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Looking for 1st Grill for my House

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    Welcome! You have gotten some great advice. I have a gasser and a smoker. As many have said it is great having both just for when you do not have time. Many times I will prepare a meal and use both for extra real estate. I like FireMan 's suggestion of the SNS, great quality and support from that company. If you are set on HD, then I also agree with the Spirit and the Kettle combo. You could not go wrong and it would be in your budget.


      jfmorris +1 on the Performer. For almost 15 years my wife and I were in a similar situation living in a condo. I bought the original Weber Q gas thinking no one would have issues with that little guy, Wrong. Never trust a home owners association. I then bought an electric Q. While it was better than nothing, it wasn’t by much. It was more of a move by me to say kiss my ass to the association than anything else.

      You Can get the Performer Deluxe with the gas start that makes things really easy. Spend $15 for the charcoal chimney and you talking about adding a total of 15 minutes to your total cooking time. For the money you can’t buy a better built grill that gives you the options of the Performer. From there you can branch out to whatever you want your second grill to be. 😁


      • Mosca
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        It’s really about efficiency and telescoping tasks. I come home from work and start the chimney first thing. By the time I change clothes and prep the food, the Weber 22” is at temp. Same as a gasser, as far as I can tell.

      • Razor
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        Mosca EXACTLY. I never understood that argument of “charcoal” takes too long. Even I’m subconsciously guilty of perpetuating that myth. If you start the grill THEN prepare your food, everything is ready at the same time.

        I still have the gas Q but its now more of the “overflow”grill and “hotdog” machine than anything else.

      Lot’s of good advice already given. I think you need to decide if it will be charcoal or gas first. Helping with that decision would be deciding on what you want to cook on your grill. Also as mentioned above how many people you are cooking for will help with the decision. In addition, I think almost any grill will be too hot for a 3 year old to touch other than perhaps a Kamado. Finally, it seems that using the $200 gift card from Home Depot is important, so unless you want to use it for charcoal, propane grill accessories or home improvements you best stick to what you can buy in the store or online.

      Whatever you decide I am sure will be great for you, but for like for most of us MCS (More Cooker Syndrome) will be calling for a easier cooker, more space, a different style or just the experience of a different cooker. Let us know what you decide.


        You can cook a lot of fast and easy meals on a gas grill, and a Weber is a great choice. The convenience of it plus the easy ability to sear off meat on it at 700° degrees makes it a great place to start. If you can hint for and get a Grill Grates gift for it for Father's Day, you'd be golden. Then you can decide how to get into charcoal cooking with the funds you have left.

        You could start with the gasser and get the charcoal grill at an end of summer sale. I bought the Weber 22inch Premium at Walmart last October for $40, assembled floor model. They also had a couple of Jumbo Joe Premiums for sale at $30.

        When I bought the Weber 22 inch Premium, I donated my bargain price Jumbo Joe Premium bought at a spring sale the previous year. The Weber 22 inch Premium has the One Touch system which is safer with respect to hot or flying ash, especially with a child around. I put a little SS bowl directly under the JJPremium on the disc tray as a safeguard, which worked great.

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        • jfmorris
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          Yeah, having had a kettle that just had that ash bowl suspended on some clips between the legs, and then moving to a Performer Deluxe with the ash collection system - I wouldn't recommend the low cost kettles that don't have the ash collection bucket underneath.

        Welcome from south Texas! Plenty of good advice her already. Make a choice and dive in. You’re gonna have fun!


          Welcome to the Pit! Gassers are convenient but I gave them up long ago and went back to a Weber kettle. As mentioned, good deals can be found on Craigslist and such. You could use the leftover money for a swing set.


            Well, since you asked...

            I have a Weber Spirit?, or maybe Genesis, whatever it is it's a 3 burner gas grill that I use for quick stuff that doesn't necessarily need any smoke flavor or require any thought. For example a few skewers of shrimp, perhaps planked salmon, things along those lines. Sometimes I use it as a helper grill to heat up beans or vegetables or whatever. But I find it to be sorely lacking when it comes to real-man meats and for those it's charcoal all the way. Not as convenient, and you get dirty and smell like smoke but it's way more fun and you can fool around with different charcoals and different woods to slide up and down the flavor spectrum. To me charcoal is just more versatile and I find it easier to cook on and of course the taste cannot be beat.

