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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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Hey..... who’s that RickyBobby guy?!

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  • RickyBobby
    Club Member
    • Jul 2016
    • 503
    • Brownsburg, Indiana

    Hey..... who’s that RickyBobby guy?!

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ID:	952416 Allow myself to (re)introduce...... myself......

    Oh, how I have missed my AR brothers and sisters!! I know that it has been FAR too long and I do apologize for going off grid as it were. 2020 has been.... well.... I don’t need to say it. We all know. We are all facing our own struggles. Life handed me a family size bag of rotten lemons, but I’ve worked my way through that rotten bag and am starting to finally get back to the sweet nectar! The good news is that I still have my health, my family is all well, we have completed our move to Indiana, and my brother Chuck is recovering very well from his 25’ leap of faith! Thank all of you again for your thoughts and prayers during that!

    I mentioned before how crummy 2020 has been for most of us. I’ve decided that to dwell on all of the struggles and negatives that I’ve endured this year, I would try and focus on the positives. And there have been some great ones! For instance, my wife and I welcomed our 3rd child back in March. My wife had high blood pressure and the doctor wanted to deliver the baby early. As it turns out, if we had waited, I would have not been allowed to be in the room for the birth. A blessing indeed! Also, I mentioned my brother. That truly sucked! BUT he is still here with us today and recovering very well! No surgeries (at least so far) and he can walk. Tremendous blessing! I was selected for a promotion and moved my family to the mid west, which has been amazing. And now we are rapidly approaching my absolute favorite time of year. Christmas! I find it no coincidence at all that on December 21st, we will have the rare opportunity to see the Christmas star better than we have in over 800 years. To me personally, that is a sign. A sign of hope. A reminder. I hope that it means something to you too, no matter your faith or your beliefs.

    Oh, and I’ve finally got my cookers back, too!!!!! Finding fuel and re learning how to cook in the new environment is a challenge, but I’m up for it!!! Tonight? Venison backstrap stuffed with sautéed onions, mushrooms, Boursin cheese, and wrapped in Bacon!!!

    Glad to be back, all!!!!
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  • Jim White
    Club Member
    • Sep 2019
    • 823
    • Gainesville, FL
    • I cook on a 15-year-old Kamado #9, a huge beast nearly 6 feet tall and with black ceramic tile on the outside. I of course love smoked meats of all kinds, but also like quick cooks like chicken portions, pork tenderloins and fish. Really into cooking of all kinds. Just added an outdoor fire pit that has grilling capability and limited Santa Maria-style grill raising and lowering.

    Welcome back. Congrats on the new baby and very happy to hear that your brother is recovering. That sounded so scary when you first described it.


    • mcook2201
      Club Member
      • Aug 2019
      • 337
      • Mooresville, North Carolina

      Greetings from North Carolina and Thank You for your Service.


      • DavidNorcross
        Club Member
        • Nov 2017
        • 2435
        • Virginia
        • SNS Kamado
          Weber Summit S-670
          Camp Chef FTG 600
          Camp Chef Escape

          Old Hickory Knives
          More Cast Iron than I care to admit

        Welcome back!


        • MBMorgan
          Club Member
          • Sep 2015
          • 6631
          • Colorado
          • > Weber Genesis EP-330
            > Grilla Grills Original Grilla (OG) pellet smoker
            > Pit Barrel Cooker (gone to a new home)
            > WeberQ 2000 (on "loan" to a relative)
            > Old Smokey Electric (for chickens mostly - when it's too nasty out
            to fiddle with a more capable cooker)
            > Luhr Jensen Little Chief Electric - Top Loader circa 1990 (smoked fish & jerky)
            > Thermoworks Smoke
            > 3 Thermoworks Chef Alarms
            > Thermoworks Thermapen
            > Thermoworks IR-GUN-S
            > Anova sous vide circulator
            > Searzall torch
            > BBQ Guru Rib Ring

          Welcome back, RB ... congrats on the little one, the promotion, and 👍 for your brother!


          • Steve B
            Club Member
            • Jun 2016
            • 3222
            • Rockland county New York
            • Lonestar Grillz 24x36 offset smoker, grill, w/ main chamber charcoal grate and 3 tel-tru thermometers - left, right and center
              Yoke Up custom charcoal basket and a Grill Wraps cover.

