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Hi from SE KY

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    Hi from SE KY

    Hey all,

    Happy to be here, my name's Dave.

    I started watching BBQ Pitmasters on Netflix back in 2012 and just became fascinated by it. I've never had any desire to compete, but I found myself re-watching the same episodes over and over, seeing people describe the Whats and Whys of their rub blends, wood, pit, temperature, and sauce choices. Basically trying to absorb all the different methods. I spent a couple of years watching and reading anything I could.

    For Christmas in 2013 my girlfriend got me a 30" Masterbuilt electric and I finally was able to start smoking. I hadn't been able to smoke that often due to unemployment. In February of 2016 I got an office job and during the interview I was asked about hobbies and said BBQ. Well, the boss had me pick out a smoker(40" Masterbuilt with the front window you get to look through once) and all the accessories I'd need and for the last 15-16 months I've gotten to smoke pork shoulders/loins/ribs and chicken thighs a couple times a month. We do it for special occasions, new hires, last days, birthdays, etc. We even had a couple dozen people come tour our warehouse and I got to feed all of them.

    I guess technically I'm getting paid to practice, so that part's great.

    I'm ready to move up to a bigger and better smoker, one that uses real wood and a fire I have to tend. I've spent a lot of time looking at different sizes/types of smokers but haven't really settled on what yet. Every time I think I want to just get an 18" or 22" WSM a voice in my head will say "no you want offset" or something like that. Craigslist for my area is pretty useless.

    It also doesn't help that every time I get a little money saved up, a mutt will come limping up to the house and need me to adopt him and pay a bunch of vet bills. I sometimes suspect the neighborhood dogs will tell strays there's a sucker at the top of the hill!

    I do have goals/dreams of owning a small(under 20 seats) BBQ shack someday, far in the future. Or sooner, should I win the Powerball.

    I don't even really like eating BBQ that much, but I *really* love cooking it. Like, really really REALLY love it. Except the trimming, that part gets on my nerves.

    Alright, I typed a lot, but I expected that since I also talk a lot. Looking forward to doing a lot of reading here.

    Hi Dave. Welcome!


      Welcome to the Pit, Dave ...


        Welcome! May your dreams come true!


          Welcome to The Pit Dave.


            Welcome to The Pit, we are happy to have you here!

            Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos. This will help you learn your way around so you can get the best experience from our forum.

            Also, it's very important that you:

            Give us an email address you actually use. You can check the email we have on file for you by clicking your name in the upper-right, then User Settings, then the Notifications tab. You currently cannot change your email on file with us since it’s tied to your Pitmaster Club account as well as our payment processor, Stripe. Don’t worry though, we’d be happy to change it for you. PM (private message) ”Huskee” with your email change request, or via email at huskee[at]AmazingRibs[dot]com.

            Add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list. We NEVER spam! This is important to receive notices about your account, such as if you’re up for renewal or are ever drawn as our monthly Gold Medal Giveaway winner, which is open to all USA members or those with a USA delivery address (we’d hate to have to pick another person because you don’t answer us)!

            Thank You for the support!



              Welcome from Louisiana!


                Welcome, LuchaPig from Elizabethtown KY.


                  Welcome Dave, and such a great intro! Thanks for your support here. I have to say it.... Nachoooooooooo...!

                  Offsets are fun for sure, and satisfying I think. If you research all the effort they entail, not only operating but also in acquiring wood, storing wood, cutting wood, etc, and that doesn't scare you away, then you'll probably dig it just fine. Maybe someday I can eat at your shack.


                    Welcome from Indiana


                      Welcome to the Pit!


                        Howdy from Kansas Territory, an Welcome to th' Pit!
                        Glad yer here, it'll be Big Fun!
                        Might even develop yerself a taste fer some BBQ.
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                          Welcome LuchaPig


                            Welcome! Paid to practice, where can I find a job like that?


                              Welcome! I don't get paid to practice, but I use my crew at work for feedback a lot. Have fun!



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