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Weber handle weld came loose

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    Weber handle weld came loose

    Looking for a simple way to fix this. Pulled the handle to move the kettle and the weld came loose. Was thinking a small bolt but might interfere with my grate. Suggestions?
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    SS pop rivet put in from the inside shouldn't interfere with the grate
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      Jb weld if you don't have the real thing and don't want to drill a hole.


        I’d just use a bolt. Put the nut on the outside if it looks like it’d be in the way of the grate. I’m sure the bolt head won’t be big enough to interfere with the grate.


          I'd go with the pop rivet or nut and bolt. Same thing happened to my top handle. How old is your kettle? 10 year warranty on metal parts. http://weberkettleclub.com/determine-age-of-old-grill/ this will help if you don't remember.


          • Steve R.
            Steve R. commented
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            Warranty is what I was thinking. I'm always up for a DIY project, but one could maybe do even better by getting it replaced.

          Road trip to Dewesq55 house. If I remember correctly he has a new welder and wants to play! ;-)


            Unless you have access to a pop rivet gun and steel pop rivets (not easily available), the economical solution is a 8-32 X 1/2" or so pan head machine screw. My grill does not fit tightly enough that the screw head would interfere.




              • ComfortablyNumb
                ComfortablyNumb commented
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                No, no. Duct tape. Unless you are a farmer, then it's baling twine.

              • MattTheGR8
                MattTheGR8 commented
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                Never use baling twine when a zip tie will do.

              A pan head screw or small carriage bolt works great. Drill a small hole and it is done and stronger than original. I wouldn't weld it.


                I don't think a galvanized screw would be big enough to cause a problem, but I would use either ss or brass just to be safe.


                  Son of a...


                  • HouseHomey
                    HouseHomey commented
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                  Depending on how old it is, it might still be covered under warranty. I'd call Weber.


                    Thanks everyone. Think I'm going to go with the pan head machine screw route.


                      Called Weber customer service yesterday and spoke with a very friendly customer service rep. She asked for the serial number and quickly filed a warranty claim. Weber will be sending me a new fire bowl, no charge! I never registered the grill and have had it almost 5 years. Excellent customer service experience!!


                      • LA Pork Butt
                        LA Pork Butt commented
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                        That was going to be my suggested solution! Customer service can be worth the cost of the product!


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