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    Originally posted by UNK View Post

    I want to thank everyone for their help! If I could figure out how to multi quote that would be helpful :-) I have the 22 inch Weber with the ash pan, an Auber thermo/fan combo, SnS and the drip pan, A Thermoworks Dot with two different probes and a Thermo Pop (arriving today). And Meatheads cookbook.
    I'm going to be grilling/smoking all weekend :-)
    What 'cha cooking?


      Originally posted by Doozy View Post
      What 'cha cooking?
      Well as I mentioned I need to cook Ribs on the Fourth. So Tomorrow I will be doing a trial run of BBR arranged in a circle and skewered. I will be using my Dads rub/marinade for this because the whole point is to take over for him on the Fourth.
      Then after the taste test, conducted by my Dad and other family members, and after his approval, I will move on to another set of ribs arranged the same way but with Memphis Dust rub and two different sauces (Kansas City Classic and Danny Gauldens Legendary Rub) from this website. This is to give more options to the family for the feast on the Fourth. After that taste test and approval I will move on to grilling some chicken thighs for lunch over the next week and maybe try out the SnS on searing a steak.
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        OK Guys here is what happened. Using he SnS with a quart of water got the grill good and hot at 325 then started the Auber watched it run and settle out at 225 then I put the meat. It was coiled and skewered only one rack.
        They were labeled "Back Ribs" and weighed 3.3 pounds.
        Took them out prematurely at 5 hours. The thin end was done perfectly, the very tip past the bone was approaching dryness. The fat end was under cooked the meat wouldn't pull from the bone.
        The thin end passed the toothpick test and the ribs cracked a little from the bend test on the fat end but re reading instructions realize they weren't done I need an"almost break" for doneness.
        I guess I freaked out a little at the amount of time and was worried about over cooking. I had read 3.5-4 hours for bbr thats why I took them off at 5 hours. The guy in the meat department told me they were baby back ribs.
        So anyway I'm going to try it again next weekend, Meijers has them on sale for 3.99 lb this week.
        I"m not sure how long they should cook but I think I will cut the thin end off as soon as they pass the toothpick test. I'm going to try to get close to the same weight rack and I am thinking at least 6 hours.
        Toward the end I did take them out and uncoil them twice to do a bend test.

        Here are my questions.
        does anybody have any experience on the amount of cook time at that weight ribs they can share?
        When you put the sauce do you glaze over the SNS? I am almost scared to try that I let them sit on the other side for thirty min before I took them off.
        At 225 how much time is there between done and overcooked?

        Ohh I know I said I was going to try again today but gosh most of my day was gone yesterday
        and honestly it was exhausting. So next weekend after some more professional advice from you great guys and I'll be ready to try it again. I am feeling a lot more confident of meeting my goal.

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          A belated welcome to The Pit UNK! Happy to have you.

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