Suburban Chicago butcher (an endangered species) that has an usual mix of services. By day it's a fulls service meat market that offers special ordering as well. Everyday items include rib eye beef patties (no words here) and they seem to always have a great looking packer in the case. Everything I've tried including pork , lamb, steaks and sausage has been top grade product. I mentioned a mix of services above and Orchard also has a full wine shop with some really nice and reasonably priced choices of wine. I've never gone wrong here. And last but not least after 5 PM the space transforms into a very small restaurant with a nice variety of "small plates" and of course a nice wine selection. Orchard has branched out from just being the local butcher (and that singularity would have killed them years ago) to including a very cool wine shop with an evening restaurant. Anything that keeps them in business so I can use the butcher shop is fantastic by me!