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Hello from Longmont, Colorado

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    Hello from Longmont, Colorado

    Hello from Longmont, Colorado (but a native Michigander and MSU Spartan grad) .

    My first grill was an 18" Weber Kettle that worked great when I lived in Dallas. Moved to Colorado and could not figure out why my coals took so much longer to get hot and stay hot. Newly married at the time and my wife got tired of eating dinner at 9pm whenever I grilled. Of course, now I know I just needed to open the vents a bit more!

    Being the best wife ever (I can say that after 22 years), she bought me a 24" Natural Gas Lynx grill in 1998 with a Rotisserie and side burner. After 19 years of use in Colorado, then California, and back to Colorado; and new burners (love that lifetime warranty), valves (burned them up during a major fire one time, knobs (upgraded to the stainless knobs), warming rack and GrillGrates, and replacing the spark ignitor a few times; the Lynx still looks great! (I added the hood thermometer way back when since Lynx did not come with any thermometer- now I know to use a separate grate probe).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	56pomNlbGQvz4XOu22E899_bpAjoQa_-X2pA67R0y-D7biOhJJAH0Fcw6FIE3IcTgpF5law5hGCT8V4W0cxIBqJtJ2oPyGHtYhrNWPtFFZz2iQfU4tFIH4Al-Gg5J9GrPulKMBRAkJVAaPYRsy7_UWhFsf7nlpv9YrDx1PatuHKbhIu-uPNGrXfnIUJAUSbw6gnINdmI6wKfEupifjYqSq3NU7-ile7Tu46x21qNpG4nfuPuUfEHmJzIT1TGX7F
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	xzwUfJuxj_ja3zp4APo8pmxVcitg_G_WmLRzG6UlslJslH9IBEj57c8aDH9EisOPDfAetf7BAUTH3Ff_zSd_o7tjylbErvKDIvqr4TKfIpsrkEu4W9S2KnOVeIp3fK5_Uo_3QX5uL3W7ulphqINn1XiGprrSwXZIsTACoyU8FocqvYWe24Y4RNHf7AtaDdJ3BK7kbibwrVpYy_9yBpvBxMeSs6KjG9D1FvouW6904O-6S09CSuGco34OqRgsa4P
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    About 9 years ago, she bought me an original Bradley smoker for Father's Day (the one with a slider bar for "temp control" -> Low to High). I felt like I owned an old UK sports-car as I had to constantly upgrade and fix things on it! I added a Auber PID controller, a 2nd heating element, new hinges, new insulation, etc. After 9 years, I gave it away to a neighbor this summer and my wonderful wife got me a Smokin' Tex 1400 (again for Father's Day- told you she was the best wife ever!). I already modded it with a wall mounted ambient temp probe for the Auber PID controller. Even though Smoking Tex' said it only goes to 250°, I disconnected the the built in thermostat and ran it up to 325° (it took quite a while to get there with no meat in it on a warm day, so I think I will be using my Lynx for the 325° cooks!).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Yk6yoRPfbsnDpX4IrYl3crSduPbCylZA8nBvYzr7vFP7YWwIDQqiyd8vKV2_Yq-UgpyG8mFkEIA_APJUMbHvDu4ksqqY7_9OnRO7-LMW8hcPxDguJyZDX41IlAZZ8wYfFTB3HMPwwlkY8vaK4kWoitDxIU47XutzxHDxr4H9YogEGuRG-vXyZ59UkyaDlbkxSDkDNmzjfNfXRqtd09FAE2MAKJiNc-H4qDqot3iD8Barvk5oK1zGiNDIzkvfwf9
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    My grilling success was hit and (mostly) miss and I got tired of ruining a meal because I didn't know what I was doing. I decided it was time to teach myself how to grill and smoke the right way. I then ran across AmazingRibs.com.

    I have been reading a ton and am looking at some new equipment- specifically on the smoker side. Did not understand the physics of smoking and the advantages and disadvantages of different smokers and grills. Of course, she would kill me if I abandoned the brand new Smoking' Tex.

    I have a ton of questions and have already benefited from The Pit expertise. Hopefully, with a bit more experience, I will be able to offer some good advice to other members in The Pit.

    Looking forward to much tastier food off the grill and smoker!


    Welcome! And check out the Karubecue C-60 review. We're fond of our cookers!


      Howdy from Kansas Territory, Welcome to th' Pit!
      Glad yer here, Neighbor!!!
      Happy Smokin'!!!


        Welcome from Parker, CO ...


          Welcome to fun and learning! Ask a lot of questions and enjoy good food. You've made a great start with the pictures. Post more when you can!


            Welcome to The Pit! we are happy to have you. Very nice looking set up you have. Lots of stainless. Who doesn't love that. Hope to hear more from you. This is a great place to hang out. Thanks for the support.


              Welcome to The Pit Scott. You will get lots of help here - just ask.


                Welcome! Love the area of Colorado you are in.


                  Huntington Beach welcomes you sir. Where shouts in California did you reside. Colorado &Cali... military or aerospace? Pssss..... don't tell my wife but does yours have any sisters? Kidding..... great wife indeed, your wife has the bug (MCS) before you even signed up. My wife is the best part of me. I look forward to pictures of stuff Cooked on that beast.


                  • CowboyScott
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                    Was down in Encinitas for 3 years, ~3 miles inland from Moonlight Beach. great 3 year vacation for my wife and kids- annual passes to Disney, Legoland, Seaworld, etc. while I travel a bunch for work (I'm do sales for semiconductors).

                  • HouseHomey
                    HouseHomey commented
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                    Nice! Great location!! Glad you are with us.

                  Welcome to the Pit! We are a lucky men / women when our wives / husbands support our little hobbies.


                    Welcome to the Pit from Dallas, Tx.


                      Welcome from Indiana


                        Welcome from Minnesota. Enjoy!


                          Welcome aboard. Eat good & have fun!


                            Welcome to the group from down here in Southeast Alabama. You going to really get a lot of good ideas for barbecue in this pit.



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