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Best Way To Seal an OJ?

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    Best Way To Seal an OJ?

    Hi All,
    I decided to take the jump to get into some low-and-slow smokin', and am awaiting delivery of an OJ Reverse Highland Offset. Things take a bit longer to get here to Melbourne, Australia! I just hope it's not floating around in a container in the Pacific!
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    You might all think of it as a COS, but Downunder the RRP is 1,000 Australian Pesos, which is about 700 US bucks! Phew!

    Anyway, I've read everyones suggestions on mods - great info, thanks! I am planning on some sealing prior to first fire up and am wondering about types of sealant to use.

    I've got some Lavalock RTV650, 5/8"x1/8" firebox gasket tape and 5/8"x1/8" smoker seal gasket tape on order as well.

    I had planned on using the RTV650 on the joints between the firebox and smoker chambers, and between the two halves of the firebox chamber, as these joints don't really move or open. Then I was going to use the tapes on the doors.
    However, I have seen some suggest using tape between the firebox halves and between the firebox and the smoker instead of RTV650.

    Any thoughts?
    Dave L

    Tape it all up, as much as ya wish...
    It'll all burn off, in time, anyhow.
    I wouldn't personally recommend worryin too much about it, despite what th internet might indicate.
    Th firebox tape's been gone offa my OKJ Highland fer goin on two years.
    I cain't really see as how it cooks any different.
    I can generally still keep 5-10° balance from side to side, runnin straight up Hickory wood.
    Mebbe I could smooth it out some, runnin charcoal briquettes? I dunno, might try some time, when I'm powerful bored.


      This new map illustrates how the ducks went on to rule the high seas
      Scientists have been tracking the toys' movements for information about the great ocean currents, which affect the planet's overall climate.

      It all began back in somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean a consignment of First Years bath toys, including bright yellow rubber ducks, were spilled from the Greek owned merchant ship Evergreen Ever Laurel during a storm.

      So with a little time and a nice salt brine your OJ might still show up.


      • cathdave
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        I'll let you know whether I get a rubber ducky or an OKJ first! :-)

      I recommend running it a few times before you put much work into sealing it. Because it's a mass produced piece, each unit will vary a bit on fit and finish. You may not need to worry about sealing or you may want to break out the RTV. Also, don't go overboard with baffles until you get a second thermometer in there and see what it does without any baffles. I went overboard making my own baffles and ended up not using anything but a 6" wide piece of steel slid all the way to the firebox end to block the direct heat. I consistently run within 5-10* from end to end. This is all on a Longhorn, not the reverse flow. I bet you'll get even better results from the factory on that. One piece of advice Mr B gave me is that this is a stick burner and just doesn't perform as well with using only charcoal. It's a great middle level smoker, enjoy!


      • jfmorris
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        The only thing that I may say against that is that if he does want's to seal it, it will be easier before it gets grease and soot build up from cooking...

      Yes, I'm thinking it will be easier before smokin' and greasin' it up, then pulling it apart again...


        Well, I finally managed to get my smoker. Must have washed up on a beach somewhere!
        I sealed it up, did my first smoke, and wouldn't you know it: virtually too hot! I'm aiming at 105 deg C (225F), and it's hard to keep it that low. Have now added a minion maze, which seems to be helping.
        I was pretty happy with my first cook-up... Delicious! Pretty good for a COS!
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        Now here in Melbourne we're in hard lock-down, not allowed out, curfew 8pm-5am. At least I can get some decent meats delivered! Nothing left but to do but start cookin' again!
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        I got an Inkbird IBBQ-4T four-probe wifi thermometer - fantastic for following the meat from inside.
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