              22.5 copper kettle w/ SnS, DnG, BBQ vortex, gasket and stainless steel hinge kit.

              Napoleon gas grill (soon to go bye bye) rotting out.

              1 maverick et-733 digital thermometer - black
              1 maverick et-733 - gray
              1 new standard grilling remote digital thermometer
              1 thermoworks thermopen mk4 - red
              1 thermoworks thermopop - red

              Pre Miala flavor injector
              taylor digital scale
              TSM meat grinder
              chefs choice food slicer
              cuisinhart food processor
              food saver vacuum sealer
              TSM harvest food dehydrator

            Glad to hear you’re back and the family is doing well. 🙌


            • tbob4
              Charter Member
              • Nov 2014
              • 2494
              • Chico, CA
              • BBQ's
                California Custom Smokers Intensive Cooking Unit
                California Custom Smokers Meat Locker
                Santa Maria Grill
                Vision Grill

                Sierra Nevada IPA


              Welcome home. I have missed you around here. I’m very impressed with your spirit. You may not know it, but it is contagious.


              • Troutman
                Club Member
                • Aug 2017
                • 7965
                • 1521

                • OUTDOOR COOKERS

                  BBQ ACCESSORIES

                  WOOD & PELLET PREFERENCES

                  SOUS VIDE

                  INDOOR COOKWARE

                Hey Ricky, good to see ya! I miss my Kingwood friend but hey for the good of your career sounds like you made a good move. Look forward to seeing your cooks again !! Welcome back !!


                • Sweaty Paul
                  Founding Member
                  • Aug 2014
                  • 1647
                  • Hays, KS
                  • Green Mountain Grill - Jim Bowie
                    (I've never regretted having too much grate space).

                    Weber Genesis Gas grill
                    Weber Kettle grills x 2

                  Welcome back! Congratulations on your third and best wishes to you and yours. Your backstrap cook looks delicious!


                  • Jfrosty27
                    Club Member
                    • Mar 2020
                    • 1389
                    • Muskego, WI
                    • Current cookers:
                      Rec Tec RT700 "Bull" pellet cooker
                      Smokin-It model 2 electric smoker w/ Maverick 732 temp monitor and cold smoking kit
                      Weber Genesis 3 burner gas grill w/ rotisserie
                      Charbroil Grill2Go gas grill
                      Weber 22" Performer Deluxe kettle grill w/ThermoPro TP-20S temp monitor
                      Onlyfire rotisserie kit for 22" kettle
                      Weber Smokey Joe
                      SnS Deluxe
                      The Orion Cooker convection cooker/smoker (two of them)
                      Blackstone 17" griddle
                      Joule Sous Vide circulator

                      Favorite beer: Anything that's cold!
                      Favorite cocktail: Bourbon neat

                    Dude! Welcome back. So glad to hear of your victory over life’s trials and tribulations. It can certainly be a challenge at times. Now let’s get cookin! 👍


                    • RonB
                      Club Member
                      • Apr 2016
                      • 13831
                      • Near Richmond VA
                      • Weber Performer Deluxe
                        Pizza insert
                        Smokenator 1000
                        Cookshack Smokette Elite
                        2 Thermapens
                        lots of probes.

                      Welcome back. I'm glad things are workin' out.


                      • tiewunon
                        Club Member
                        • May 2020
                        • 522
                        • Virginia Beach, Va

                        Welcome back, congratulations on the new addition to your family and the good news concerning your brother. A promotion ties everything up rather nicely.
                        I too am looking forward to the 21st and will be looking right along with you.
                        ​​​​​​​BTW nice looking cook.


                        • ComfortablyNumb
                          Club Member
                          • May 2017
                          • 3546
                          • Northeast Washington
                          • KBQ C-60
                            Thermoworks Smoke
                            Thermoworks Thermopop
                            Thermoworks Dot

                          I got so excited to see you back I fell off my chair....all 25 inches! ;-)

                          If memory serves, your brother is in Washington too?


                          • RickyBobby
                            RickyBobby commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Lol, yes sir he is!
                        • smokin fool
                          Club Member
                          • Apr 2019
                          • 2348
                          • Mississauga, Ont

                          Lemonade outta lemons.


                          • Donw
                            Club Member
                            • Jul 2017
                            • 3633

                            Good to hear from you again and glad things are pointed in the right direction.




                            2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                            We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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                            Meat-Up in Memphis