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Eric from the Big Apple

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    Welcome from Indiana.

    I'm a fan of BBQr's Delight pellets.

    As for recipes:
    Besides the ones listed on the site and in the pit....
    I'm a big fan of Chris Lilly's World Championship Pulled Pork (pork shoulder) recipe. It is in his book Big Bob Gibsons.
    Also a fan of a number of Mike Mills's recipes in his book Peace Love and Barbecue.


      Welcome, Eros from NW Arkansas.


        Thanks to all for the words of welcome. I've been reviewing the Chefsteps sous vide/smoking collaboration with Meathead, and am planning to experiment with this hybrid method after I familiarize myself with the characteristics of my smoker. As suggested, I'll probably use one of the recipes on this site to start with, either ribs or pork shoulder. I hope to be a useful contributor to this community's pool of knowledge.


          Welcome Eros!


            Welcome to the site from a fellow GMG user in North Dakota.

            I have a Daniel Boone and a Davy Crockett. The Davy Crockett is a great little smoker and since it is smaller in size, I've noticed it will work quite well for searing a steak, whereas I don't feel the DB does as nice a job in that dept. The DB is great for the reverse sear, so long as you sear on charcoal after the cook in the DB.

            The only types of pellets I've run through my cookers are either a bag of Traeger or the GMG brand of pellets. I would also like to find a bag of pellets that won't burn to fast, won't leave a bad flavor, and isn't too expensive. I know that's probably asking alot.

            Let me know how you feel about yours after a couple of cooks. Enjoy!


            • Eros
              Eros commented
              Editing a comment
              A local store (Capitol Fishing Tackle Co
              142 west 36th street (between 7th & B'way)
              carries the GMG brand (28 lb bags for $20). How many racks of St Louis cut ribs at a time (using a rib rack) can you do on the Davy Crockett?
              Last edited by Eros; April 16, 2017, 07:46 AM.

            I can only fit two racks of baby backs in the DC so I would guess that one SLC would fit, and it will be tight. I don't use a rib rack though, I lay them down on the grates.


              Eros, Welcome to "The Pit"! You are Now Enrolled in the BBQ Univ.! Attendance and Participation are Mandatory!
              Enjoy "The Pit"!
              My Apologies for Being Late to Welcome You!
              Eat Well and Prosper! From a Backyard Cremator in Fargo ND, Dan



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