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Hello from the Chicago ‘Burbs

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    Hello from the Chicago ‘Burbs

    I’m a homeschooling dad of six boys and cutting my BBQ teeth on a Weber Genesis. Also planning to get a Pit Barrel Cooker in the next few months.

    I had a successful first pork butt cook a couple weeks ago and am planning my first rib cook this week.

    I have a couple questions regarding cooking ribs on a Weber Genesis if any pitmasters would be so kind to opine...

    1) How many racks can you get on a Genesis? I’m planning two but want to see if anyone has experience if that’ll work well and if you can get more on the grill.

    2) What are some good ways to ‘throw some wood on the fire’? I’ve tried a bunch of different ways between foil packets, pans and usually light a few charcoals for longer cooks so I can get consistent heat on the wood. I’m using apple wood chips.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I’m excited to be here!

    Welcome from Wisconsin, Glad you could join us!
    I never had a gas grill, so I'll leave your questions to someone that actually knows something.


      Welcome from the California Delta.


        Howdy from Kansas Territory, Welcome to Th Pit!
        Lookin forward to learnin along with, an from ya!

        Also never had a gas grill, so cain't really answer yer question, but I'm somebody much more qualified will be along shortly...


          Welcome from south Texas! I’m sure help is on the way!


            Welcome to the Pit from Dallas!


              Welcome from TN. As usual though, I am of no help, don't own a gasser. But home schooling 6 boys??? Man, you guys are super human!!!!! And only 2 racks? Won't you need 6 for the boys and one for the rest of you?
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              • SirWeezey
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                Lol, yes, there will be an oven full of breaded chicken also involved. This is why I need a PBC - so I can hang 8 racks!

              Welcome from Virginia Beach.


              • SirWeezey
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                Thanks! Even though we are based outside of Chicago, my wife runs a autism therapy clinic and 2/3 of the her clients are in VA Beach area, so we know it well. Where is there good BBQ down there?

              • tiewunon
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                @Sir Weezey the best place in Va Beach is Daves BBQ 1781 Va Beach Blvd. Its a hole in the wall. Bit pricey but the best around this BBQ challenged area. If you are ever in the area Bunns BBQ in Windsor NC is the bomb serve their sandwich on cornbread. Ask for a corner slice.

              Welcome to the Pit!
              Cheers from Norway


                Greetings from South Africa.
                Another didn't have a TV candidate.


                  Welcome to The Pit. No gasser at my house either... Cuttin' the racks in half might let you place the across the width of your gasser. That way you can leave at least one burner off and cook indirect.


                    Welcome from Maryland. One way to fit them is to circle them like this
                    Click image for larger version

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                    • swartzster
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                      That’s a great idea

                    I've been told I'm full of gas but no gasser. Now when you get that PBC we can talk! PBC, PBC, PBC!

                    Be sure to check out the channels section for lots of good info...


                    Welcome from the West Chicago burbs! I'm out near Geneva if it helps.

                    I can't help on the gas question, but I owned a PBC for nearly 5 years. It's an outstanding smoker, and you can easily fit 6-8 racks of ribs if needed on it!


                      First & foremost you address them as WIBs. 2nd two wacks of wibs are not enough fer yer gang. You need more of something, if not wibs. 3rd two zone em . One way to get more of em is to get them on edge or the way Donw showed ya. 4th, wood chips I foil is cool & will do. 5th, ya can cheat, start em on the Genesis & wrap in foil & finish em in the oven, considering the logistics of you feedin an army. 6th pass out hugs with the wibs . Have fun! Welcome!



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