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Hello from Northern Virginia

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    Hello from Northern Virginia

    Hello, my name is Bill and I am new to smoking. I love food science, cooking and "Modernist Cuisine" but have never made the plunge into smokers until now. So we will be retiring our Weber Gas grill and replacing it with the new Rec Tec Bull (RT-700). I am looking forward to being able to adding smoked meats to my repertory.

    My other hobby is researching and building historical wooden model ships. These are long term projects with a model taking a number of years start to finish - but that is another forum.

    I have many questions but will probably lurk a bit until I get my feet wet. I am looking forward to learning this exciting cooking method.
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    Welcome from Indiana


      Welcome to the Pit! Thanks for joining up! We have quite a few Rec Tec owners in The Pit

      When you have a second, give this thread a once over. There is some important information for you. This information will ensure you get the most out of your experience here in The Pit.

      Also, it's very important that you:
      • To check your email, go to User settings then the account tab.You currently cannot change your email on file with us since it’s tied to your Pitmaster Club account as well as our payment processor, Stripe. Don’t worry though, we’d be happy to change it for you. PM (private message) Huskee with your email change request, or via email at [email protected]
      • Add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list. We NEVER spam! This is important to receive special deals we occasionally work out for our members, notices about your account, such as if you’re up for renewal or are ever drawn as our monthly Gold Medal Giveaway winner, which is open to all USA members or those with a USA delivery address (we’d hate to have to pick another person because you don’t answer us)!

      Thank you for your support. We are excited to have you and we look forward to your contributions.



        Howdy from Kansas Territory, Welcome to Th Pit!
        Lookin forward to learnin along with, an from ya!


          Welcome to the pit, thanks for joining!


            Welcome from Colorado, Bill ...


              Welcome to The Pit.


                Welcome from Maryland.


                  Welcome from Farmville, Va


                    Welcome to the Pit from Texas!


                      Boy, unless your Weber gasser is broken & in shambles, do not get rid of it. It is an invaluable tool. If it’s a wreck, it can be restored. The motto around these parts is acquiring cookers. Each cooker has its specialty. Welcome aboard, eat good and have fun!


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                        And have fun! (is there an echo in here)?

                      Welcome and thank you for your support! That sounds like a cool hobby. My brother and I built a [laughable] small model of the Titanic when I was about 7. It was fun. That's the extent of my experience in the world of shipbuilding, it's a good thing I got better at BBQ.


                        Welcome from Texas. Spent some years building a number of projects in the Tyson’s Corner area, loved Northern Virginia!!


                          Welcome from up the road in Baltimore! Glad you joined us.


                            Welcome from Leesburg, VA!



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