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Grilling in Scotland

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    Grilling in Scotland

    Hello everyone,

    This introduction has been long overdue since I have been a member now for over a year.

    Proud owner of a Weber Genesis gas grill for quick and easy grilling and a large Big Green Egg for the more serious stuff.

    Finished a Boston Butt last week with a 16 hour overnight cook and worth every minute. Next up Amazing baby back ribs.

    Whilst I am here, a question for Fireboard Drive Fan users. Is the Fan weatherproof? As you can imagine rain is never far away in Scotland, even when not forecast, and looking for ways to keep the fan going even in the rain and snow.



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    Beautiful setup. Welcome from Tennessee. No help on the fireboard though. I aspire to one, but I don't have it yet.


      Welcome to the Pit from Dallas, Texas, USA! I, too, cook on a Large Big Green Egg.


      • BarbecueBob
        BarbecueBob commented
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        Thanks LA Pork Butt. We had a road trip planned through Texas this summer with several BBQ places along the way but the whole COVID-19 thing has thrown that in the water. Hope to still go later this year or next year.

      • LA Pork Butt
        LA Pork Butt commented
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        BarbecueBob when you do make the trip plan to go to Lockhart, Texas. That town of 10,000 has three exceptional places - Smitty’s, Black’s and Kruez’s.

      • gcdmd
        gcdmd commented
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        If you do make it to Lockhart and have the time, City Market in Luling is just down the road, and it's also one of our best.

      Welcome from south Texas!


        Welcome from the California Delta.


          Welcome from Maryland


            I grew up in east kilbride ang glasgow...so welcome! As far as the controller goes i would recommend a ziploc. Obviously that doesnt work with a fan which needs to pull in air. They are weatherproof up to some extent but continued exposure will almost certainly cause it to kick off at some point. Not an easy solve in scotland. I would say set up some kind of patio umbrella but im sure the wind would knock it over pretty quickly, lol. Ive done plenty of cooks in the rain here in NJ but typically i end up doing it the old fashioned way without the fan. If there is one thing ive learned over my short years of bbq its that 225-300 really doesnt seem to matter much.

            Some people might call that blasphemy but im just talking based on my experience.
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            • ecowper
              ecowper commented
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              I just recommended my extremely fancy Fireboard cover aka a ziplock baggie :-)

            Welcome from Virginia!


              Wow! You have grass there just like we sometimes have. Welcome, eat good and have fun!


                Welcome to The Pit Bob.


                  Welcome to the Pit. We had a Scottish member by the name of @Meat_Monsters, or something to that affect, that started his own BBQ place I think in Aberdeen. Haven't seen him in quite a while, wonder if you've heard of him?

                  (OK yea I know, I can hear it now, "You're from Texas? Do you know so-and-so?")


                  • MBMorgan
                    MBMorgan commented
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                    MeatMonster (from Ellon, Aberdeenshire) is listed as a former member.

                  • BarbecueBob
                    BarbecueBob commented
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                    @MeanMonster opened a smokehouse in Ellon a wee place north of Aberdeen. I actually work in Aberdeen but never made it to his restaurant.

                  Welcome from Pennsylvania. We just went to Scotland for the first time last August. Loved it/ can’t wait to go again 🙂.


                    You had me at "Scotland". Welcome!


                      Welcome BarbecueBob and great to hear from you ..... I live near Seattle and have very similar climate to you. Tons of rain and never know when it will happen, of course. I have a small gazebo over top of my cookers and I use a Fireboard plus Drive/Fan. I put the Fireboard itself in my extremely fancy ziplock baggie cover and all the rest is fine in the weather. :-)


                        I don’t have a Fireboard, but I do like grantgallagher and cover my DigiQ with a ziplock. You could also wrap it with Glad Wrap or the like.



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