family and have the extra real estate when we feed a crowd.

          Welcome to The Pit!


          • Bad Hat BBQ
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            You Sir, have hit the nail on the head!
            I just started re-looking at the 24" options.....

          Many folks with larger offsets report the larger ones are easier to keep a steadier temp. Plus as has been mentioned when you need more space you have it. I have the Yoder loaded Wichita, and I wish I'd have gone with the Kingman. Not that I max mine out often, but there's been times I have. And,you can always cook a small amount in a larger cooker too. If sourcing fuel isn't too difficult for you, and the pocketbook permits it, I'd suggest going with the 24.


            I went from a 26" to a 24" x 48" but space was not why I reduced, it was a weight thing! I got to where I couldn't easily move 1800 lbs of cooking trailer. If money isn't an object, buy the 24"!

            Here's my Baby!
            Click image for larger version

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            • IFindZeroBadCooks
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              So you are telling me I need to hit the gym?

            • Beefchop
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              Another great point. I also downgraded from a cabinet style 24x42 to a 20x40 traditional offset because my other cooker was a monster to move.

            • CandySueQ
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              No, IFindZeroBadCooks, I'm saying I'm old and couldn't move it around any more!

            Thanks for the support! We are glad you signed up!

            I will tell you this......no one ever wished they had a smaller grill or smoker.


              Some models in the 24 allow you to fit a full foil pan on the cooking grate, and there is more height between grates which gives you more space for larger cuts of meat on the bottom grate. E.g. beer can chickens, shoulders, ribs on racks.

              For most folks "bigger is better" but I actually just downgraded to a 20x40 from a larger cooker because I didn't need all that real estate. I'm hoping I'll cook smaller batches more frequently. Family of four with no aspirations to cater or cook for large crowds. I haven't gotten my cooker yet though so I can't report on how well this is going to work for me, but anticipate being satisfied with a 20x40. YMMV.
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                Welcome to the Pit! Glad to have you onboard.

                I'm in the camp that no one ever said their smoker was too big... I've got an old offset that is 24" deep, but only has a 3 foot cooking chamber, but I can still fit a lot of food on that 24x36 expanded metal grate. Well, its a little less than 24x36, but you get the picture. No issues running a lot of ribs with the slabs running front to back in the cooker, or cooking multiple brisket running front to back, with room to spare. I feel like things will be tighter on the smaller 20" offsets, as the cooking grate probably ends up being about 19 inches usable space, front to back.


                  This is also why people have different cookers. Smaller one for small groups, larger one for larger groups, both for the block party


                    A whole lotta where I was headed has done been previous expounded upon...

                    Lotsa expert, experienced advice, to be sure...

                    Major Point of 'girthier' offset (mebbe PC offsets of size, nowadays, PC?) fd.

                    Deffo much more capacity...

                    (Measure th avg racks of ribs ya buy, briskys too, in length... determine if'n ya can lay em down, front to back, or havedta go lengthwise, mebbe splittin some stuff up...)

                    As jfmorris done said, layin em front to back, vs side by side=a YOOGE difference in capacity...

                    Enjoyin alla yer questions, pls post more...

                    We'uns is all Here, to learn, together, Amigo...
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