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Engelbrecht Braten 1000

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    Engelbrecht Braten 1000

    Amazingribs.com labeled this a platinum grill, but Max Good left a lot out. I could use some more insight. I primarily grill burgers, steaks, fish, chicken and wings. Occasionally, I smoke a turkey, chicken, or ribs. I love the idea of Braten, which would seem to accommodate all of these, but would like to know more. For example, does it hold its temp from the firebox well? for how long? How did it do with a brisket for long period cooks? Lots of smoke leaks or easy to dial in the temperature? Max mentions that it would be helpful if the grate went lower? easy way to work around this?

    Been a weber kettle guy. Just sold my performer. Looking to upgrade substantially with greater cooking space and versatility. Just want to make sure this grill is amazing before I drop $3k or more on it. Any other grills I should consider? Love to hear from some Engelbrecht owners and especially to see the thing in action.. very few videos out there at all... sadly or maybe it's not a great grill... Love some guidance and input.

    Also considering the Weber Summit Charcoal.. but I like the Braten better. Just expensive.

    #engelbrecht #webersummitcharcoal #maxgood #combogrillsmoker
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    Welcome to The Pit Greg. I don't have this cooker, so I can't help. But it would help us recommend other options to you if we knew how many people you might be cookin' for. Also, how much time do you want to spend tending a cook? Charcoal and wood are on your list, as well as approximate budget, so that info is covered unless you want to expand.

    As a general rule, stickburners require the most tending while gas and maybe pellet cookers are on the other end. Would you like to be able to smoke a brisket or pork butt? Maybe grilled pizza? How 'bout some ribs - beef or pork? Chuck roasts and pork butts are very forgiving and a good place for people new to smoking to begin.


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      We need a sticky with a bunch of our "tell us more about what you want to do" for the "what kind should I buy" questions. Or does that already exist?

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      JCGrill - I agree, and have been thinking about this for some time. A short and simple list of questions in a closed sticky that will stay at the top of the appropriate forums(s).


    Hi, thanks for the kind welcome. 🤠👍

    Usual cook is for four people but occasionally 8 to 12, say 3-4 times a year.

    I like the idea of set it and forget it pellet smokers but can't bring myself away from lump charcoal and wood. I like the journey! Love cooking over fire. Love smoking and grilling.

    I would absolutely cook pork butt, ribs, etc. I don't want to tend to it for 12-16 hours really. Would hope I could throw on at night and check next morning.. a grill that holds it's temp that long.. Click image for larger version

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      Well, unfortunately, a Weber Kettle with a slow N Sear will do everything you want except coo for 12 people, (maybe enough pork butt for 12). If you add a temp controller like a Fireboard, you can get 6 to 8 hours untended for a decent night's sleep. A 26" Kettle with SnS and controller will get you a lot closer on the quantity and still be half the price, (or less), than the Engelbrecht.

      I smoked a large chucky the other day using a CyberQ controller and did not open the Kettle for 7 hours .



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