            So having expelled so much hot air in that previous paragraph I'll throw in my two cents: if I were just starting a grill collection I would buy a relatively inexpensive gas grill and a very decent charcoal burner. People have mentioned Weber kettles - I have a 22" and it was my boy for years. My only two complaints are the shape and fooling with the vents is not 100% easy for me. I just splurged on a PK360 and it's the new kid in town for sure but so far I have nothing to bitch about with it. It's a rectangle and the vents are almost moron-proof and I love it.

            It's just the opinion of one internet idiot in an ocean of internet idiots but I find gas to be fun in the same way cooking in my kitchen is fun - and I cook every day, but cooking on charcoal is more of an obsessive hobby if that makes sense. Whatever you decide to do be sure to have fun and flame on.


              Originally posted by MBMorgan View Post
              Welcome from Colorado ... and you can’t go wrong with a Weber.
              Amen to that - if nothing else, their warranty and parts available beat a lot of the competition. My 2002 Genesis still is under the 25 year rust through warranty on the body, even though the rest of the warranty is over. My Genesis II bought January 2019 has a 10 year warranty, and I have no concerns about buying parts for it 15 to 20 years down the road, since I am still doing it for the 2002 Genesis.

              My son-in-law highly regrets buying two Char-griller dual-fuel charcoal/gas monsters, one for himself and one for his father, at $349 each. Those were purchased without consulting me, and before he married my daughter. After 2 years the gas grill is rusted out and shot, and needs all the parts replaced - burners and cooking grates. The charcoal side is still in good shape, but doesn't have the air flow and temperature control of a Weber Kettle. He plans to toss it and go Weber like me next summer. My daughter has him focusing on their new house this summer. He is doing fun stuff like scraping the acoustic off the ceilings throughout the house, replacing all the flooring, busting up old tile, etc. He barely has time to use his Masterbuilt electric smoker.

              The rest of the family is all using Weber gas grills. I guess my Dad started that tradition when he got their first model around 1985 at the local Ace Hardware.


                Welcome! I was in your shoes just a few years ago. I got a cheap gasser as a start then added a charcoal grill a few years later and wouldn’t change how I did it. Gas is so much easier and faster especially with a young one running around taking up your time.


                  As has already been said, you got a lot of great advice already. One thing to consider if you can wait that long, is HD, Lowes etc, usually have rebates on the Weber gassers at the end of summer. You typically don't see Weber kettles on sale unless it's floor models. In my opinion, a Weber kettle is the way to go. It provides the most diversity especially with the right modifications. A gasser does provide quicker start up, but there's just something to be said about charcoal cooking.

                  Either way you are in the best possible hands here in The Pit. Welcome to your next addiction.


                    Welcome from TN. Just to throw another idea in, you could get a kettle and a gas stove instead of a grill - something like a Camp Chef Pro 90 or a Blackstone? I prefer the Camp Chef because the burners are exposed and I can use pans or a griddle on it, but the Blackstone products are prettier. So now I do steaks in the SV or on the kettle and sear them on the Camp Chef (I actually have the Tahoe model) in either a CI pan or on the CI griddle that came with the stove.


                      If you do chose charcoal I believe a 22” Weber Kettle is probably a great choice for a starter grill.

                      1. I believe there is more information on the internet as to how to cook on a 22” Weber Kettle that any other grill.

                      2. I believe the 22” Weber Kettle has more accessories built specifically for it than any other grill.

                      3. I can grill, smoke, low and slow, hot and fast, sear, griddle, bake on my Weber Kettle.

                      I have 4 different outdoor cookers (Weber Kettle, Pit Barrel Cooker, Smoke Vault, Blackstone Griddle) and I’d say 60% to 70% of all my cooks are on the Weber Kettle.


                        You could buy the Spirit E210 for $300 then take your gift certificate and leftover cash to buy a premium kettle.


                        Or you could do what I did and buy a spirit for $100 and a kettle for $75 from Craigslist.


                          Just in case you haven't seen this you can go to the product ratings page on the free site then look at the grill ratings. You can filter for cost, fuel, etc but not by Home Depot though :-)

                          This link will take you to a search I just did for grills using charcoal or gas and costing under $599.



                            I vote for the Weber 26 inch Kettle. You can smoke and sear just about anything on it. Add a SNS for a 22-inch kettle and a cheap Vortex knockoff from Amazon.com and you are golden.



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